Lewi & Dedtoo CONTINUED

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    Peter got into the shower, feeling the stress go away with the water. After getting himself cleaned up and getting dressed in his new clothes, he stood in front of the mirror for a moment. He had definitely looked better, but also much worse. He walked out of the bathroom, seeing Kieara playing with the cat. He laughed slightly, before he went over and lay on the bed. "Having fun?" He asked with an amused look on his face.


    Kieara purred and looked up at him. "Yes." She chimed happily. She was a big kitten herself. But one that could talk and respond back to him like a human. She liked Peter, but it was a different like than she had expierienced before.
  2. "That's good then!" Peter said, as Snappy ran over to him. He petted him, and asked Kieara "How's the walkman working for you, by the way? Playing any good music?"
  3. Kieara smiled and nodded. "I like it, It's working great!" She said to him as she purred and soon climbed on the bed too. She was rather tired. She wanted to go get a shower but she had no clothes. She didn't like being dirty. Just like any cat.
  4. "Well, that's great!" Peter said, rubbing a car behind the ear with both his hands. He let out a sigh of happiness. Sure, he was hiding in a hotel room with a demon and his cat. Yet at the moment, he didn't mind it at all. He kept on rubbing the two for a moment, before he felt that he was starting to get a bit hungry again. He decided to ignore it, and instead stay on the bed with the two purrmonsters at his sides.
  5. Kieara didn't appear to eat very well. Even when she'd ate before she'd only nibbled. She wasn't used to eating a lot. She didn't eat much at all. She enjoyed his petting and curled her tail arund her.