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  1. It was a dark night. Pouring the rain. Thunder, lightning, the whole
    nine yards. People had retreated into their huts for the night, and
    the animals retreated into their dens. All the demons around the area
    even chose to settle for a bit. Except one.

    Sachi was a young half demon who was running for dear life through
    the down pour that haunted the Feudal Era tonight. She broke her way
    in a not so silent manner through the brush, trees, and creeks that
    ran through the forest floor. She stumbled clumsily here and there
    until, BOOM, she made contact with the ground her leg now bleeding.
    She gave a loud yelp. The rock she'd tripped on had cut her leg.

    Sachi was a beautiful young half demon. She wore a black kimono with
    red pattens like dragons all over it. Though sprouting out the back of
    the now mud covered dress was her tail, white with black tiger stripes
    with a silver bell tied in place by a black ribbon, and the ears on
    top of her head to match. Her eyes were a bright lavendar, and her
    hair was a solid white. She rose to about 5'4 and was petite with
    curves that suited her greatly. Her breasts were larger than average
    and complimented her figure. She bore scars all over her body that
    came straight from the one she called master.

    This master. The one she was trying to escape. The one she never
    wanted in the first place. Surprisingly, she wasn't one of Naraku's
    minions made by him, for him. She was an actual person, born
    completely seperate of the scum. He'd saved her life one day, though
    unintentionally, but he felt exceptionally malicious so he put a curse
    on her, the curse of obedience, and forced her to be a slave. This
    was marked by the bell on her tail. The bell that could only be
    removed by a person who loved her for who she was. Cliche, but it was
    the deal breaker.

    Years passed and she escaped. Now Sesshomaru was her
    master. An unfortunate turn of events. He'd accidentily saved her,
    much as Naraku had, now, she was forced to do his bidding.
  2. Sesshomaru comes up to Sachi and says "Hey have you heard about my brother comming through this area and when he's going to? He's supposed to be going to a town near here sometime soon while they pass through the area they are going in. And we are going through the town just beyond here and I know somehow if I run into him there he's just going to start trouble for no reason. Kohaku would be happy to see Sango if we did run into them I guess, but Rin doesn't need to see my brother making a fool of himself"
  3. ((sachi was running from him....Read the first two paragraphs))
  4. (yeah I read them^^..i just thought that she was running from naraku and then sesshomaru saved her and she was now doing his bidding being under his command..you know to look out for things and protect rin..you know that kind of thing^^lol but i'll put a new post here^^sorry about the mix up^^)

    A young male full fox demon is heading back with some medical supplies to his village that he occupies half of with his friends. He sees Sachi in her mud covered kimono dress and sees all her scars. He can see that she's a half demon and trying to get on easier terms in his mind with half demons, he tries to approach her slowely so he won't scare her.
    Meanwhile Sesshomaru's group is up on the ledge road above, the ledge due to her position, blocking Sachi from their sight. Kohaku is holding Rin's hand to make sure she doesn't fall and while continuing to walk along the ledge road, Kohaku starts thinking about Sango and his hometown again and he looks over the ledge at the trees.
  5. ((Oh I see. That's ok!))

    Sachi saw him and tried to back away. She was terrified, and she wasn't used to people. She drooped her ears more sadly than threatening and flinched like she was about to be hit.
  6. (^^)

    The young full fox male stops when he sees Sachi trying to back up to keep his distance as she wishes and says calmly to her "It's okay. I won't hurt you. What are you doing out here by yourself. It's rather late. Did anything bad happen? I know there have been some pretty rough sounding rumors going around about this Naraku guy.
  7. Sachi looked to him. "I…I'm trying to get away from S-Sesshomaru…" she spoke to him as she stared him down. She doubted he'd know who he was but she needed help.
  8. The young fox demon male says to Sachi in question "Sesshomaru huh? And you're trying to get away from him you say?..Well I'll help you get away because I know the route he takes when he comes through my area..But what did he do if I may ask?. Last I saw Sesshomaru he had just taken in a little human girl that he had rescued from a wolf demon attack and he was complaining about his kid brother Inuyasha as he always does. And I hear now he's got another human that had escaped Naraku traveling with him as well. But I think Inuyasha is the only one that Sesshomaru has a real problem with, well besides Naraku of course. A few years back I can understand anybody being afraid of him not that they aren't afraid of him now. But sense taking in that little girl Rin Sesshomaru's personality sure has changed. I mean he's still scary and powerful and I wouldn't advise anyone to anger him, but his edge has gone down sense Rin started following him. He does show his edge however at the times when he thinks about Naraku, when he thinks about Inuyasha having the sword he wanted, or when he's protecting Rin.
  9. Sachi watched him. "you'll help me?" She asked hopefully. She then sighed and explained the abuse that she went through daily with him. She sighed and finished staring at the ground.
  10. The young fox demon male blinks his eyes as she explaines her experience with Sesshomaru and says kinda shocked afterwards "My word..Sesshomaru did all that to you? I can't believe it. That doesn't sound like the friend I used to know. I've never known him to be abusive. I've known him to fight to settle things sometimes but I've never known him to abuse anyone. But I haven't seen Sesshomaru in a good while so I guess he could have changed." The young fox demon male sighs and then says "But yes I'll help you. Follow me." He sets up a barrier so no one can follow them and then leads Sachi out of the woods to the outerbanks of a near by village that has two ways so the outerbanks inhabitants won't disturb the village, the inhabitants being mostly other fox demons like him and while thinking and saying in his head ~ "Sesshomaru man..What's happened to you?"~
  11. When he said he was a friend of Sesshomaru's her trust levels for him went down, a lot. He would have to work to earn her trust, however, she knew she needed out of there. She limped along behind them having hurt herself minorly in her fall before. She was silent. She didn't know why Sesshomaru treated her how he did, maybe it was the feline dog demon conflict?
  12. The young fox demon male turns to her as he leads her and he says "My name is Riah by the way. What's your name?" He then sees her limping and says "Hey you're hurt. Do you want me give you a ride on my back the rest of the way?"
  13. Sachi spoke. "I am Sachi." she then listened to him. She was hurting so bad. She debated his offer then she nodded. "Yes please."
  14. Riah nods and then walks over to her and says as he bends over so she can get on and smiles as he says "It's very nice to meet you Sachi."
  15. Sachi felt relief when she got off her foot. "thank you for helping me." she said to him.
  16. Riah says to her "You're very welcome." He smiles and lifts her as he stands and then he picks up his medical supply ingredients as well and then carries Sachi the rest of the way to his outerbanks hometown and then he walks through the outerbanks streets with her. He then sees one of his friends and quickly walks up and asks "Hey Sesshomaru isn't going to come through the area anytime soon is he?
    Riah's friend says "No. I don't think so. He hasn't given any notice of him comming yet and he usually calls. He said he'd come either today or tomorrow but i don't know which day specificaly yet. Why do you ask?
    Riah then says "Because Sachi, this half demon girl on my back, is running trying to escape from him. She said to me that he's been abusing her. And so I want to get her hidden into a safe place so he won't be able to find her. Our two living quarters are the two largest and safest we have, mine being a bit larger, and I just wanted to know how much time we had to get her secure before he and his team came here again. Plus she's hurt from a fall.
    Riah's friend "I see..I'm quite supprised Sesshomaru became abusive. You'd think with those two kids traveling with him..I mean my word."
    Riah "Yeah that's what I said too. But anyway we need to hide Sachi away from his sight. And Sesshomaru and his team are bound to need supplies soon."
    Riah's friend "Hmm..Well my house is the closest so we can hide her there. Come on
    Riah follows carrying Sachi and when they get to his friend's house he takes Sachi to the inner living room that's secured by a maze like hallway around it. He sets her down on the sofa and then goes back to the kitchen, and then a few minutes later Riah comes back to her in the inner living room and places a bag of ice on Sachi's foot and then Riah goes to the back bedroom and brings her back some blankets and a change of clothes and then says to her putting one of the blankets around her. "There. You'll be safe here. Now you get some rest. When the swelling goes down a bit later you can stand a few minutes and change clothes. Until then keep those blankets around you to keep yourself warm so you won't get sick.
  17. Sachi began to come around seing that he was tryin to help her out. She held onto him as he led her though the town to the man she knew. She remained silent and she was skeptical about staying with this new guy. She didn't know either of these people very well the latter of the two even less. She wasn't sure if she was comfortable with that. She nuzzled him softly as he covered her. "Thank you." She spoke again. "Do you have to leve me?"
  18. Riah hears Sachi ask that and says "You're welcome Sachi and no..I guess I don't have to leave if you want me to stay here. I can ask my friend if we can both stay here tonight. I'm sure it won't be any problem for him. Tomorrow though, going by what my buddy said, Sesshomaru is going to be comming into this area to gather supplies. So I'm going to have to keep my eye on him and his traviling companions Jaken, Rin, and Kohaku tomorrow afternoon while they are passing through so he doesn't find you here. But my friend will be here for you if you need him, and if you stay inside this house, in this room especially during that time, Sesshomaru won't find out anything about you being here as he comes through the area. As I said my friends house here as well as my house are the two safest houses for hiding away in incase of any danger whatsoever occuring. So you'll be completely safe. So yeah..In the meantime do you want me to get you anything? You know to entertain you while you're staying with us?"
  19. Sachi looked to him and nodded softly. "Ok..." she said but still seemed weary. "I will stay here." She felt more comfortable more....protected with Riah close to her. She knew tomarrow though that would be no exception. She listened and her ears twitched as the bell on her tail began to dingle softly and glow. Something was going on. She didn't seem to take notice though. "I'll be ok, I can entertain myself fairly well."
  20. Riah nods saying "Alright. Well if you do ever want me to get you something in order for entertainment just let me know." He smiles while taking notice himself at the dinging bell on her tail.
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