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  1. Kieara was a new student here. She had a different way of coming here unlike most of the students who attended here. She'd gotten into this college with sheer grades, and scholarships. She was extremely smart. However for her that was all going down hill fast.

    The majority of her family had been murdered a few years before. By who no one knew. She remembered waking up in her living room to find them dead. She wasn't aware that it was her father whom she couldn't escape now, or that he'd done it because he was stuck in the middle of a drug war. Kieara was also a quiet one. She didn't speak out of fear of being hurt. She'd been hurt by her father so many times, being the daughter of a drug cartel mob boss had its disadvantages. She still had yet to realize he'd killed her other family to get them out of his way, however, she knew a lot of illegal things happened behind closed doors in her household.

    She was clad in a plum purple sweater with long sleeves that hugged her delicate curves seductively. She was a small, petite girl, yet very pretty. She rose to the height of 5'2, and had on a pair of black jean pants. Her hair was up in a bun a few loose curls falling to frame her alabaster face. Her hair was a deep red. Natural red, not that ungodly fire engine red like she'd seen on other girls. Her eyes were a bright blue clashing with her hair.

    She had picked the long-sleeved shirt and the pants for the purpose of hiding the scars of her abusive, drunken father. The one who'd gotten her family drug into the drug problem that killed them. Oh how she wished to escape him. But what could one do to escape a mob boss? As much as she wanted to, she couldn't get away.

    She'd just arrived through the front door of the school. She took night classes because she couldn't leave her home during the day. Her curls swayed a bit when she walked. She looked around at all the people conversing, but didn'tjoin any of them. She seemed so nervous and shy. She was jittery and if anyone came close to touching her she flinched.
  2. Alexander was a new student to the university and was quite happy to leave home because he had gotten in a fight with his brother and ended being punched in the face leaving him a black eye so he had to cover it up with a jacket with a hood.

    He was pretty shy and was afraid of showing everyone his black eye, espcially because it was scary for him to be laughed at because he was laughed at a lot because he was so shy.

    Alexander was fairly built and was 5'4 with blond hair and big brown eyes with a black mark round one of them. He wore a rolling stones t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with a hoodie and converers and he stood at the back of the class ignoring everyone espically the girls laughing at him.

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    Kieara came in. She was used to being laughed at. It came with everything about her. The red hair, the freckles, being quiet... She was a target as well. She sighed and sat down lightly as she was teased as well. She simply drowned them out and pulled out a book and began writing in it.
  4. Alexander really wanted to fit so he picked someone who seemed like him shy, so he saw a girl writing and he went over to her. Shyingly he poked her on the back and was very scared about it. He really hoped she would respond not many people did.
  5. Kieara raised her aquamarine eyes and turned to him. She spoke softly. Her voice was quiet, but held a soothing tone. "yes?"
  6. "Hello.....,"he said nervously to her, he was very afraid at the moment still trying to cover his eye so she couldn't see it.
  7. "Hi." She said shyly to him then hesitated. "Would you....like to sit down?"
  8. "Yes pleease,"he stuttered and said down beside her. He had never interacted with females ever.
  9. Kieara being as shy as he was didn't say much just looking at her desk shyly.
  10. "So um come around much?"asking to make conversation.
  11. She looked over at him and smiled in a charming manner. "Yea." She said.
  12. "Cool,"he said scarcasticly.
  13. She laughed softly finding that funny. "I'm Kieara." she said to him.
  14. "I'm Alexander Alex for short by the way,"he smiled and said, she was really nice and pretty and Kiera was an awesome name.
  15. Kieara smiled. "Nice to meet you Alex."
  16. "You too Kieara,"he smiled.
  17. It wasn't long before the professor entered and began his lesson.
  18. Alexander stayed where he was and began to take some notes from the board.
  19. Kieara took notes as well.
  20. Alexander looked at her and smiled.