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  1. Kieara was of a totally differnt culture. She was irish originally.
    However after leaving the Ireland cliffs as a child she'd picked up a
    bit of a mixed accent. She had trouble saying certain things in
    english. However her accent completely suited her.

    Kieara had a naturally beautiful appearance. She didn't have to change
    hers for this assignment because she was always sent on undercover
    missions. Her specialty was sneaking in and sneaking out. Gathering
    information for her was as simple a task as breathing. Hacking into a
    database and getting what was needed in a matter of seconds without
    getting caught? Piece of cake. One of the reasons she went into law
    enforecement was because of her past, but that's a story for another

    Kieara's appearance showed her heritage though. She had ghostly pale
    skin coupled with bright emerald green eyes. Her eyes stuck out
    against her pale appearance. She rose to a height of 5'3. Not
    exceptionally tall, but not too short either. Her hair was a vibrant
    red. Not orange. Red. Naturally. Yes she was a ginger as some people
    like to call them. A red head. Whatever name have you. She had a
    petite curvatious body frame that suited her perfectly. Adorning her
    pale skin she had a small line of freckles over the bridge of her nose
    and on her cheeks that complimented her face. She wore a pair of black
    jeans and a long sleeved purple top. Her crimson curls were pulled
    back into a pony tail. A beautiful young woman in her early twenties.

    Kieara was walking with Leon, her commander in cheif, Leon. He said he'd
    tell her more about what she was doing as they went along, but for
    now he just wanted her to know that she was going to be a model for
    thier target under the name of Sophie Stephens. They couldn't talk
    much lest someone would discover their plans.

    Leon was a little pissed with this assignment, but if it suited his
    girl then so be it. He'd do anything to please his commander. Though Kieara
    wasn't aware of his affections as much as he wasn't aware he'd been acting extra
    cold lately. He worried about their saftey though he knew she could
    handle herself.

    She walked in with her recorder and wire hidden. Leon was off doing whatever it was Leon's did during the day, but she was going into her new 'modeling career' for the first time. She went to the desk and waited.
  2. A young woman with perfectly styled blonde hair came in, a large, welcoming smile plastered on her face. "Hello! Ms. Stephens, correct? Come right this way, Mr. Zelinsky will be ready for you in just a moment." She led her through a door behind the desk and down a long hallway adorned with dozens of pictures of beautiul models in various poses and outfits. There were all sorts of girls in the pictures: tall, short, heavy, thin, and every hair color and style imaginable. Some were taken in exotic places such as a dense forest, or beside a cliff, while others were more subdued. They passed many doors before entering the one at the very end of the hall. The room was fairly good sized. There was a coat rack beside the door, and a make up station on the opposite wall from the white backdrop. Inside, a young woman with chocolate brown hair and dark skin posed in front of a white backdrop. Two men in all black clothing stood at either side of the back wall, watching everything from behind dark glasses. The receptionist excused herself and returned to her desk.

    Taking the pictures was a tall young man with a deep, rich voice. He had ear-length black hair and beautiful olive-colored skin. He put is camera down, thanked he woman, and turned to Kieara. He smiled at her, offering her a hand. "Good afternoon Ms. Stephens. Glad you could stop by." He had a slight accent that spoke to his heritage. His mother had been from Japan, and his father a native american. Together, they gave him a rich, almost exotic look to him. His face was soft and gentle looking, Japanese and Indian mixing pleasantly. His grip was firm, but gentle. He swept his other hand toward the white backdrop. "Get yourself situated and let me know when you are ready." He returned to where he'd been standing before.
  3. Kieara offered a smile silently. She was self concious of her own accent. He was absolutely gorgeous. She had to shake this from her mind though. He could also be a very dangerous criminal. She shook his hand lightly and nodded. She half wondered if the reason he was a photographer was so that he could sleep with women. She moved in front of the backdrop and spoke softly, nervously. "Is there a certain pose you'd like?" She asked. Though the end part of certain was pronounced with a heavy accent and it sounded like she said cer-tan instead of cer-tin.
  4. He shook his head, "No, love. Not for the first one. Pose however you'd like. Show me what you've got. Today's just the trial run. No pressure." He checked the camera to make sure the battery was fine and that there was plenty of space left for new pictures. He looked over the new model before him and had to admit she was quite a catch. He kept his pleasant expression on his face with practiced ease while he wondered internally whether or not he could get her under his control. Maybe get her to do some simple runs for him. He pushed the thought out of his mind. He didnt know anything about this woman, and until he knew everything, he wouldnt even let himself entertain the notion of bringing her into the business. He already had a group of men looking into everything he could about her. He'd sent them out the moment he'd heard of the appointment the day before. They had promised him results by the end of the week at the latest. He didnt mind waiting a week. Caution was what had gotten him this far in the first place, afterall, a lack of caution is what brought down his father.

    He smiled at Kieara, holding his camera in position. "You ready, love?" he asked.
  5. Kieara thought that this disguise would be much easier to pull off. Little did she know that shyness was a quality that models didn't possess. It was often replaced by cockyness. She blushed at his pet name, and then began to pose for him like the training had specified she should. They'd given her a crash course in what it took to be a model. She didn't know everything, but knew enough to know a few flattering poses.
  6. Rikuto move around her, snapping pictures at various angles. "Yes, beautiful. Good job," he kept up a string of commentary as he took the pictures. He directed her in a few places, and complimented her in others. He took pictures for nearly half an hour before he called an end to it. He let his camera hang around his neck and walked over to her. "Beautiful job, love. I think I'll take you." He offered her his hand again. "Pardon, I havent introduced myself, have I? I'm Rikuto Zelinsky. And I hope you will be here tomorrow as well?" he gave her another one of his shining smiles.
  7. Kieara blushed and smiled as she saw his smile. She nodded. "Yes, I will be here tomarrow." She said shaking his hand again. She brushed some of her hair behind her ears. Today was her trial run, after today he'd be initiating costume changes, different locations for pictures, other things like that, and she would have to be careful, sometimes not even wear a wire. She was nervous, but ultimately had a feeling things would go ok.
  8. Rikuto waited until she had left before setting the camera down on a table. He motioned one of the black-clad men over with one hand. The man came over immediately. "Has there been any word from Simon?"

    The man shook his head. "No Boss, they're still looking. So far they havent been able to find anything."

    Rikuto grunted. "Fine. Keep me updated." He picked the camera back up and headed out the back door to where a car was waiting for him. The two guys in black followed him out and got in the front seat. Rikuto got into the backseat and went through the photos he had taken that day. Sophie Stephens, he thought to himself. She was certainly pretty, but very obviously inexperienced. He chuckled. She'd picked hell of a business to start modeling in, that was for sure.

    An hour or so later, the car pulled into a large Victorian house befitting of his public persona. He went inside, passed the camera on to a young man waiting inside, and went into his office to get ready for some errands at his real job.
  9. Kieara went back to her flat about two blocks up from him. She wasn't aware of this though. She sighed undressing, showering, then reporting to Leon. He didn't seem happy about this mission, but he would deal. She then relaxed onto her couch.
  10. Rikuto spent a good portion of the night meeting with contacts, making deals, and collecting on overdue charges, and planning his next big hit. There was a conference coming to town that would be full of people with very large dollar signs next to them. He, of course, had been invited. There was no way he was going to let such an opportunity slip through his fingers. He'd been working on his plan for weeks, ever since he recieved the invitation. He had to admit, it was coming together nicely.

    The next day, he arrived at the modeling office just as it was opening and got everything ready for the photoshoots of the day.
  11. Kieara was the first one that morning. She wasn't much of a morning person, so she came in lacking a bit of her pep from the previous day, instead looking rather sleepy. However, it was a cute sleepy. She rubbed her eyes in a child like manner, and yawned every now and then, but she wasn't grouchy.
  12. Rikuto was hunched over some papers with an older man, talking in hushed tones when she entered. He glanced back at her and straightened, raising an eyebrow at her. He chuckled, amusement in his voice. "My do you look lovely in the morning. Are you sure you're ready today?"
  13. She offered a soft smile. "I'm ready." She said to him. She was sleepy, but she'd just have to get woke up. she was like this every morning regardless.
  14. "Good," he replied. "Follow me." He led her to a small changing room in one corner of the photo room. Inside was a number of different dresses and outfits. Rikuto ruffled through them for a few minutes, pulling one out here or there and comparing it to her, then putting it back with a huff and some muttered words. Finally, as he got to the end of one row, he pulled out an elaborate, form fitting emerald green dress. Rikuto smiled largely and held it out to her. "Put this on. It will look wonderful on you."
  15. She smiled as she took the pretty dress. The color nearly mimicked her eyes. Her eyes fluctuated between green and blue. today they were green. She moved behind the changing screen and began to strip. Her silhouette showed just how curvatious she really was as her shadow moved to take the clothes off and put the new ones on.
  16. While he waited for her to finish changing, Rikuto continued to rifle through the clothes. He pulled out ones that he felt would look good on her and set them aside. Then he fetched his camera, and had one of the ever present black-clad guards carry the clothes he had picked out to a vehicle he used only for the modeling business. Rikuto waited by the door for Kieara.
  17. Kieara soon finished up and followed after him wondering where they were going. "Where are we going?" She asked curiously as she watched the big man pack her clothes. She was a bit more awaake now.
  18. "There's a beautiful riverside location not far from here. I'm going to be doing some shoots there today." Rikuto replied, allowing her to get into the car first. He piled in after her. The guard closed the door and got behind the wheel. They drove for about an hour out into the forest until they came to a spot that showed the river. There was a good sized rock outcrop at the side of the river. Rikuto got out of the car and began examining the area, trying to find the best location for everybody.
  19. Kieara walked along with him. She looked around. "It's beautiful." She spoke shyly.
  20. He smiled back at her. "Thank you. I quite like it too. Its just at the edge of my property."