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  1. Hello, this is Remorse and I am looking for a RP partner. I have some ideas for plots, but need a sharp mind to help fine tune them. But before I get to that, I will make a list of my preferences.
    • If it's understandable, it's good.
    • I'll play male or female roles.
    • Be nice-ish. (<- that was directed at you, not your character)
    • I love love love fantasy.
    • I love rp-ing in an older setting.
    • Can be a romance, friendship builder, or a rivalry
    Plot Ideas (Background is in italics) (I don't care which role goes to whom.)
    • Fallen Angel x Human

    1. Ever human has a guardian angel, one that they cannot see, hear, or sense in any way or form. One might question as to why a person would have a guardian if they could not influence them in any possible way. As to clear that possible question up, guardian angels aren't meant to be consciences, you already have one. They are meant to do exactly what their names imply, guard. The question is what do they guard you from? There is evil out there, evil that humans cannot see nor comprehend. That is what our guardian angels do, they fight the things that may oppress and influence us.
    Guardian angels are supposed to guard their humans from the potential evil, they are not supposed to get involved in human matters. Despite this, a daring angel altars his/her humans life by helping (in what way it would need to be discussed). Breaking one of the few rules set, the angel is cast down from the graces of heaven and forever forced to walk the Earth until the end of days come. The angel, angered by the fact that they had lost everything they could ever dream, goes to take revenge on the human, but on arrival to enact that revenge, they once again realize why they broke the laws in the first place.

    2. Angels, much like humans, have free will. Most choose to stay with God in heaven, others choose something entirely different such as choosing to have their powers stripped and then be cast down from heaven. Others commit an unforgivable sin and their abilities are forcibly taken from them. Either way, having your wings and powers ripped away from you is an unpleasant experience. Especially when you end up having your memory wiped and wake up naked in a place you don't know.
    For whatever reason, an angel was sent down from heaven. He/She has no recollection about where their from and conveniently end up in a place the other character will run into them (not literally since the angel will be writhing in pain on the ground with giant gashes in his/her back and most likely unconscious.) Assuming this will be back in the later days where police, electricity and such isn't available the human do-gooder will take the unexpected guest into his/her home.​
    • Demon X Human
    1. Everyone has to eat something to survive. Unfortunately for the human race, demons like to eat their souls, flesh, feelings, or whatever they can get their hands on. Some demons go on a mindless slaughtering while others are more charming in their ways of entrapping poor humans.
    For whatever reason, a demon chose a particular human with a specific trait or mindset to become its next meal. Things don't always go as planned though, and the human finds out the demon's name, giving them full ability to control the said demon. (I would totally find it interesting if the ideas in Angel x Human 1 was the tied into there. Like the human obtaining the name with the angel's help which then in turn made the angel fall. So many opportunities...)

    2. When fallen angels find a deep power withing themselves and use it for their own benefits, they become demons. They use these powers to corrupt humans whom most demons find a reason to hate.

    This particular demon was a fallen angel, one of the first God created. He/She grew jealous of God's feelings towards the human and in turn turned away from God. He/She threw themselves down to Earth, resenting the humans and eventually morphing into true evil, a demon. Upon coming onto their next meal, they begin to realize just why God had loved these imperfect beings.​
    • Thief x Noble
    1. There are many different ways this can go about. Thief kidnaps someone. Thief sneaks in and is captured. Thief sneaks in and meets a outstanding character who gives them a run for their money. Thief is hired by Noble. Noble is aware of thief and allows them to escape. (This is one of those ideas you could go anywhere with.)​
    • Supernatural x Human
    1. Be it vampire, lycan, elf, dwarf, leprechaun, ghost, or whatever your imagination can come up with! Live in a world where anything can happen, and the humans were completely unaware... Until someone messed that up.

    I will come up with more plots and ideas if they flow into my mind. Or you are welcome to throw some in of your own!​
  2. I really like your fallen angel x human 2 plot. Send me a PM and we can discuss details! :]]
  3. Ello Remorse~ I am quite fond of you 1st fallen angel idea and your 1st demon idea. Maybe we can talk and work something out for one of them :3
  4. Hello! I reeeaaally like that first fallen angel x human one; I'd really like to play the angel, if you're okay with that.
  5. That works for me :) if you want to pm me about it, we can adjust it to you liking
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