PARTNER REQUEST F x M LF a MJ/YC (f) to my Spiderman/Peter (m)


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I'm up for any sort of genre - just send me a PM with thoughts and we can figure something out!
Hello hello!
My name is Vacyr, nice to "meet" you. I would have taken the time to make this page look all purty. Some folks can really blow me away but with one request idea, I didn't want to waste the time.

A little about me is I've been on this site for ten years but have been roleplaying for a while before and off site! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and polish up my writing skills. I'm a partner who loves to flesh out a story or direction together and have a direction but have some creative freedom on the pages. I post multiple paragraphs and would like my partner to do the same.

To get a feeling of my writings, please feel free to read the following examples below.

The Unchosen
Experiment 524
Where Legends Begin

So... if you made it this far, send me a PM if you're interested in being the female peanut butter to my spiderman/peter parker jelly. I would like it to be MJ but I'm open to a new character of your creation or Gwen if you give me a good elevator pitch :P

Happy roleplaying!