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  1. Kieara was sitting in her room awaiting to meet her accompanyment. She was the
    princess that was to be over this kingdom one day. She was expected to
    be arranged to be married soon. Did she want an arranged marriage? No,
    but it was bound to happen anyway.

    She was a gorgeous young woman. She had red hair, and bright
    aquamarine eyes. She was pale, and had a line of freckles over her
    cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She wore a purple gown today, it
    showed off her curvy petite form, and her well endowed chest. She was
    only about 5'4. However she was small and curvy.

    Her father was in his throne room awaiting her accompanyment as well.
    He couldn't wait to get her out of here, she failed to pick up on that
    however. She was growing restless. What if she didn't like the man she
    was set to marry one day? What if he was mean to her? What if love
    never came? though right now her main thought was what would this new
    knight treat her like. HEr father was assigning him to her she'd

    She sat on her window sill and looked out over the grounds. She had
    nothing better to do.
  2. Life gives tons of twists, some of them good, some of them not so nice. And after some of them here I am, about to serve as a personal bodyguard... Or a hired mercenary of somekind for some rich family, thought Aaron looking trough a window. Dubai? Pffff just a few people tossing money into the ground util something grows on it... "Mister Sanderson? The king will meet you now." Interrumped a pretty nice secretary, or servant... Or whatever they call them here. "Okay. Thank you." Replied Aaron as he walked towards the room the secretary had pointed at.

    Aaron fixed a little bit his tie less suit and his dark glasses on his rough face and entered the room. A ridiculously big place with paintings on the walls, red carpet and a throne. A throne... That's... That's just stupid, Thought him. "Mister Sanderson I presume?" Said the king man as he got up of his throne. "Yes, I am." Said Aaron as he stopped in front of the king and offered his hand for a handshake under the watchful eye of the many armed bodyguards in the room. "I'ts a pleasure to finally meet you." Said the king accepting the handshake. "You come highly recomended, mister Sanderson. If only half of what I've heard from you is true, you are a pretty big deal." Said the king with a smile. "Yes, all Special Ops soldiers are." Said him Ironically.

    The king replied with a chuckle and then looked to one of his servants. "You. Bring My daughter." Demanded him.
  3. The servant nodded. "Yes Sire." He headed off to get the king's daughter. Royalty in modern times isn't as bad as it was before, but they still kept tradition. HE fetched the young red head and brought her in. The girl smiled a bit to him. Though it was a nervous smile more than anything else.

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  4. The king looked at his daughter and smiled proud. "Mister Sanderson, I would like to introduce you to my daughter." said him and then looked at Kieara. "Honey, this is Mister Sanderson, he will take care of your personal security from now on." Explained him. " He is pretty skilled at that." Said the king. "Sir, Excuse me, but your appointment with the Zeotech representatives is in an hour." Said the secretary interrumping him. "Right, right... Well, then let's see how you work." Said the king to Aaron. "Honey, go get ready, you are coming with me to this meeting." Ordered the father to the daughter as he walked out of the big room followed by his bodyguards. Aaron stood dead serius, looking at the girl in front of him, waitng for her to do something. From now on his job was to protect the spoiled daughter of a king.... Great way to end your career, Captain.
  5. She smiled to him. "How are you?" She asked as she headed off to get ready. She wasn't as spoiled as he thought. She never wanted this life, still didn't want this life, but it was the life that was forced on her. She'd have to go and get another outfit and such to attend the meeting in. They were soooo boring.
  6. "Fine." Replied him a little bit rude as he followed her. Aaron didn't had too much experience being a bodyguard, but as anything else concernerd he had it covered. Except for all those stupid computer things, he knew how to protect someone. He silently followed her, getting used to all that weird architecture, in the end, all of this was going pretty fast, getting hired and set in the workplace all in less than ten minutes. This rich people, always behaving so strange.
  7. She frowned at his rudeness. "Are you ok?" She asked softly. She was genuinely wondering. Not trying to be smart. He seemed bothered.
  8. He looked at her and nodded. "Yes." Said him as they reached her room. He wasn't sure if he had to wait outside or he had to come in with her, but just to be safe, he opened the door and walked inside, took a look at everything, making sure nothing was wrong and then slowly walked outside. "If you need my help I'll be outside." Yeah, nice, thought him, keeping it really professional.
  9. Kieara went on inside to change. The red head soon reemerged in clean clothes and her hair recombed. She sighed. "Alright, I am done."
  10. Aaron looked at her and nodded. SHe was quite a cute girl to be honest. Anyway, he just started walking with her, making a good job not getting lost and taking her to the car that was waiting for her outside. He looked around and then oppened the door of the car letting her get inside. Once she was inside and everythin felt right he got on the car too. "The king has already left. Are you ready to go, princess?" Asked the driver.
  11. she smiled at her driver. "I already told you, you don't have to call me princess." She said with a light giggle. "Yes, I am ready."
  12. The driver smiled and drove the car away. A couple of other cars, most asured filled with more bodyguards, were following their car, one in the front and one behind them. As they advanced inside the city, the esence of the air became somewhat thicker, dense, tense. Aaron looked around, noticing how the cars that where following them where slightly more distant than before. That would probably be just that Aaron was too profesional, probably it was nothing. He separated a little bit his jacket, leaving the gun in his chest holster at one blink of his hand. As they approached to a intersection he unfastened his belt and looked through the window. Now the guard car from behind was slowly getting closer.
  13. Kieara looked out the window as the sights passed. She wasn't paying any attention to the other cars on the highway. She did look over when he took off his belt and began to look at another car. "Everything ok?" She asked.
  14. The cars crossed the intersection and continued their travel without any noticable issue. "Yes... Everything ok." Replied Aaron, still unsure of what did he expected. I guess my guts doesn't work in the civilian world... Thought him. A couple of minutes later they reached their destination; one fo the most, if not the talles building on Dubai. Only by looking at it you could say it was a really, really expensive place to be. Aaron got down the first and looked at both cars. From inside of them some guards were gettin gdown too, some of them streeching and yawning. Who the fuck hired those guys? "Princess? We reached our destination." Said the driver with a smile.

    As Aaron looked aropund one of the other guards approached him. "Where do you want us, Mister?" Asked in a pretty bad accent. "Two of you stay here, you four stay on the lobby and the rest follow me." Ordered Aaron really pissed. No, really, what the hell was thinking the guy who hired those guys?
  15. Kieara smiled. "Thank you." she said and got out. She stood next to Aaron and frowned at those guys. "Who are these people?" She asked and looked up at him. she hadn't a clue who they were. She'd never seen them before. They weren't the royal gaurd.
  16. Aaron listened to her question and then his blood started to pump twice as fast, but still, his face showed nothing. "Princess, I think you left your scarf in the car." Said him looking at her really serious, putting his hand on his chest and oppening the door for her with the other. "You better grab it, the king wouldn't be pleased if you forget it, inside the car." Said him, insisting her to get into the car again. Instinct never fails.
  17. Kieara looked up and caught onto his hint. She looked a little scared but nodded to him and got back inside the car as he instructed. She made it look like she was looking for a scarf.
  18. The fake guards were now less yawners and sretchers and now had all their eyes on Aaron. "Princess, I think is..." then Aaron suddenly closed the dor, punched the closest guard on the throat and used it as human shield as he took out his gun and aimed at the other guards. Everyone took out their weapons and aimed at Aaron, still, he keep it cool and covered himself with the car and the body of the guard. "Wha.." Tryied to say the choked guard, but then Aaron quickly oppened the co driver door, tossed the guard to the floor and fired upon the other guys, forcing them get behind their car. "Drive!" Ordered Aaron as he got into the car. Bullets started to fly as the diver pushed the throttle and drove far from there as fast as the carr allowed him. "Are you okay?" Asked Aaron to the driver and the princess. "Yes, yes." Said the driver a little bit nervous.
  19. Kieara shrieked as a man was thrown at her feet. She pulled her legs into the seat with her and was shaking now from head to toe. She ducked hiding her head as bullets flew. She only looked up when it silenced and Aaron asked her if she was alright. She looked over to him and spoke. "y-yeah i'm ok....." she said wondering what happened.
  20. Aaron nodded and shook his left ar as blood started to drip from his fingers. "This ain't over yet." Said him looking behind. "Just keep driving. You don't stop for nothing." Ordered him lowering the window. "O... Okay... What are you going to do?" Asked the driver. "Just drive." Replied Aaron. Only one of the other cars were following them, but it was getting close real fast. Sudddenly, Aaron got half of his body out of the car and grabbed tight to the roof of the car. He had a few bullets left in his gun, so he had to take a couple of seconds to aim. The people on the other car oppened fire upon them the same way Aaron was trying to do, breaking the glasses from the car and making the driver even more nervous. "What the hell is happening!" Yelled the driver. Aaron finally took the shoot, hitting the driver of the enemy car and making it lose the control, eventually hitting a lamppost. Aaron got into the car again cleaned the gun with his clothes and tossed it thorugh the window. "Let's go back home." Said him as he applied pressure to his left arm. What a nice way to start a new job.