Lewi & Jessica Stansell #2

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  1. Sota is doing chores for his grandpa when he hears a noise comming from the hidden well. Thinking it might be Kagome and Inuyasha he runs to meet and welcome them but doesn't see anyone when he arrives not knowing that the person is trapped in the well.
    The lid on top was rattling and Sachi was trying to escape. She was scared and didn't know what had just happened or how.

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    Sota hears the rattling and goes over to the well seeing its closed and opens it.
  3. Sachi burst out in a blur terrified and hissing. She pinned her ears backing into a corner.
  4. Sota blinks his eyes at Sachi and then says to her "Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. I was only trying to help you out of the well. My name is Sota Higurashi and this is where I live."
  5. Sachi watched him and curled her tail closer to her as she heard odd noises around her. Her ears were working double. Everything was so loud.
  6. Sota walks around the well and then stops so he's nearer to her but not to near for her compfort seeing as how he noticed that she wasn't completely trusting of him yet.
  7. She quickly covers her ears. "It's so loud..."
  8. Sota blinks his eyes seeing her in pain and he says "You're ears hurt? Hmm.." Sota looks around in a few places to see if he can find anything to help. He looks in a couple of his grandfather's books and finds something and goes back to her and says "Try to pop them. It'll relieve some of the pressure and you probably had a lot build up in your ears when you were traveling through the well"
  9. Kieara tilted her head. She didn't understand, but soon they popped on their own. She felt better then and crept nearer to him starting to trust a little more. She sat at his feet lightly.
  10. Sota smiles and then walks over to the shelf and puts his grandfather's books up and then turns back to her and says "Well I think I should introduce you to my mom and my grandfather."
  11. Sachi was silent not saying anything. Her voice wasn't working too well. She was quiet, and didn't speak often, she watched him tilting her head yet again. She wandered her way outside looking around.
  12. Sota leads her to the door of his house and escorts her inside.
  13. She came in looking around curiously.
  14. Sota sees his grandfather with meeko and goes up to him and says "Grandpa. I want you to meet someone. This is a new friend of mine. She came through the well." Sota points his grandfather to Sachi.
  15. sachi sees him and sits very still. she didn't know these people nor trust them.
  16. Sota's grandfather walks up to her a little and says "Well welcome to our home young lady. I am Sota's grandfather. It's nice to meet one of his friends. And you came through the well he said so does that mean you're from the war and states era like my granddaughter's friends too?"
  17. Sachi was confused. she twitched her feline ears. "A different....Era?" She asked him tilting her head. "Where am I now?"
  18. Sota "Yeah. You're in the Modern times era as my big sister Kagome calls it."
  19. Sachi spoke. "What do I do?"
  20. Sota "What do you do? What are you talking about? You mean what do you do here?"