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  1. It was an average town, not small, but not extremely large. Within it's depths there were the fair share of criminals and cons, but there were also good people willing to help anyone that they met. There were also, as is in every civilization, people whose story has never been told. Today was no exception.

    A girl with bright red natural hair and pale skin stepped out of a black car at the dance studio in the town. She was petite, but had curves that suited her beautifully. She also had a line of freckles over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing dark sunglasses and a pair of black leggings
    with a denim skirt over it. For a top she was wearing a regular t-shirt.

    An older man, appearing to be her father, led her inside holding her arm. He was the owner of this studio. That didn't mean she got any special treatment though. Not at all. He bore grey hair, and steely blue eyes. He spoke to her as they moved. "Come on Kieara, easy." He seemed to be a big cooperate man. He wore a suit, and he had another job, away from the studio with erradic hours.

    A younger man, named Marcus, was inside. HE was the dance instructor. He smiled seeing them coming. He announced that practice was over for the day and they all smiled and thanked him before leaving. Leaving the studio empty all but Kieara, her father, James, and Marcus. He had jet hair, darkened skin, and brown eyes.

    "You can take your glasses off now Kieara." Marcus spoke with a smile. She was released and moved to a changing room. Marcus and her father chatted while the 23 year old was changing, then she returned. She'd gone and changed into a black leotard, which looked something like a bathing suit, to dance in and she was also wearing a pair of white tights. She removed her glasses and revealed solid white eyes. The girl was blind. However, she knew the studio well enough to manuver without a cane. She refused to use one claiming they were degrading.

    Her father spoke. "Well, I have business of other matters. Good luck you two." He then took his leave.
  2. Meanwhile, Allen was walking through town, listening to some music through his earbuds. "I Will Burn My Dread! Tear up your fear The end is coming near Spit it out like a spear I'll burn your dread" Eventhough that song seemed rather old, he was somewhat fond of it. Though he also got alot of looks from spectators all over due to his looks. After all; how often would you see someone with carmel(Bad description, but yeah) skin and midnight blue eyes with short black hair?

    Not to mention, he was only 21 but yet looked like he was 18 or 19? Yeah, odd indeed. Though his choice of song got him many odd looks, most of them were from the female side. But then again he was used to it. Back to the matter at hand: he was kinda lost and found himself near a studio. Coming to a stop, he paused the music and took off his earbuds. "I'm lost while trying to find the supermarket, My sense of direction sucks!" He griped quietly as he saw a older man come out and walk away. Shrugging to himself, he dedided to check out whats inside.
  3. It was about that time that Kieara was in the middle of her solo. She finished and stopped opening her eyes and turned her head a little. She heard him. Acute hearing was one way her eyes made up for their lack of function. "Who's there...." she said cautiously.
  4. Allen had stoped when he had heard somoene say something. 'Shit! I was caught?' He thought to himself. Sighing, he steped out into the door way with his hands up. "Sorry. I just stumbled across this place and wanted to see whats inside." He said while keeping his guard up. Another fact was that he never knew that this was somewhat a dancing studio, but he never paid attention to the art.
  5. Kieara heard his voice, but it echoed in the studio. "Where are you?" she asked. She stood stiff and perfectly still. She didn't dare move out of fear of bumping into him. "And it's ok, I rarely get company anyway."
  6. "Oh, I'm just standing in the doorway." He said without hestation. Now, he was woundering why he answered her question. 'Is she blind or something?' He thought to himself, somewhat peicing together the facts. His eyes widened when that was the most possible outcome, but didn't press into it. "Is that so?" He said silently when she said something about rarely having company around.
  7. The redhead turned and made her way to him knowing the layout of the studio. She held one hand out her fingers lightly making contact with his chest. "ohh....you're tall." she ran her hand to the top of his shoulder then adjusted her head to look up at him accordingly and released him. She found it made people more comfortable that way. "No, my dad's a little.....harsh....and I don't get much company." Her outfit covered her arms and legs but was tight. Her father was mean to her, hatful, and he hit her.
  8. "Ah." He was right when he thought that she was blind. With a small twitch in his finger, he was susprised that she hadn't felt over any of his scars. " So your father was the one that I saw walking outta here?" He asked. The father seemed like the run-of-the-mill business man. A type of people who he's had to dealt with more often than not. In fact, he hated dealing with him, for they were usually over confident, snobbish, and take out their anger on innocents...which included their families.
  9. Her father was no exception, but he was no regular business man. He was a corrupted one, a drity one. "Yeah, that was him." She said to him. "By the way, I'm Kieara, and you are?" she asked smiling at him. She seemed very kind and friendly of course being blind she couldn't judge people on appearance, so everyone had an equal chance.
  10. He smiles at her general kindness. "Name's Allen." He introduced himself. There was something about Kieara's father that tipped him off. Mabye he should keep his eye on him. Or mabye, he could buy out her father's company? Nah, that would be too much: using his family's business to instill a take-over. They only had infulence over certain parts after all. But still, a friendly face like her's could convince him otherwise. "So, its just you here?"
  11. "Well me and my instructor MArcus, but he's been feeling a little under the weather, he left to go do something, you're welcome to come in though." She said to him. She backed up to allow him room inside if he wished.
  12. "Sure," He said while walking into the room. "I could use a break, my feet hurt." He finished while chuckling. Taking a look around the room, he noticed the mirror behind him. At first, it only showed the reflections of Allen and Kieara. However, when Allen focused on it, it showed something different, then back to normal. "Why did that show now?" He lowered his voice to a very low whisper.
  13. Kieara's acute hearing caught it. "Why did what show what?" She asked him. She didn't really understand sight, but some things she tried to help with. She stretched and did a few dance moves to keep herself occupied. She bent forward so that her legs formed a straight line one straight in the air the other on the floor.
  14. "Uh..." How was he susposed to explain the being that showed up in the mirror? 'A man with a pale complexion and yellow eyes, wearing a dark blue kimono, and a black fedora smiling at him, then the figure dissapearing?' "Um.....Something that I thought I left behind afew years prior. " He explained, while keeping is curosity in check. What he saw, was something most people wouldn't understand: The repesntation of his subconscious.
  15. "Oh...." she dismissed it as one of those things that people who had sight understood and continued to stretch and perform some of her dance moves. She was enticingly flexible as it seemed. She could contort into nearly any shape.
  16. He nodded and sat down cross-legged. In reality, he couldn't leave that reflection behind. It was a part of him after all. So, he decided to take that thought and put it to the back on his mind by watching her dance. "You seem really good at that." He commented after a short while.
  17. She smiled. "Thank you." She said. Marcus soon came back in raising a brow. "Uh...." Kieara spoke. "Oh, Marcus this is allen." She said smiling. Marcus smiled. "Hello."
  18. Allen had chuckled when Marcus had walked in. "Yo." He greeted with a slight smile.
  19. Marcus smiled a bit and put some music on so she could dance. She danced beautifully and so naturally. It was a passion that she poured out with every movement.
  20. Allen had continued to watch her dance and easily noticed something. She was probally blind but was still moving gracefully. 'Perhaps she could hear the sounds alot better than most.' He thought to himself. Perhaps, she choose dancing to experss herself? Or even because she enjoyed it? It was mabye both but he decided not to ask that at the moment.