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  1. It was an average town, not small, but not extremely large. Within
    it's depths there were the fair share of criminals and cons, but there
    were also good people willing to help anyone that they met. There were
    also, as is in every civilization, people whose story has never been
    told. Today was no exception.

    A girl with bright red natural hair and pale skin stepped out of a
    black car at the dance studio in the town. She was petite, but had
    curves that suited her beautifully. She also had a line of freckles
    over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing dark sunglasses and a
    pair of black leggings with a denim skirt over it. For a top she was
    wearing a regular t-shirt.

    An older man, appearing to be her father, led her inside holding her
    arm. He was the owner of this studio. That didn't mean she got any
    special treatment though. Not at all. He bore grey hair, and steely
    blue eyes. He spoke to her as they moved. "Come on Kieara, easy." He
    seemed to be a big cooperate man. He wore a suit, and he had another
    job, away from the studio with erratic hours.

    A younger man than her father, named Marcus, was inside. He was the
    dance instructor. He smiled seeing them coming. He announced that
    practice was over for the day and they all smiled and thanked him
    before leaving. Leaving the studio empty all but Kieara, her father,
    James, and Marcus. He had jet hair, darkened skin, and brown eyes.

    "You can take your glasses off now Kieara." Marcus spoke with a smile.
    She was released and moved to a changing room. Marcus and her father
    chatted while the 23 year old was changing, then she returned. She'd
    gone and changed into a black leotard, which looked something like a
    bathing suit, to dance in and she was also wearing a pair of white
    tights. She removed her glasses and revealed solid white eyes. The
    girl was blind. However, she knew the studio well enough to manuver
    without a cane. She refused to use one claiming they were degrading.

    Her father spoke. "Well, I have business of other matters. Good luck
    you two." He then took his leave.
  2. Ruka forced a hand through his hair, shaking out the slightly curled locks of his human form. At his feet sat the rumpled remains of a homeless human who had been crouched behind a dumpster. The body was unravished, only the souless eyes staring out gave away that the person who had inhabited the body was dead. In his other hand he held a small glowing ball of light. The light that eminated from it was a swirl of black and red and mud brown. All of the impurities of the human's life resting in the palm of his hand. With a swift movement he slipped the glowing ball into his mouth and swallowed it whole. It tasted disgusting but it would sustain him for a little longer before he needed to find another one.

    Ruka took a slow breath through his nose before he let it out in a sigh. Around the corner was that human again, the dancer that he loved to watch after the owner forced everyone else out. Her father was there as well, but he seemed to be leaving as he inhaled.I can watch her again tonight. he thought gleefully before shaking his head again. He shouldn't be so excited to see a human dancing but he couldn't seem to help it with her. She seemed so fragile yet when she was dancing, to him, she seemed stronger then he had every seen a human look.

    Moving with a grace that was unhuman, he walked around the corner, flipping the color of his black duster up so it covered his throat. He looked to anyone who looked at him, normal but the shadows inside him couldn't be ignored. The human guise he wore was the only gift he had been left with after Azazeal had decided to make him into a halfling. His hair was a jet black that fell into his eyes to hit their unnaturally violet color. His skin was a pale parlor and almost always was icy cold. He was dressed in his usual black leather pants, black boots, and crimson shirt that clung to his toned chest. That was nothing compared to how he could look if he decided to show his True Form.

    The girl was already dressed and on the dance floor, her curves showing from the garb she was in. He paused in front of the building that was directly across from the studio before leaning back against it and pulling out a cigarrette, the one and only vice he ever had as a human. As the flames from his Zippo lit the end, he waiting and watched, excitment already running through his body like a buzz from a teenager drinking for the first time.
  3. Kieara had no idea about her secret admirer. The redhead danced witha grace that was unmatched and a fluidity that water itself couldn't mimick. She danced through her lesson and changed back into her clothes. The dance instructor had to leave, but her father wasn't here yet. Marcus frowned. "Kieara I can't leave you.' "I'll sit outside at the benches under the awning." she said. "Are you sure you'll be ok?" She nodded and he sighed. "alright then." And so he led her down the steps and left her there waiting for her father.
  4. Ruka was still leaning against the building across the street when he saw the girl come out. From across the street she heard the man who had been in there with her talking. He was about to turn and start walking home when the words registered in his mind. Her father wasn't there yet, he couldn't leave her by herself there. She may look strong as a dancer but that means nothing outside of the studio. He shoved and hand through his hair and walked across the street, slipping almost silently in between the studio and the restraunt that was was beside it. He pulled out a nothing smoke and lit it before his eyes started scanning the area, an odd prickling making the hair on the back of his neck stand up.
  5. Kieara had very in tune senses from missing her eyesight and she smelled the cigarette smoke. "Who's there?" She asked turning to him. She listened. She heard nothing but she knew he was there. It someone was there per say.
  6. Ruka almost choked on the puff of smoke when the girl said something to him. Her voice sent a shudder down hiss spine and He found himself closing his eyes at the sound. "Just a passerby ma'am." He said in a rumbling voice that was soft. He stepped around the corner and stubbed out his cigarette so she wouldn't be bothered by the smell. He knew they smelled horrible. "I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable." He added, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Being this close to her He could feel her spirit pulsing through her, making his mouth water slightly.
  7. Kieara smiled a little and spoke. "It's alright." She said to him. She spoke again. "I just didn't know who was there." She said.
  8. Ruka closed his eyes again as she spoke, this time clenching his teeth hard in the back of his jaw. "Are you waiting for someone?" he asked, closing his hand tightly as he felt his talons start to waiver and pull out and back in. The light of her spirit made his demon come out a bit, making it difficult for him to not to try and inhale her very essence.
  9. "My father. He's running late today and the studio owner had to leave." She spoke to him. "It's a rather long walk home I'd assume and I wouldn't be able to walk it either way."