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  1. Kieara was a new student here. She had a different way of coming here unlike most of the students who attended here. She'd gotten into this college with sheer grades, and scholarships. She was extremely smart. However for her that was all going down hill fast.

    The majority of her family had been murdered a few years before. By who no one knew. She remembered waking up in her living room to find them dead. She wasn't aware that it was her father whom she couldn't escape now, or that he'd done it because he was stuck in the middle of a drug war. Kieara was also a quiet one. She didn't speak out of fear of being hurt. She'd been hurt by her father so many times, being the daughter of a drug cartel mob boss had its disadvantages. She still had yet to realize he'd killed her other family to get them out of his way, however, she knew a lot of illegal things happened behind closed doors in her household.

    She was clad in a plum purple sweater with long sleeves that hugged her delicate curves seductively. She was a small, petite girl, yet very pretty. She rose to the height of 5'2, and had on a pair of black jean pants. Her hair was up in a bun a few loose curls falling to frame her alabaster face. Her hair was a deep red. Natural red, not that ungodly fire engine red like she'd seen on other girls. Her eyes were a bright blue clashing with her hair.

    She had picked the long-sleeved shirt and the pants for the purpose of hiding the scars of her abusive, drunken father. The one who'd gotten her family drug into the drug problem that killed them. Oh how she wished to escape him. But what could one do to escape a mob boss? As much as she wanted to, she couldn't get away.

    She'd just arrived through the front door of the school. She took night classes because she couldn't leave her home during the day. Her curls swayed a bit when she walked. She looked around at all the people conversing, but didn'tjoin any of them. She seemed so nervous and shy. She was jittery and if anyone came close to touching her she flinched.
  2. Nathan had been attending the college for a few months, but he already knew most of the things, like what to do and what not do do - even though he didn't really care much about it. Although he may seemed to be a silent, not that talk-active boy, that was just what it looked like. No one had really gotten to know him, since he hadn't been that interested in making any friends. Not like he didn't want any friends, but he knew that they were humans, wich meant that they were going to die, eventually. Sooner than he would. And he didn't feel like he was able to take another heartbreak, and so he didn't give much of his life or heart away to anyone. It was rather hard to get close to Nathan, but if someone even tried, then that was something new. It was almost as if Nathan was known as the guy who wandered alone in the corridors at night talking to himself, but on the other hand he had heard other rumors that he was mute. Well, that could be true - he didn't talk much. On the inside, Nathan was a very caring person - he cared for his friends, for everyone. Although he didn't know the others in his class, he almost felt as if he had a responsibility to look after them. Of course that wasn't the case, but Nathan was a very caring guy, although that wasn't what you would think when you first met him.

    His eyes were a mixture of grey and green, and his hair was brown and slightly curly. His usual outfit was a green sweater and a pair of blue jeans and a hat. He sighed as he looked to the sky - it looked as if the rain was about to show up any moment. He loved sitting outside listening to all the sounds that you couldn't hear during the day because of all the people - he wasn't that familiar with that life, life during the day. As the first raindrop fell and landed on his red notebook full of letters and numbers, he stood up and went inside. Sitting inside, he didn't really know what to do, and so he doodled a bit before letting the notebook slip into his bag. All of sudden he heard someone opening the front door, and then he saw a girl, wearing a plum purple sweater and a pair of black pants. Her hair was in a bun and some curls were loose, and her eyes were bright blue. He thought she was really pretty, and he wasn't the type of guy who checked out girls in class. He smiled a bit when he saw that she seemed nervous, thought that maybe she was new.
  3. Kieara looked around the area and bumped into some girl and fell down. She looked up and spoke shyly in a soft voice. "I-I am s-sorry, I-I didn't mean-" she was cut off. "Watch where you're going" The girl then left and Kieara began getting her books back together.
  4. Nathan watched it all happen, but stayed where he was. There wasn't really anything that he could do - he had seen the other girl before, and as far as he knew, people didn't like the idea of getting in a fight with her. Nathan, on the other hand, didn't really care much about it - he knew that he would never get involved in such drama. When the girl had left, he went up to her, thought it would be nice to give her a helping hand. "Are you okay?" he asked as he grabbed a book and handed it to her.
  5. Kieara blushed. "Y-yeah i'm ok." She said shyly. "thank you." she took the book from him. She was thankful for his kindness. It wasn't often in this town you'd find kindness.
  6. Nathan tried to smile at her, but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. "You're welcome", he said, and stood up. Seemed like it was all done then, he thought. "Are you new?" he asked, since he couldn't understand how she could be so shy otherwise.
  7. Kieara spoke. "Yeah, somewhat." she said. She'd lived in this town a long time, but never been here before. That and her dad had her on edge.
  8. "I see", he said, and decided not to ask anything more. He didn't want to get into her private life when he didn't even know her - maybe she was shy, as simple as that. He nodded slightly. "Well, nice seeing you", he said, and turned around walking back to the place where he had been sitting.
  9. Kieara noted this and being her timid self, she couldn't bring herself to ask for his company. She sighed to herself then looked at her schedule and went to her first class.
  10. Nathan was rather surprised seeing her sitting next to the window, as he went into the classroom just minutes before the lesson began. It wasn't that she was sitting next to one of the windows, but that it seemed like they were in the same class. He found it quite odd that he hadn't noticed her until now. Since most of the students had already gone to their places, he sat down next to her. "I hope you don't mind", he said, putting his notebook on the desk in front of him.
  11. Kieara spoke. "Oh...I don't mind." she smiled weakly glad to have some company. She glanced at the clock seeing the lesson wasn't starting just yet.
  12. Nathan smiled back at her and opened his notebook. It was full of random notes and small drawings, although it also had some school-related notes in it as well. "So, how come you moved here? Since you're, well, somewhat new", he asked.
  13. "I've lived here all my life, just started at this school though." she said to him softly. She got her own binder out to take notes in and a pencil. She spoke. "I'm Kieara by the way."
  14. "Right", Nathan said and nodded as she told him her name. "I'm Nathan", he said and looked out the window. It seemed like it was about to start raining, but he wasn't sure. Anyways, they were inside, so it wouldn't bother them, at least not him.
  15. Kieara looked up as the teacher came in. She fell silent ready to take notes. Anything to get her mind off her home life.
  16. Nathan also concentrated on taking notes when the teacher came in, although he wasn't paying that much attention. Well, he did listen to what the teacher said, but his mind was set on other things. He was good at doing several things at once - listening in class while thinking about what to do after school, for example. He thought it was quite odd when he thought about it, that he, a vampire, went to a school where all the others were... well, normal. Of course he didn't know, but at least he hadn't got the feeling of anyone else being, well, not normal. He silently took notes as his mind wandered away.
  17. Kieara had a rare blood type. It wouldn't be long before he'd catch its scent. It was sweet and irrisistable to vampires. She took her notes obediently and listened. She wasn't thinking about after class. She didn't want to go home to her abusive father.
  18. After a while, Nathan couldn't keep himself from looking at her from time to time. He couldn't concentrate on his notes no matter how much he wanted to, he got distracted all the time. And he had an idea of why - Kieara. He didn't dislike her, but he just couldn't stand it. After thinking about his options for a few minutes, wich meant slightly torture for him, at least that's what it felt like, he reached his hand in the air and soon he had the permission to go to the bathroom. And so he was out. Finally. He knew he couldn't stay in the bathroom for too long, but he didn't know what to do otherwise. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to go in there again. Damn, why had he chosen to sit next to Kieara?
  19. Kieara was unaware of what he was therefore she was unaware of his problem. She took the rest of her notes and then closed her notebook. There was probably another half hour left in class.
  20. Nathan knew that he had to do something, that he couldn't stay there forever. He washed his face and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't skip class, but he couldn't sit next to Kieara either. But then, he got an idea. He started picking his nose till it began to bleed, and when it was bleeding he put a piece of toilet paper in each nostril. Then he went back to class, hoping that no one would pay too much attention to it.