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  1. Kieara wandered through the streets. Could it be considered her home now? It seemed all she ever did now was wander one place to the next. If it was her home she wouldn't be wandering the streets. If it was her home, someone might actually try to show her some kindness. Why was she even here? A tool for them to amuse their selves with?

    Well if there was one good thing to being on the streets, it was that she got to see the flowers outside. They were beautiful. She loved flowers. The time she'd been away had been more than enough time for her to think. For everything to sit on her mind. Sometimes it was nearly too much for her to bear. She couldn't count the nights she'd sat and cried because she was at a loss and didn't know what to do.

    Kieara had been on her own some weeks ago. She'd been early in her pregnancy then. Had only just begun to show really. And those people....Those people treated her like a dog. She couldn't just get rid of an innocent child. After all, it was a part of her as well. Not just the man who took what he wanted from her. Not just him. It was a beautiful baby within her, but they didn't see it like that. They saw a whore. A harlot. A complete breech of any moral standing. Even when she'd tried to explain the truth to them.

    And that man?...That man who took what he wanted from her in every possible way. Violated her beyond repair and took something from her she'd never be able to get back. Her purity. He'd pretty much ruined any hope of her getting a husband. Not now, not with a baby on the way and her purity being taken. They wouldn't give her a second glance. However, she couldn't help but thank him in a twisted way. For if he hadn't, she wouldn't be expecting right now, nor would she feel this sense of love for the small being growing inside of her.

    She felt isolated, alone, and helpless. She needed a hero, needed someone to save her. Save her from their stares, their words, their refusal to help her. They wouldn't even do her business to give her food to eat. No one would let her buy cloth to make clothes for the infant. They wouldn't let her do anything. They tortured her. She would starve to death soon. That much is certain. With no help and no one to turn to or nowhere to go? She was a goner. Even with the bulge on her stomach of a woman about 4 or 5 months pregnant, one could see her face was thin and so was her arms and legs showing her malnourishment.

    She was in the streets begging for food. She recalled, the last thing she'd eaten had been some bread. Where she'd gotten it she couldn't remember. That was too long ago. When had she eaten last? She could remember what it was but not when? It must have been quite awhile ago.

    Her hair was like fire. An auburn mess of ringlets that dropped down her back to just above her derriere. Though at the current time it was rather tangled and dirty from being on the streets. She was petite, even while she was pregnant. One could easily see she was all baby weight. She only stood at a height of 5'1. Not exceptionally short, but height deprived enough to be considered so. The pregnancy had brought out the woman's natural curves, her breasts had grown, but so had her stomach evening the balance. Her eyes were a bright aquamarine blue. She bore a line of freckles across her cheeks and nose that would crinkle when she laughed. Her skin was a pale as porcelain but smudged with dirt, bruises, bloodied cuts, scars from old ones. Reminders of the many beatings she'd already received and stonings out of towns. She wore her hair in a ponytail that draped over her back. It at least got the hair out of her face. There were scars and bruises on her arms and legs to accompany the rest of her broken body that had yet to heal from them stoning her out of multiple towns over her condition. She wore an emerald dress with golden embroidery on the sleeves of it. It was torn and tattered and also dirty. It appeared even to be too small for her large belly now.

    The woman was weary from so much travel. She was tired and wanted to rest, but she couldn't afford to. She was eating for two, and she needed food desperately. She wobbled to a bakers door. She was stopped at the front by an angry man. "Shoo! Shoo! Get out of here whore!" Kieara frowned tears streaking her dirt stained cheeks. "Please sir....I am begging, may I just have a bit of bread?...."

    He glared. The larger man boomed in an angry voice. "No! Now get!" He shouted giving the woman a shove. She stumbled backwards a bit finally falling onto her behind in the cobblestone street. She pushed herself up weakly to go in search of food elsewhere.
  2. She was being watched. By everyone she walked past, sure, but by one pair of eyes in particular. As soon as she left, the man went and had a very serious word with the baker. He took a nice, fresh loaf of bread and went after the woman. A strong, armored hand clamped down gently but firmly on her shoulder and when she turned, the first thing she'd see is the load of bread being presented to her.

    The man stood at around 6 feet tall and the suit of armor he wore made him look rather large on top of it. His hair was long and used to be blond, tied back in a loose ponytail. He had a scar running down the left side of his face, running through his left eye which was faded and white. The other was a crisp blue color. Whispers of Sir Rolvsson and Milord could be heard through the crowd.

    "You look hungry." His voice was deep, but a lot softer than one would imagine coming from such a solid wall of man. "Do you have a place to stay?" It was almost like he could see her entire history rolling out behind her with that one bright eye of his. He shook his head and waited for her to take the bread. "Come on. Follow me."
  3. She flinched and brought her arms up to protect her being when she felt her shoulder get touched. She was shaking under his grasp. Frantic words left her mouth. "P-please! Please don't hurt me! I-I was o-only hungry!" She squeaked her voice hoarse and weak. She felt fresh tears of fear roll down her cheeks. She spoke. "Please...." When no hit came she turned and looked at him. She was shaking and slightly shocked when a loaf of bread was shoved in her face. She gently took it and was about to answer his questions when he told her to follow. She did so willingly.
  4. Sir Rolvsson took off his cloak and put it around her shoulders, then took his horse by the bridle and continued walking on towards his home. He had just gotten back to the town, his town, when he saw the poor girl and couldn't believe his people were treating her this way. It was a bit of a walk to the large manor home thrusting out of the ground on the horizon and when he really saw how tired he looked, he stopped walking again. He turned to her and, without a word, took her by the waist and easily lifted her up onto his horse's back sidesaddle. Once he was sure she was stable, he went back to leading the horse. It would be about an hour before they got to the large gated manor full of guards and possessing a large field and stables and other things nobles usually had in their yard. Though, the garden looked pretty dead, the guards looked to be on high alert, and there wasn't much activity on the grounds.
  5. Kieara blushed as he put his cloak around her shoulders. She welcomed it for she was very cold. All she'd had to spend these cold nights in was the tattered clothes she currently wore. She also blushed when he lifted her onto his horse. She held one hand on her stomach and the other on the saddle. "Thank you..... " she spoke softly wondering why he didn't speak.
  6. The man glanced back at her and gave a nod, but didn't say much else. He was just so tired. He walked them through the gates and onto his land and helped her down off the horse by the front steps. The doors opened and a woman stepped out in maids clothing. He looked up at her and nodded. "Take her in and get her fed. As much as she can stand to eat. Gentle foods, though. She's half starved."

    The woman nodded and hurried down the steps. She smiled kindly at Kiera and took her hand. "This way, milady." She said softly.

    "And make her up a bath."

    "Yes, milord." The woman smiled softly and lead Kiera on inside while Sir Rolvsson was left to put his horse away. Kiera was taken into the kitchen and sat down at a nice, thick wooden table. The woman who brought her in went to gather some fruit and bread and brought them back to her. "Eat as much as you can and we'll get a nice bath going."
  7. Kieara got off of the horse and went along with the woman. She was nervous, she was afraid they'd judge her here too. When she went in and sat down she was surprised at how delicious the food tasted to her. Of course going so long without such, it was to be expected. She ate it hungrily, but with manners and soon was ready for the bath offered.
  8. Kiera was taken up to a nice bedroom and a bath was drawn up for her. The maid taking care of her helped her out of her ratty old clothes and into the bath. She gave her some scented soap and a washcloth and walked off to get her some fresh clothes. A nice, silk nightgown was laid out on the bed for her and she was left alone.

    Downstairs, the knight walked into his home and started up to the master bedroom. He shed his armor carefully and dropped into his own bath. About an hour later, he was walking down through the halls wearing nothing but a pair of soft pants and a towel around his shoulders that he was idly rubbing against his long, blond hair. The man was well muscled, if one could see the definition through all of the scars. Some of them really should have been life threatening, but the 35 year old seemed to only suffer a few ill effects of them. He walked with a limp and obviously didn't have sight in his left eye. And his armor was well cared for, not showing any of the damage that would have led to his scars. Most of the scars were old anyway.
  9. It was not very long before Kieara was clean, her hair was washed, and she was out. It did take her a bit longer than usual to bathe because of her belly but she was soon done. She slid into the nightgown provided and stepped into the hall seeing none other than the man in question in her mind.

    "I...just wanted to say thank you...for everything." She spoke to him offering a smile. The nightgown showed most of the dark prominent bruises and scars that belonged on no woman. Much less a pregnant one.
  10. He jumped slightly when she spoke and turned to look at her. He gave her a bit of a smile and a nod, dropping his towel so it hung around his shoulders. "No one should be treated as you have been. Especially not in my lands. The baker has been spoken to and you are welcome to stay in my home as long as you need. I would prefer you stay until after the child is born. I will not rest easy if you leave before then. I have a midwife on staff still that will be more than happy to help you."
  11. Hearing he had a midwife on the staff just made her think that he had a wife or had been expecting before. She nodded to his offer. "Your offer is most kind." She said to him. "Your misses won't be mad will she? If had to cause a squabble." She informed him.

    As bad as she hated to admit it it kinda hurt thinking he was with someone. She'd grown rather attatched to the man because of his kindness in such a short time. It wasnt love yet. However it wouldn't take much to be. Not many people were as kind as him anymore.
  12. The man's slight smile faded. "My wife is dead." He said flatly. His good eye scanned her face briefly. "I would appreciate it if you did not bring her up again. I shall inform the midwife that you are here and see if she has any instruction for you. For now, please, get some rest and know that you are safe here." He glanced her over, a frown appearing as he really took in the bruises. "I promise you are safe within the walls of my home."
  13. Kiearas smile faded as well. She felt like a complete ass by now. "I am so sorry please forgive me. I didn't mean to bring up anything bad..." She spoke softly. "My apologies....is there anything I can do to repay you for your kindness?" She asked then realized they hadn't even swapped names. "Oh! My name is Kieara." She informed letting a small smile one not quite up to caliber with the previous one return.

    She slowly wobbled a bit closer to him so she could hear him. His voice was soft and gentle. She liked it but sometimes made him a tad hard to hear. She couldn't help but think about how good he looked shirtless despite all the scars.
  14. He reached out and gently took her hand. He squeezed it gently before letting it go. "It's fine, Miss Kieara." He said in his soft voice with his intense gaze. "I am Sir Rolvsson. If you would like, you may call me Drustan. Please, do not worry yourself about paying me back. I think it will be nice to just have the presence of someone else around." He glanced down at her stomach, then back up at her face and put up that small smile of his again. "And a young one soon. How far long are you? If I may ask."
  15. She couldn't help but blush as he took her hand. It seemed that he released it all too soon. She held up her smile though as he spoke and then spoke back. "I am five months." She informed glad he could accept the fact that she was to have a child. She knew that it bothered a lot of people out there and made her feel good that he'd not only help her but her baby.
  16. He nodded. "Five months. Over halfway there." His smile widened just a bit. "Well, I have been on the road for five days and I am afraid I need some food and rest. Perhaps I will see you downstairs for lunch tomorrow? Unless you get up to eat around 6. I wake up early."
  17. She smiled. "Ill see you for breakfast. I am usually up earlier than that. Morning sickness." She informed and wobbled back towards her room. "Good night drustan." She spoke to him and opened her door moving inside. She closed the door behind her.
  18. "Sleep well, Miss Kieara." He said, before heading downstairs to get some food and back up to get some sleep.

    Nice and early the next morning, Drustan walked down to breakfast, fully dressed this time. He wore a simple tunic and simple pants. This was the day he usually took to relax before starting in on paperwork that he knew he needed to get done. He walked down to a nice, large spread of delicious breakfast items and sat down, almost forgetting that he had a guest as he loaded up his plate.
  19. Kieara came out of the kitchen. The woman who usually prepared his food was feeling ill so she'd offered to take over. She smiled sitting a plate of biscuits on the table. "Good morning Drustan." She greeted and smiled getting her own plate to fill.
  20. Drustan looked up and for just a moment, let himself believe what his tired mind was seeing. With a sigh, he rubbed his eyes and looked again. He stood up and gave her a sort sort of smile. "Miss Kieara, you didn't have to cook..." He glanced down at the table, then at her again. "Did you do all of this?" He didn't sound displeased at all, just surprised. "You had to have woken up earlier than I did..."