Lexie's 1x1 Search!! Pairings Inside!!

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  1. Hai guys!!!! So I'm running low on active RPs and I've been needing some more. First, you should know some things about me. I write in third person past tense. I can play both genders but I'm most comfortable and better at playing a female. I mainly mirror posts but I prefer if someone could write at least two WELL DEVELOPED paragraphs. =^.^= Absolutely, no matter what, under no circumstances will I accept anything less than a paragraph. I apologize if it sounds harsh but I need something to work with. Now onto the pairings ^^. The ones in bold are the role I plan on playing.

    Guy tattoo artist/Good girl
    Female trainer
    Rival gang members
    Makeup artist/Actor

    Will add more as I think of them =^.^=
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.