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  1. Kiearaseemed like the basic one to work in an office complex, but no. She was far farmore than this. She was a writer. A song writer. Though it never went anywhere. And she had a voice like a song bird. She could play guitar, violin, and piano. Music was her escape, and it was what she truely loved to do. To sing and write songs was her passion.

    Shewas currently exiting the subway near Central Park. She lived just outside NewYork City. She enjoyed her peace and quiet. She dusted off her black skirtrising about 3 or so inches above her knees before looking up. Her dark browncurly hair was fixated up in a bun. It was falling down though, and curlsframed her face as they fell. Her eyes were a bright hazel. Her body was petiteand curvatious. She was a very beautiful woman. Her skin was fair, and herheight rose to about 5'3. She had on a white button up shirt the first two buttons undone giving her aprofessional but comfortable outlook. Just how she had planned for it to.<o:p></o:p>
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    Sheheaded off walking down the sidewalk twords her home. She shouldn't have anyproblems. However she was tired and stressed after todays work. Her boss hadbeen relentless. Thats why she decided to take a short walk through the park toclear her mind. This always seemed to put her at ease. She just wanted torelax.<o:p></o:p>
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    Sheset foot into the park instantly feeling a little better than before. Shestrolled around for a bit heading into a more secluded area of the park. Thatway she wouldn't have to deal with the whole crowd and such. She wasn't a bigperson on people. Other than what she had to deal with on a daily basis thatis. However, she was a friendly person.<o:p></o:p>
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  2. Taven entered the park at the same time he always does, he take a left turn to bypass the large crowds for he did not want to feel their gaze on him or hear the rude wishpering that he always hears when walking outside in public. He is an outcast from regular socity due to his partly to his attitude of a loner but due mainly to his apperance.

    If you were to first meet him at a glance he would apper to be normal person he is about, 5'8 lean muscular body, he normaly wear black clothing a loose tee-shirt and jeans as well as a long black coat, he has long black hair that runs just a ad bit past his sholders his bangs coverin part of his face.

    Now in his face is the reason he is an out cast, for when you look at the part of his face that is visable you can see a tanned face but off the bat you notice his eye. both his eyes are a bright amber color that glow slightly through the dark but what scares everyone aways is that his eyes are like that of a tiger they have that black horziantl slit.

    No one but Taven knows why h eis like this way but him, he walks what he bleilves is to be a desretaed path he stops and looks up at the moon that is soon to become full...
  3. Kieara took a rest on a bench. The weekend was coming, she had no curfew tonight." She smiled and sighed as she crossed her legs and leaned back onto the seat. The cool air danced around her soothing her being.
  4. Taven lets out a deep sigh as he finishes his thought he look looks ahead of him and out of the coner of his eye he see a very bueatiful girl sitting on a park beach he lets out a somewhat load barrage of insulst at him self and to muttible entites that seem to refece as creaters of life from all aspect of religons and belifs he slowly walks forward attemting not to look at the young lady so that he may not firghten her but as he gets closer his bearin slips and steals a long glace at the girl on the bench
  5. Kieara looked up and was in love with his eyes. They were gorgeous. She smiled to him. "Oh hello, did I take your bench?" she said not knowing if he was a regular in this part of the park or not.
  6. Taven stop in mid stride and looked at the girl on the bench. He tried to speak serval times but no words came out he juss stood there thinking is this buetiful girl really talking to me he looks around trying to see if there is anyone else around but then notices that he is the only person there he takes in a deep breath then speaks in a calm tone thats turn to a bit confused at the end "umm no you didn't i ussaly dont stay in one spot when im outside im always on the move people dont like having me around let alone will even speak to me"
  7. "well why ever not?" She asked coming over to him. That interested her. If he needed a friend she'd be a friend.
  8. Taven frowns a bit he then takes his hand and pull back the bang from his face you now can trully see his face his amber tiger like eyes staring deep into you realy blinking a long scar over his right eyes and you can fainlty see fangs emitting from his upper lips he then puts his bangs back in to place ready to hear the girl to scream and run like all the others. after a few seconds he look at Kieara confused. " yo- your not afraid" he stands there looking puzzled
  9. "No silly." she giggled. "I'm not afraid. You haven't given me reason to be." she said to him with a charming smile.
  10. In a blink of an eye taven is standing infront of the girl his face by the girl's neck she can feel a slight pressure and she relizes it his fangs on her neck he then jumps back to where he was. " I am a monster no one is safe around me" He looks away " so please go on with your life like you never met me" taven then walk past her with in arms reach.
  11. Kieara was a brave young woman. Her unknown past made her that way. She took his arm up. This boy was so mysterious...She loved it. She looked to him smiling. "Danger always did peak my interest." she said winking. "I'm not afraid of you." she said again.
  12. Taven gave a slight smile to the girl "are you sure about this you could end up getting killed i can be unstable at times" as the last word leaves his mouth he looks up to the moon
  13. Kieara assumed it had a correlation with the moon since he had looked up at it. "I'm sure." She said to him.
  14. He then look back at her amd smiles " very well then where are you headed?" I myself was just gonna walk around the park for a few hours then head home
  15. "I was doing the same actually. Where do you live?"
  16. He let out a deep sigh. " i live in a shit hole apartment about 5 blocks from here but i doubt ill live there much longer to many complints and im scaring off customers according to the manger, doesnt matter dont own much but a few cloths that fit in a backpack and what i carry on me" As he speaks he reaches behind his head and appers to grab something on his back hidden by his hair and his coat after he lets go of that he seems to place his hand on verouis spots on his body as if feel to see if that item is still there.
  17. "you poor thing..." She took his hands. "We'll get you out of there. I have my own place, no worries, we'll get your things and you can stay with me." She smiled.
  18. "very well then be warned though I live in a bad neighborhood" The two start to walk toghter and then come across a group of teenagers upon seein us they start to yell obsence words and insults directed at both of us.
  19. Kieara ignored them and held his hand reassuredly.
  20. I shake my head "you sure you want to be around me people might not look at you the same if they see you with me." Tavens face flares with anger. "Those fucking pigs I should slaughter them like the pigs they are" Taven then looks at Kieara "Sorry there are a few perks to my curse enhaced senses such as hearing"