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  1. The battle between Avalon and the place that many referred to as Sagurum, had been going on for many years without end. There were even rumours that the battle had been a planned event in an attempt for the two lands to rid themselves of the half breeds who polluted their population. If the battle were to have end, the winner, if you could call it that after all the death and bloodshed, would become all the more influential over the other. A highly respected and longed for power by both nations.

    A young man, who was better known as the second Prince and second heir to the Sagurum throne, was placed kneeling before the King with his head bowed respectfully towards the floor. "Your Highness," he stated softly. "You summoned me?" The Prince was dressed in simple, modest attire that was a pair of dull khaki hunting trousers and matching vest, with a loose white tunic tucked in beneath. The only show in his clothes that he was of royal blood being the minute work patterns of the outline of the family crest, done up in silver thread. Most of what he wore held similar bearings.
    The King nodded his head in affirmation. "You will leave immediately to the camps at the site of our great battle in place of your elder brother. You will act as co-general on his behalf and thus also be taking responsibilities on the field." And that was it. With a wave of his father's hand he was dismissed and sent to his death.
    Many would have believed it to be a noble service and great sacrifice if they were to die in such a way, but he knew that in truth his father was only getting rid off him to make room for his brother to rise to the throne.
    His body had stiffened at the news but he only nodded shortly and left, never looking up even once to look at the man he hardly knew. He had been escorted back to his chambers and was now being assisted by a servant as he packed several belongings into a bag. The sound of tires crunching across the gravel outside brought his attention to the present. He smiled to himself and dismissed the servant. His means of transportation had arrived, and he was willing to bet that they had a new, magically enchanted sword for him as well.
  2. Kieara was yet another half breed about to be sent to death. Not quite so willing though. they were caged on a long train. All of them shoved in box cars. Some too poor to even afford clothes. The ones she had were ragged and ripped also very dirty. Most of them were malnourished and weak. As was she. They were in agony and about to be sent off to fight in a war that they didn't even have a card in.

    The young half breed was beautiful despite what she was. She was half butterfly nymph, and half human. She had large beautiful purple wings with black markings. Her dress was black. She was barefoot as most nymphs were. Most nymphs even prefer to go naked saying it made them feel more natural, but she lacked the powers to protect her from the weather. She had a reddish brown hair with bright blue eyes.

    She fearfully paced in the crowded box car. She went from one side to the next until they arrived. Once there, they were shoved out and onto the field where the scene was to ensue. Some wizards who'd been sent along cast a large barrier as the sounds of a riot against them broke out. The barrier prevented them from leaving the open area of their deaths in front of them. Some with wings tried to fly out but couldn't get high enough.
  3. The Prince was encircled by three witches, their fingers interlaced with one another to close the circle completely. They were whispering their magical chant too low for him to make out, but by the few snatches of words that caught his attention, whatever they were picturing was very unpleasant. A small girl all of five years of age was holding the new sword that, in their previous reunion, the witches had promised to bestow him with the next time they met. He assumed that they had Seen that this would happen, although they had not said as much of course. It was forbidden for them to give away fortunes amongst most witch cults.
    The girl quickly threw him his bag and sword as the spell came to a close, both of which he caught with ease before disappearing in a haze of blue smoke. When he opened his eyes, it was to the sight of the battlegrounds and the shouts of half breeds trying to protest from where they were lined up to march, until they were beat into silent submission. No wonder he had been sent as soon as possible. The next wave was about to begin. Healers and all of those who had magic abilities were the most useful and took up the rear; those who held the powers of strength or mind took up the middle alongside the archers; the creatures who could fly were given sacks of sharp stones which they would drop down from above; while all others were placed at the front as a buffer to preserve the lives of the semi-more helpful beings.
    The Prince believed now that he too was sent here to distract those others from being the main attention of their attackers. He held his breath and transformed into a ball of smokeless fire that burnt and set alight whatever it touched, and pushed his way through the crowd to make sure he would gain their attention once he reached the front of the thousand or so monsters. He raised his sword high into the air so that it caught the gleam of the sun on its blade, bringing those before him to attention. Some of them hated him and his family for allowing the use of half-breeds but most had been fooled into believing that it was for a better cause.
  4. That's where avalons half breeds were at a disadvantage. The capital didn't care that they knew they were being used. They would openly admit it to them.

    Kieara was panicking. The opposing side was coming at them with all they had. She didn't know how to fight and had no intentions of doing so. She was busy running around looking for an escape route.
  5. Back at the palace of Sagurum, a message was sent from the lead captain of Strategic Planning by order of the King via magic. However, it had been at this very moment that his son, Damien, had been teleported by the trio of witches. The result was that his message had become somewhat more questionable, although no one in their right mind would refuse it. "Users of magic, refrain yourselves! By order of the King!" The Prince's, and many others' heads went pale with both shock and dismay. The magical creatures made up a quarter of their army and half of their power. Before anything else could be said, a cry went up in their midst and the remaining members charged forth. Another communication error soon followed as the wizards began to question if that meant that they, too should refrain from upholding their half of the force field contained land. That was when things became... confusing.
    Being half mixed, it was quickly realised as their borders became questionable, that they all appeared similar to one another in one aspect or the other. So who was to say that one belonged to one group or the other? At least, these were the thoughts than ran through Damien's mind.
  6. Kieara landed after a bit. However she tried to stay back away from the carnage. Fearful tears dribbled down her face. The fighting eventually came to a halt as both sides just stared at each other all of them muddled into a single group. No one knew who the other was or for what side they fought. Therefore they couldn't fight without killing their own.
  7. Damien looked around himself, eyes wide. Surely this must have been the first time that such an event had happened. Or maybe it was always so confusing, but no one had cared nor noticed, simply killing everyone they saw. He distanced himself from the majority of the crowd and stood closer to the outskirts in case bloodshed suddenly broke out from the calm.
    A striking young woman with the wet streaks of fallen tears running down her face caught his attention with her beautiful purple wings. He cautiously approached her, assuming her black dress meant she was from Sagurum. "Why are you crying?" he asked her carefully, in case she was not from his kingdom.
  8. Kieara was beating at the barrier begging to get out. She jerked around hovering in the air above his head a bit. She was still scared. She spoke. "D-dot hurt me! Please!"
  9. Damien sheathed his sword in a single swift motion. Either she was one of his subjects who had regretted joining the war at the last moment or, more likely, she was from Avalon. By law he should kill her but it was apparent that she was harmless and didn't wish to be here. Could it be that all of Avalon's armies were forced to fight? It wasn't all that unbelievable, given the Capital's cruelty - or what he had been taught of it. "I won't hurt you," he assured the girl. "I can help you to get out though, if you would like." Afterall, joining the war was an optional occupation for most, wasn't it? If so, it would be fairly easy for him to help her leave.
  10. "Why should I trust you?" She asked fearfully as she slowly slipped back to ground level. She shook all over and her wings folded behind her. She looked at him wearily and stood with her hands in front of her a bit away. "You'll just use me like the capital does..."
  11. Ah... the Capital, and according to the girl, they had been using her. So the rumours were true, if he were to believe her. Her question though made him pause in thought. "Well, I think that if I was going to harm you, it would have already been done."
  12. She was silent. She didn't have an answer for that. She looked at him with weary eyes and dared to edge a bit closer. She stood only a few feet from him now.
  13. He smiled. "Now for the harder part," he told her. It would only be hard to get out of here if his father truly had sent him here to die. If that was the case, then the forcefield would double its current repelling strength in an attempt to contain him. He took a deep breath and turned into a ball of orange fire, before ramming his entire form into the shield and being thrown back a hundred yards. Inside his mind's eye he ground his teeth together in anger and pain, turning blue hot as he ran at the energy again. Still he bounced back, the heat and speed of his movements turning him a blinding white. This time he outstretched his sword, making him appear as a star shooting backwards.
    Damien's attempt was this time followed by a sound of glass shattering as hundred of thousands of small shards of field cracked and fell from their positions on the ground and in the sky. He shifted back into his more human appearance, some of his clothes now having missing patches with burn marks on the edges and on his skin. "Now we run," he said quite breathlessly. "The wizards are disorganized in most cases of emergency and when they run over here to fix 'this', they'll be leaving smaller gaps all over." He offered his hand to her, understanding if she wouldn't want to take it. "Shall we?"
  14. Kieara didn't know this man. She did know however he was offering her escape. The starved weak woman grabbed his hand and nodded. "Hurry please." She spoke and followed him with haste amazed at how he'd even done that.
  15. The aim in his mind was for them to get as far away from the gap as was possible before it could be repaired. As soon as it was, there could be no doubt that search parties would be sent out to kill any of those who had escaped. Damien gave the girl a quick nod in answer to her request on speed. He had no problem with that. There was a forest coming that encircled the entire perimeter of the battlements that they could take shelves in until things had calmed down, and it was there that he ran towards, pulling the girl alongside himself.
  16. She ran alongside him already out of breath from her body's bad condition thanks to Avalon. She tried to keep up though and to watch for any damage on her delicate butterfly wings. She tripped here and there but quickly picked her pace back up. "Where are we hiding?"
  17. Damien looked to the side at the girl and slowed his pace ever so slightly when he noticed her minor troubles. "Forest," he answered tightly, feeling the heat of the burn patches on his skin increase. A side effect of using his most favoured ability. It would wear off though, eventually. His voice was almost a whisper as he continued. "There are underground tunneling systems that run all over the place that we can use. One of the entrances is in there. Besides, only Roy- not many know of them so it should give us an advantage." He finished hurriedly, changing the end of his sentence at the last second.
  18. Kieara listened to him and hadnt noticed the change. She ran along and spoke. "Okay...." She continued to run.
  19. They entered the shade of the forest not long after, Damien panting lightly under his breath once they finally came to a stop. A deep rumbling was suddenly heard, originating from the center of the field and making its way outwards, coming upon them like a warm breeze. He froze. That was very odd -the fact that nothing had seemed to happen- but he didn't linger on the thought for long, instead subtly tightening his grip on the girl's frail hands and continuing onwards. What he didn't notice were the footprints that the two of them now left behind as they walked along, invisible to all others but the people who had cast the tracking spell.
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    Kieara looked back hearing the noise. "What was that?!" She squeaked in a panic panting from all the running as well. She was then drug on behind him. She stumbled and tried to keep up. She didn't notice the spell either, she just wanted to get as far away from there as possible.
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