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  1. "Then I guess it's just me..." Ruji muttered to himself after hearing Sachi's reply. In an attempt to forget about what had just happened, he continued to eat his fish. However, he finished all of them in a couple of minutes. It would probably make one wonder if he actually tasted his food while eating... Hopefully, the meal would hold off his hunger for awhile. "Let me know when you're done. It would be best to keep moving and not stay in one place for too long." he told her as he stood up. He made his way over to the stream and knelt down beside it, hesitantly swooping a handful of fresh water up into his palms. He despised getting wet, and large bodies of water in general, but it couldn't be helped. He lifted his cupped hands to his lips and sipped the water quietly.
    Kieara soon tossed her fish bones away and went over sipping from the clear water as well. She purred as she did and spoke. "I'm done." she noticed how hesitant he was to the water. "what's wrong?"
  2. “Oh, good. Now we can move on...” Ruji replied after hearing that she was done. However, he appeared to be taken aback slightly when she questioned him about what was wrong. He hadn’t realized his hesitance towards the water was that obvious, but perhaps it was. “....Nothing’s wrong. I...just don’t like getting wet....” he partially lied prior to standing back up. Sweeping a thick strand of hair from his face, Ruji took a glimpse around, attempting to recollect the correct direction to go in. Anything to distract his mind, as well as to where it looked like conversation was moving towards.
  3. Kieara could tell he was lying and sighed but didn't pressure him. She got up and moved with him. She purred and rubbed his arm again. "Where are we going?" She asked curiously as the kitten in her came out while she waited for an answer. The bell on her tail dingled as it swayed from side to side.
  4. Ruji shifted his eyes in Sachi’s direction when he felt her rub his arm. Honestly, he knew that she was a type of cat demon, but...it was still an interesting trait that her kitten-like side tended to reveal itself from time to time. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t interacted with too many feline demons before? Soon after, Sachi had asked where they were going. “Well, before I met you, I was traveling to get back home. So that’s the direction in which I intend to keep going in. Besides...” He trailed off and turned his head to her completely. “It’s probably best to keep a move on. Didn’t you say some dog demon named Sesshomaru was pursuing you beforehand?” he queried as he walked alongside her, past the steep cliff they had leaped from earlier.
  5. Sachi listened intently and smiled as she heard that they were headed away from Sesshomaru. As for the conversation earlier if he felt comfortable enough to tell her then he would. She nodded at his words to show she was paying attention. "Ok, that sounds like a good plan." She said to him as he explained to her about what was happening.
  6. Upon perceiving her response, he arched a brow at her. Not necessarily out of suspicion but curiosity. “Really now? So you are willing to come home with me? I know that you were being chased beforehand, but are you certain that you do not need to go elsewhere?” he queried, looking ahead. Absent-mindedly, he lightly kicked at a pebble as he trudged along. “I mean, I don’t doubt the truthfulness of your words, but I want to make sure that you are considering every possibility, like where you may be missed without realizing and whatnot...” he added, shifting optics back in her direction.
  7. "I have no family nor friends, I am not missed, and I cannot stray from you, you're my master now." sh said to him. "I don't mind it, unless you don't want me to." She said.
  8. After listening intently, Ruji nodded faintly, irises temporarily clouded with a hint of sadness for her. As if he was already associated with the pain of that... He had nearly forgotten about the fact that he was considered her master now, thanks to the curse that she was trapped under. He was going to have to get used to that concept sooner or later. He had a feeling that it would either be later or never though. ‘I still can’t believe she’s under such a horrific curse....’ he thought, frowning momentarily prior to hearing the last part of her statement. “N-no, it’s not that I don’t want you with me.” he told her quickly, eyes slightly widened with mild panic. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her feelings in some sort of way. “I do want you to be with me! Er--gee, that didn’t come out right... Um...what....what I mean is I don’t mind you coming with me.” As he had spoken, he felt his heart beat increase in its rate due to a peculiar nervousness. Probably due to the statement that he had said, of which didn’t sound ‘right’ to him. Apparently he was not the kind of male that was very good at showing romantic feelings. “I’m just not used to the company is all, but so far I don’t mind it.” he admitted with a small, sheepish smile.
  9. Kieara giggled at him. "I understood what you meant." She said to him. "It's ok." She then flicked her ears the warmth of the sun tickling them. "I'm glad you don't mind, it's rare I get company and I kinda like it." She said to him with a soft purr but also blushed at that her cat like behaviour embarrassing her a minor bit.
  10. The young lad relaxed slightly as he heard her state that she understood what he meant originally. As his optics became mildly distracted by her flickering ears, he also perceived her next statement about not having much company herself, but kind of liking it nonetheless. Why did hearing that she liked the company make him feel...sort of...happy and somewhat relieved...? He truly didn’t know or comprehend any of the possibilities as to ‘why’ that was case, so he simply dismissed the odd feeling. “Um...well that’s good to know...” he replied to her, smiling slightly in her direction. For some reason, his small smile broadened when she had released a soft purr. Even if Sachi had been a bit embarrassed by her natural feline behavior, Ruji found her soft purr to be rather ‘cute’ either way. Of course, he’d never say such a thing out aloud...unless he was pressured or something. At that moment, he was quite thankful for the ability to posses private notions.
  11. Sachi walked with him obediently along the path seeking out the destination with him. She was silent, but observant. Though it was a comfortable silence, not a awkward one. She swayed her tail sfotly as she walked the dingling making some noise other than the sounds of the forest.
  12. Silence loomed over as Ruji focused on attaining the following destination, pointed ears twitching faintly to the sound of her bell, as well as to the other various noises throughout the forest. Most silences were fairly awkward to him, but this particular one was...not so bad. It was even comfortable in a way. “We have quite a long walk ahead of us.” Ruji suddenly notified after a long while of silence and walking down the forest’s passageway. “The walk alone will probably last for about two to three days in total. At least before we have to take a boat for the rest of the way there...so, just let me know whenever you’d like to rest.” he added, staring up at the afternoon sky of which was as clear as the former freshwater stream.
  13. Sachi got bored easily being a cat. She smirked. "Tag!" she poked him then darted off down the path. This would at least make the journey mroe fun. She had a craving for entertainment and fun that Sesshomaru had deprived her of for so long, andhopefully he'd play along and have fun too.
  14. Ruji blinked blankly, and with a bit of uncertainty when Sachi suddenly said, "Tag!" and ran down the path after poking him. 'Huh? What is she doing? Why did she say 'tag' before running off?' he thought to himself curiously as he watched her run away. Apparently, Ruji had also been deprived of any type of 'fun' throughout the years. Even when he had been a child, so...he genuinely wasn't aware of what the game, 'tag', was. Of course, that didn't mean he didn't want to play along. It would certainly be quite entertaining to experience a sense of fun for the first time. "Um, Sachi...? What is...a tag??" he questioned rather awkwardly, not realizing that he was supposed to chase her because he was considered to be 'it'. Perhaps he would play along if the game was taught to him.
  15. Sachi's ears picked up on it. She dropped from a vine behind him on the path upside down like spiderman. She purred. "you don't know tag?" She asked. She spoke. "I touch you and say tag, that makes you it. The person who's it has to chase the other and try to touch them so that they're it, and then when you tag me back, you run and I chase you." she said.
  16. The male halfling quickly spun around on the heels of his feet upon hearing Sachi’s voice from behind him, only to see her latched onto a vine in an upside-down position. He shook his head when she asked about whether he knew what ‘tag’ was, figuring that it must have been a popular game. Ruji arched a brow as he listened to her explanation intently, prior to nodding his head in confirmation. “Ah, I see. Sounds simple enough...” he said, trailing off while a sly smirk smeared into his lips. It was then that Ruji abruptly darted towards her in attempts to ‘tag’ her, believing that he possessed the upper-hand in a playful manner, thanks to her current position on the hanging vine. He had temporarily forgotten the speed she'd portrayed back at the stream.
  17. Kieara smirked and didn't move til he was almost to her. Then her giggle rang out as she stood three branches up as he reached the branch. she'd have to be outsmarted. She purred. "Catch me if you can." She then ran off aggain.
  18. Naturally being on the clumsy side, Ruji stumbled forward as he attempted to stop his stride abruptly after she had already evaded his touch. Subsequent to pausing, he looked up only to see her about three branches away from him. The halfling smirked again, now recalling her impressive speed. "Not bad. Not bad all...." he murmured aloud prior to her purr and her challenge to catch her if he could. "Hmph, and that I will do!" he countered in an unusually playful tone for him. Soon enough, the lad had leaped up into the array of branches, interchanging between jumping and darting in order to catch up with her. They had just started the game, and yet...Ruji was already beginning to have fun.
  19. Sachi's laughs echoed through the branches. So long it had been since she'd gotten to run and play and have fun, with someone especially who didn't hate her for what she was. She soon dropped down out of the trees and ran along the path. She glanced behind her to see his progress.
  20. “I hear you, but I don’t see you. Where did she...? ....Ah.” Ruji had heard her echoed laughter throughout the forest, but after awhile he had temporarily lost sight of her. However, he had apparently spotted her again from below on the branch that he was perched on, watching as she ran along the forest path. And at that moment his smirk suddenly broadened, an idea developing within mischievous notions. Abruptly, Ruji backed up into shadows of the trees, vanishing in the darkness. When Sachi had glanced behind her, he would not be there. In fact, Ruji was suddenly lunging towards her from directly in front. He had taken advantage of the fact that she’d glanced behind her, even if it had been for just moment. That was all the time he needed to grab her.

    “Gotcha!” Simultaneously, he had wrapped his arms around Sachi’s waist as he was coming towards her at full speed, feet completely off the ground. Perhaps he didn’t realize until now, but the position he was in and the force he had used to come at her with would probably to make the two of them fall over. Hopefully not, or else the position would be quite the awkward one.