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  1. Kiearaseemed like the basic one to work in an office complex, but no. She was far farmore than this. She was a writer. A song writer. Though it never went anywhere. And she had a voice like a song bird. She could play guitar, violin, and piano. Music was her escape, and it was what she truely loved to do. To sing and write songs was her passion.

    Shewas currently exiting the subway near Central Park. She lived just outside NewYork City. She enjoyed her peace and quiet. She dusted off her black skirtrising about 3 or so inches above her knees before looking up. Her dark browncurly hair was fixated up in a bun. It was falling down though, and curlsframed her face as they fell. Her eyes were a bright hazel. Her body was petiteand curvatious. She was a very beautiful woman. Her skin was fair, and herheight rose to about 5'3. She had on a white button up shirt the first two buttons undone giving her aprofessional but comfortable outlook. Just how she had planned for it to.<O:P></O:P>
    Sheheaded off walking down the sidewalk twords her home. She shouldn't have anyproblems. However she was tired and stressed after todays work. Her boss hadbeen relentless. Thats why she decided to take a short walk through the park toclear her mind. This always seemed to put her at ease. She just wanted torelax.<O:P></O:P>
    Sheset foot into the park instantly feeling a little better than before. Shestrolled around for a bit heading into a more secluded area of the park. Thatway she wouldn't have to deal with the whole crowd and such. She wasn't a bigperson on people. Other than what she had to deal with on a daily basis thatis. However, she was a friendly person.<O:P></O:P>