Lewi & SilenceDot CONTINUED

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  1. the next morning Kieara woke up feeling a little rough but all in all she was ok. She sighed as she looked over to her lover and smiled. She thought her rough feeling was worth it. She got up slipping on a robe to go cook for him.
  2. Ash felt amazing. His body ached all over nut it was wrth it. He gently lost grip of her hand as she went to cook.
  3. Kieara walked sleepily into the kitchen and began to cook him his favorite that she'd discovered, pancakes.
  4. Ash lay back, He felt tired still. The smell of pancakes woke him though, what an amazing smell.
  5. Kieara continued to cook. She yawned And rubbed her eyes while she played his food
  6. "morning!" he called to Kieara
  7. Kieara came in. "Morning."
  8. Ash grinned. "hey..." he stared up at her
  9. Kieara kissed him. "hey. brought you breakfast."
  10. "WOAHHH!!!!" Ash grinned. "REALLLLLYYY!?!!?!?!??!" He smelled the pancakes. He took the plate and hugged her .
  11. Kieara laugehd at him and kissed him. "Yes really."
  12. "I couldnt have a better girlfriend..." he grinned and began to eat
  13. "Awwww you're so sweet."
  14. He kissed here gently on the cheek. "Youre the best" he began to eat.
  15. Kieara smiled. "thanks.'
  16. he ate slowly, just like last time, He offered some of it to her.
  17. "No thanks. I'm not hungry yet."
  18. "Oh ok," He continued to eat his food between kissing kiearea
  19. Kieara smiled and rolled her eyes even thought she found it cute.
  20. He saw her roll her eyes and felt sad. He had finished eating though