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  1. It was a dark night. Pouring the rain. Thunder, lightning, the whole
    nine yards. People had retreated into their houses for the night, and
    the animals retreated into their dens. Except one.

    Sachi was a young half demon who was running for dear life through
    the down pour that haunted the human realm tonight. She broke her way
    in a not so silent manner through the brush, trees, and creeks that
    ran through the forest floor. She stumbled clumsily here and there
    until, BOOM, she made contact with the ground her leg now bleeding.
    She gave a loud yelp. The rock she'd tripped on had cut her leg.

    Sachi was a beautiful young half demon. She wore a black kimono with
    red pattens like dragons all over it. Though sprouting out the back of
    the now mud covered dress was her tail, white with black tiger stripes
    with a silver bell tied in place by a black ribbon, and the ears on
    top of her head to match. Her eyes were a bright lavendar, and her
    hair was a solid white. She rose to about 5'4 and was petite with
    curves that suited her greatly. Her breasts were larger than average
    and complimented her figure. She bore scars all over her body that
    came straight from the one she called master.

    This master. The one she was trying to escape. The one she never
    wanted in the first place. Surprisingly, she wasn't one of the capitol in Avalon's
    minions made by them, for them. She was an actual person, born
    completely seperate of the scum. They had saved her life one day, though
    unintentionally, but the mages felt exceptionally malicious so they put a curse
    on her, the curse of obedience, and forced her to be a slave. This
    was marked by the bell on her tail. The bell that could only be
    removed by a person who loved her for who she was. Cliche, but it was
    the deal breaker. Years passed and she escaped. Now running from her
    masters. An unfortunate turn of events. Now she lay on the forest floor a council after her as well as demon slayers in this world.
  2. Dylan Moore.jpg

    It was a stormy night, the landscape brightened up by constant lightning accompanied by loud raves of thunder, all in all a terrible night to be outside in. Yet Dylan braved the elements, not really by choice though as he had forgotten about time. Earlier today the weather had been much nicer, although promising rain and Dylan had been outside the city hiking through the beautiful forest, it was something he enjoyed doing and he always left with new ideas for paintings or even sketched right there in the woods.

    Now the forest wasn't as nice though, and if he had been superstitious or afraid of the dark the woods would have been a spooky place where creatures could jump at you from anywhere, luckily Dylan was neither of that. Pulling the hood up more to shield his face from the cold rain drops Dylan cursed the weather and if he had believed in gods he would have cursed them as well.

    His sneakers was muddy and wet and would probably never dry, his jacket was close to leaking from all the water and mud also stained his knees together with some grass and wet leaves , proof the ground was quite slippery when drenched in water. His pale blonde hair was beginning to curl slightly under all the moisture and his hazel eyes glared out at the ground in front of him as he navigated over rocks and roots, avoiding bushes and branches that would undoubtedly shower him with water.

    Finally he was starting to get closer to the edge and Dylan swore that he would start using online reference pictures in the future, that or always bring water proof clothes. That's when he heard a loud yelp in between the thunder.

    Pausing in mid stride he scanned his surroundings but found nothing in the darkness, the sporadic lightning flashes was not enough for him to see clearly. Dylan wondered whoever could be stupid enough to walk through the forest in this weather and time besides him of course. “Hello, is anybody there!?” He called out, his voice sounded weak in comparison the thunder that boomed over head.

    Realising calling out would probably be a useless idea, unless the person who had screamed had super hearing they would never hear him Dylan started to make his way towards the sound, or where he thought it had come from. Hoping he hadn't just imagined the voice and was now wandering aimlessly through a rain wet forest for nothing when he could have been home instead.
  3. What he didn't know was that this unknown voice did have super hearing. She twitched her ears and spoke. "O-over here...." she called. She wasn't sure if it was the best idea to give herself away, but it had to be better than laying there. She looked around letting her feline eyes spotting him in the dark with ease. She saw he looked rather different though. What was he? He was dressed weird too.
  4. Dylan wandered through the forest certain that he had completely lost the original direction he had taken, although the rain had slowed slightly at least, it wasn't pounding on him but th endless spatter on leaves and on him was still there. Then, in the silence between thunder he heard something, a voice that called out.

    Changing course slightly Dylan climbed over a fallen tree with some effort, the bark wet under his bare hands, then a sudden flash of lightning lit up the forest for a split second but Dylan saw a female figure lying on the forest floor, dressed in dark clothes. It soon became pitch black again but now he knew which way to go.

    "Are you okay?" He asked as he got closer, concern filling him as he wondered what a girl was doing out here alone at this time.

    But when he was close enough to kneel down by her side another lightning gave him a glimpse of her, what he believed had been a dress was really some sort of kimono, he also noticed what looked like ears and was that a tail? Jerking back slightly at first he then assumed it was some sort of cosplaying thing and he kneeled down fully beside her. "What happened, why are you out here at this time and in this weather?" Now without the lightning to give him light he could only see her as a dark figure in the night and he wished for the weather to actually work with him for once.
  5. "I was running from them, then I went through a portal and ended up in this dreary place..." She said as if it were normal. "I don't know where I am, but the council had the portal gaurded heavy. I fell on that rock over there and cut my leg..." She said to him. The blood was dripping. She'd cut it bad. She spoke. "I don't mean to trouble you..."
  6. Dylan stared at her as if she spoke a different language, portal, council what was this strange girl talking about? He half wondered if she had hit her head as well when she fell or she was hallucinating from either drugs or pain for there was not possible that what real, whatever she was talking about. But for now he pushed asie that line of questions, it wasn't the most important thing for the moment.

    His eyes started to get used to the dark again now that the lightning seemed to have stopped and he could see dark blood drip down her leg, it must be quite deep and it would do no good to get the wound infected. "It's no trouble," he answered automatically as he searched his pockets for something to tie around her wound but found nothing. Even though he could have used his shirt it was stained with mud and it wasn't very dry anymore as the jacket had now gone far past the small amount of water protection it held.

    "I have nothing to stop the bleeding with," he said as he gave up his search. Looking at her again, what he could see at least which wasn't much. "Can you walk on it?" It probably wasn't the best thing to have her put pressure on her wounded leg but it would be practically impossible for him to carry her through the rain drenched forest.

    He pondered over to take her to a hospital but the closest one was still quite far away from his home and the wound needed to be cleaned and bandaged to prevent an infection.
    "I'd like to take you to a hospital but it is quite far from here, if you don't mind you can come home with me and I'll patch you up." He offered, hoping she wouldn't think he was a creep and eqully hoping she wasn't dangerous, he had seen far too many movies for that thought to not enter his mind.
  7. Kieara spoke. "It's alright, it should heal pretty fast. I can walk on it a little." She said. "But I will need some help." She explained. "And a hospital? Are you crazy? They'd shoot me, I am a half blood." Now she was really wondering about this guy. "You're nice. Thank you. I would like that...." She said thinking he was being very generous offering to help her get better.
  8. "What do you mean half blood, and why in the world would the doctors shoot you? They help people, not kill them." Dylan said confused, and how did this girl believe that a deep wound like hers would heal quickly? Perhaps he had tripped and hit his head on a rock or tree root and was now dreaming or had gotten a concussion and was halucinating,yeah either that or this girl was confused or crazy. Whatever was true he didn't feel like staying here in the rain and think about it.

    Sighing deeply he raked his fingers through his pale hair, "Well whatever all this is about I want to get away from this rain," he reached a hand out to her to help her up before speaking again. "Let's see if I can find my way home again now," luckily Dylan knew the forest quite well after spending so much time there so he would probably not lead them in circles.

    He was insanely curious about this girl, and whether or not he was halucinating, and he wanted a shower and dry clothes if he would ever become completely dry again and that need oveshadowed the stranger things for the moment. "It's nothing," he answered her last words. "I'm Dylan by the way, Dylan Moore."
  9. "My name is Kieara." She said. Whether or not this was her real name couldn't be determined. On her neck was a collar with her name etched into it along with another jingle bell similar to the one around her tail. She listened to his confusion and spoke. "Well, let's get out of the rain then we will talk about it." She said also confused and curious about him, but being a feline she wasn't enjoying the rain either.
  10. Nodding in agreement Dylan started towards what he believed was the right way, he was hearing a jingle when the girl moved and he wondered what it was, a bell of course, but why she had a bell one her more correctly. Shrugging slightly he placed it in the steadily growing pile of questions about this strange girl.

    Finally, just when Dylan feared he had been leading them the wrong way, the forest ended and in front of the the city rose, the rain clouded the buildings but the uncountable lights was blurred and gave some colour to the dark night. A familiar sight to him Dylan made his way down the slightl slope and onto the street, taking a road in among the buildings and quite soon reached a smaller apartment complex where he rented his apartment.

    Showing her inside and taking the stairs to the top floor, as always slightly annoyed that the cheap and well placed apartment was in a house without an elevator. "Well, we're here," Dylan said as he reached into a drenched pocket, got out his keys and unlocked the door allowing her to go inside first.

    It wasn't a very large apartment and relatively tidy, the small hall led to a bathroom and to the right was the small kitchen with a small dining room and to the left was a living room with a bedroom behind that. Closing and locking the door behind them Dylan Kicked of his wet shoes making a mental note to try and clean them and see if they would ever dry, before heading to the kitchen to make some coffee.
  11. Kieara stumbled here and there, but her new friend Dylan was helpful. She followed him not paying her bells any mind used to them by now and her mouth opened a bit seeing the towering buildings. She'd never seen anything like it. She followed after him closely not wanting to get lost.

    Once there after climbing the stairs, she was shocked he even allowed her inside, much less inside first. Half demons were the equivalent of scum in the other realm. She sat in the floor by the door so she wouldn't get his floor or furniture wet any further than that. She was taught that half demons weren't permitted to use furniture. She shivered cold from the rain and her tail wrapped around her.
  12. Finishing preparing the percolator Dylan realised Kieara hadn't followed him going back into the hall he saw her sitting by the door, frowning slightly at the sight. "Are you okay, you look like your freezing and we need to look at your wound. The bathroom is straight ahead you can take a shower while I get some bandages and alcohol for your wound."

    Her behaviour was odd to say the least, now in the light he could see her clearly and she was beautiful albeit odd, her hair was snow white contrasting against her lavendel eyes and her striped ears and tail seemed very realistic. How could anyone dye their hair that pale, but then again now a days there probably wasn't a colour on earth you couldn't dye your hair to and lenses came in every colour as well, Dylan had a harder time explaining her tail that seemed to have moved on its on.

    "You can borrow some of my clothes until yours are clean and dry," he offered. "They will probably be quite large for you though." He wasn't sure but Kieara was at least a head shorter than him.
  13. Kieara spoke. "I...am allowed?" She asked. She slowly got up her tail moving around behind her and swaying from side to side like a content cat's would. The bell dingled a little. She twitched her ears as well as she watched him. She moved inside a bit. "Thank you....thank you so much." She smiled happily seemingly very content with just being allowed to move past the door. "A shower?" She asked. She was used to having to bathe in ponds and lakes. She didn't know what a shower was. She couldn't help but think of a waterfall perhaps? In his home? How odd.
  14. "It's nothing," Dylan said glad that she semed to be more comfortable dspite her submissive tendencies, doing his best to try and ignore her ears and tail, his realistic mind would not accept the fact that they could be real but it was hard to ignore. Raising an eyebrow slightly at her surprise he wondered if she was confused about being offered a shower or if she really did not know what a shower was. "Yeah, you know a shower, like a large version of a hand basin."

    Dylan walked in to the small bathroom ahead of Kieara drawing the washed out blue coloured shower curtain to the side, stretching in over the tub and turned on the shower, so warm water would have a chance to replace to initial cold. "Well, I'll go fetch you some dry clothes so pull the shower curtain in front of the shower after you get in so I can drop them off." Leaving her to her own Dylan headed for his bedroom to find some clothes that could fit her as well as a pair for himself, aking out a small towel as well he proceeded to dry off his hair to keep it from dripping.

    Bringing an old pare of sweater pants and a t shirt, he didn't use them much and were on the smaller side for him, on the way to the kitchen he dropped them off in the bathroom for Kieara before continuing to take some coffee and get back some warmth back.
  15. She didn't know what a hand basin was either. She blinked but followed him anyway. She watched as he turned it on and blinked in slight amazement. It was a miniature waterfall, and it disappeared at the bottom. Her cat like curiosity left her fascinated with it, but she managed to keep herself under control for the time being until he left. By the time he got back she was undressed and in the shower enjoying the hot water. She saw bottles of things that she didn't know what they were but when she smelled them she rather enjoyed the scent. She used the soap to clean herself as was the usual treatment back in her realm. A clean smell and clean fur, hair, and skin too but no wild scents like the shampoos and body washes here. She had some difficulty and lots of changed water temperatures, but finally managed to turn the shower off. She felt accomplished as she did so then popped her head out of the curtain her ears dripping a little and located a towel. She was cold and didn't feel like waiting to dry. She used it to dry then put on the clothing provided. The shirt was huge and hung off one shoulder, and she found the sweat pants uncomfortable...HEr tail was binded up at the back. She growled a little and shifted it so that her tail came over the top of the pants. IT was still not the best in the world, but it was better. Then she went in search of Dylan. She found him in the kitchen. She purred and blushed covering her mouth with her hands. "Sorry..." She said embarassed by her cat like mannerisms.
  16. Standing by the counter calmly sipping his coffee Dylan almost choked when he heard a purring sound, he had no cat, but as he turned around he saw it was only Kieara returning from her shower. "I'm gonna take a shower as well but then I want some answers," he said, really looking forward for som rational explanations. Maybe the water would wash away the weirdness leaving behind a normal girl lost in the woods.

    "Do you want some coffee by the way?" He asked, lokking at her, with her strange feline features and too large clothes she gave the impression of a lost kitten. If she agreed to he would prepare a cup for her. Finishing his own cup he headed to take a shower, picking up his clothes on the way.

    Letting the warm water wash over him, Dylan closed his eyes and stuck his head under the water as well, feeling the soft prodding against his eyelids. The soothing water almost made him forget the little mystery that currently was in his kitchen, almost but not entirely, he had always been realistic, never believed in ghosts, monsters or even santa but this now challanged his entire belief.

    Shutting of the water he stepped out of the tub and dried of with a towel before pulling on some underwear, a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans, roughly drying his hair he let it hang half wet as he put the towels up to dry and left for the kitchen. "Hey Kieara how is your wound?" He asked as he entered, suddenly remembering her wound, feeling guilty about forgetting what he had initially worried about.
  17. Her bell glowed briefly. That signaled that he was her new master. She had never had that happen before, but someone who saved her from danger made her in their debt. And that just happened to be Dylan. She looked on at him and spoke. "No thank you..." She said. She didn't know what coffee was, however it smelled rather odd. She wasn't sure she wanted to try it just yet. And it looked hot too. She preferred milk herself, of course, one could've guessed that. She sat down beside his fridge in the floor as he left obediently not taking any furniture because she wasn't sure if she was permitted to use it or not yet.

    She curled her tail back around her but looked up when she heard him get out. She pulled her pants leg up and smiled. "It's healing up ok, but I think it's trying to get infected." She said. The wound was halfway healed, but it had a red searing look about it that signaled infection. She looked up to him. "Thanks again for helping me."
  18. Before entering the kitchen Dylan fetched a first aid box he had invested in but never actually used, "It's no problem, really, but you're welcome," Dylan said with a smile as he kneeled down on the floor in front of her. Seeing the angry red colour he was still amazed how much the wound had already healed, or had he overestimated the wound because of the blood, maybe but that question would have to wait awhile.

    Taking out some cotton pads he poured strong medical alcohol on them, "this will sting some, but it will help clean the wound and stop the infection." He said before pressing it against her leg and thouroughly cleaned the wound glad the wound was open allowing for easier healing. Satisfied Dylan took a clean bandage, ripping open the plastic bag it was in and wrapped it a few times around her slender leg, cutting it off with some sissors Dylan than shredded the edge of the bandage and tied it together in a knot to fasten it around her leg.

    "There, it will need to be changed regularly to see the infection is going away." Placing the things back in the first aid box Dylan hoped a clean and dry wound would battle the infection in an early stage or else he would have to get his hands on some penicillin to get rid of it. Leaving the box on the kitchen counter Dylan stood up, pulling a hand through his damp hair and got a serious look in his hazel eyes. "Now though I have some questions."
  19. Kieara looked to him as he worked. She hissed and growled softly at the stinging sensation. It hurt like hell. She forced ehrself to stay still though. She watched him once he was done and her ears drooped a bit and her tail curled around her fearing what was to come judging by his tone. "What is it?"
  20. Once more Dylan looked in wonder at her tail, no fake could be that life like but it had to be, humans didn't have tails, or ears for that matter. "To start with, please tell me the tail and ears are fake, it's not just possible for a human to have those." Still retaining a sliver of hope that she was some crazed otaku cosplayer. "Not to mention your hair and eye colour, either I'm going crazy or it must be fake, that is the only logical explanation." He said, a hint of frustration in his voice.

    Taking a deep breath he poured another cup of coffee and sat down at the table keeping his eyes on her but he had regained his calm, he hated loosing control of himself, even a little, as much as getting reality challanged. "Also in the woods you spoke of a portal and a council, what was that about?" Dylan couldn't help beign a bit curious as well.