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  1. It was a dark and rainy night. Unbeknownst to most, behind the clouds in the sky lay a new moon. The worst time of the year for a young Kieara. She was a young neko and like all nekos lost her ability to use her powers to hide her identity on new moons. A terrible fate really for most of them. It usually meant they were targeted. Of course her ability to do so was locked away a long time ago.

    She was panting hard as she ran from something. What was it? One of a nekos worst nightmares. A slayer. They were after her again, and there was something in particular about her that they wanted to find out. The girl had a curse on her. She was doomed to be obedient. Any direct order given to her she had to follow. She was born with this dreadful little problem. It was a curse put upon her family, which now ceased to exist due to it. They wanted to know about the other nekos. What she knew about their location. And who knows, maybe they had another use for her.

    However, the slayers planned to use her tonight then kill her. They thought perhaps maybe she knew where others like her might have been hiding. Others like her being a loose term for the supposed scum man thought they were. Who knows? Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. Either way it was another kill for them on their part. A win win siutation, and a lose lose one for Kieara.

    Kieara was sporting black and white striped tiger ears, and a matching tail. Her eyes were a bright lavendar, and her hair was snow white. She was around the height of 5'3, and her hair was in a braid. It reached her lower back, but was falling down since she was running. A few loose strands stuck to her face as the rain fell. She also had a bright silver bell clad on her tail. She couldnt remove it. It was related to the curse. Her body was thin and petite, yet she had curves that suited her beautifully.

    She attempted to calm her breathing as she ran. It didn't do her much good. Not the way she was running. It did more harm than good actually. After a bit she gave up on this.

    She was nearing a clearing at the edge of the forest. She ran the risk of being seen, but would rather be seen than dead. Her heart was pounding out of her chest as she reached the edge of the woods, and yelped as she tripped. She fell hard onto the wet ground. Her body was exhausted. She was unable to move an inch further. She had given up.
  2. The slayers were hot on her trail, winding around the thick brush and tall trees, keeping up with her, even though they were far off behind for her to get a good start, but with her tripping, she would be caught soon. Though not the familiar thick leather gloved fingers wrapped around her frail little neck. Instead, she felt the bare padding of another creature gripping her arm, helping her up, shrouded in shadows, a hood cast his muzzle away from her view, but without a word, took her away, running with her towards the village.

    As they ran towards a small cabin, the footsteps of the hunters behind her clashed with the stone pavement that surrounded this small village. Their steps echoed around, but faded as they left as quickly as they entered. They got away, the mysteriously cloaked figure stood, back to the young neko but soon turned to face her, his hood still encasing his face in darkness, the flickering of the lantern beside her the only source of light for the evening. His claw soon reached up, taking the hood off to reveal himself.

    Wolf, by the shape of his muzzle and fierceness in his eyes, those dark blue gaze that locked into hers clashed with the brown fur under his eyes, the muzzle scarred, a black streak under his right eye, midnight fur making a rare birthmark under his vision. As he took the shroud off, his tail uncurled under him, the tip brsitled with snow white patches, he walked over to her, silent, but not in a way that would provoke fear, even though she was shaking.

    The young wolf walked ast her, towards a small cabinet, pulling out a cup, and dipping into a bucket, handing her the cup, fresh clear water brimmed the chalice as he just walked up to the window to make sure the coast was clear. They were safe for now.
  3. She panted heavily from her hours of running as she lay there and let her eyes cast closed for what she feared to be the last time. She lay limp until she felt something lift her off the ground and start off at a great speed. Another hunter? No, this one was different. She opened her lavender eyes in a start and the glowing orbs looked up at the hooded figure.

    She gripped his cloak as she was packed off. Was he trying to save her? They'd both perish! She was a rare breed in this area. That much was seen by her exotic stripes and plush fur. Tigers were unheard of in this area. Only native to the deep jungles and rain forests. At least tigers of her type that is. And she was very far from her native birthplace.

    She felt him come to a stop inside a cabinet and looked around. The lantern shed little light, but enough to see by. She watched as he pulled down his hood. A wolf. She had to hold back her cat like curiosity to move closer and inspect him. She gently took the cup. "thank you." She said breathlessly taking a drink.
  4. He only simply, yet firmly nodded to her at her thanks, still peering out the window. The footsteps of wavering soldiers died down, and he sighed in relief, slowly turning to her, and taking her cup when she finished.
    "You are a rare prize, those men were not going to be easy on you upon capture.." he stated, his voice low but soft, almost heavenly devilish in tone as he looked down at her, but then took a seat beside him, grabbing a wet wash cloth to begin running the mud away from her ravishing fur.

    "I hope you are alright. You seemed desperate..Wherever you are from I assure you this place is friendlier than there."
    His own arm was bare, and she could see a brandished singe to his fur, much like a relic of ownership
    "We are all escaped slaves here...
  5. She pointed to the bell on her tail. "I am too." She let him clean the mud from her fur. She loved his voice. It was so...soothing. "I come from the deep jungles. Down there we are hunted desperately. I hope to find a little relief here." she said. Her attire was far different than his. A tight wrap around the breasts and a loin cloth below the tail to cover her front and backside. Far too skimpy for the cooler weather here. Should they wear clothes.
  6. His cloak was over his rag shirt and ripped jeans, she could see and smell he was a recent escapee, likely last week he left his wretched house. But as he looked her over, he noticed her radiance and the lovely tone of her voice, but shook his head, not wanting to dive in to it and get lost. But he could tell she needed better clothes. His tp slowly came off, revealing his chest and stomach, flat and athletic, she could see the ripples of muscle under his dense fur, handing her the ragged cloth. "A trader caravan will be here in a few days to resupply us, we can get better attire then...What is your name?"
  7. Kieara watched as he removed it and gave it to her. She was rather cold. "Thank you very much." She put it on and curled up in it thankful for its warmth. She was so much smaller than him though that it completely engulfed her in its embrace. She started to purr and blushed her white fur turning pink at the cheeks as she cleared her throat. Sometimes her instincts embarrassed her. "Sorry. I am Kieara."
  8. He only smiled and chuckled at her nature, thinking it was rather cute. His frame left her eyes for a bit as he went to grab a blanket, curling it around his body as he walked back to her, opening an arm to invite her in should she wish to escape the cold better. His smile never left as he watched her. "Kieara...such a lovely name...I am Colt..." His warm body invited her to get closer as the blanket was large enough to rummage the floor.
  9. Kieara eagerly scooted under it twitching her whiskers as she neared his body. Her tail stuck out the back and dingled softly as she moved. She purred again, but this time softer. "Thank you Colt for saving me." She said to him. "I like your name too." She couldn't help but be smitten by the man. that voice......and he was a very handsome wolf. Kind too.
  10. He was slowly falling in love as well, her radiance, her physique, cute demeanor and stature was all kinds of lovely to him, but he didn't want to be pushy or rush into anything. Though as she snuggled up, pressing herself against him, she could feel the heat of his face light up his nose in a blush as he looked down at her, smiling still.

    "Are you hungry? I still have some game from the hunt.." he asked, but didn't move. No part of him wanted to leave ehr side. She was soft and warm, and being close to her made him feel nice, content and hapy, running his paw along her shoulder.
  11. Kieara spoke. "No thank you. After all that running I am not so sure that I could eat and not be sick." She told him and brought her tail under the blanket wrapping it around his waist with a dingle. He was so warm and it felt so nice. She purred more snuggling into him tiredly.
  12. He looked down at the bell, smiling at the tender closeness as he wraps his arms around her, but still focuses on her bell. It seemed like it was her sign, her leash of her slavery. Reaching down to look at it, then to her, nuzzling her nose to tilt her face up "..You don't need this anymore..you are a free tigress now..."
  13. She smiled sadly as she saw him look at it. "It won't come off." she spoke to him. "It binds me not only to my masters, but to a curse." She sighed. "I should have told you this sooner, but I am not bound to you, you saved my life, so I am now in your debt, you are now my master."
  14. He blinked, blushing at her words "..Kieara...I can't be your master...you're free now..." he sighs and nuzzles her gently "..It wouldn't be right of me to do so..." he looked down at the bell, than at her, wondering what to do in this situation. H was once a slave, he knew how it felt to be cast and burderned with another's life on his shoulders, commanding him and breaking his soul to perish. He would have died there. But as he looked down at her, he could tell she was not fibbing, tied to a curse that tied her to him

    ".....Are you certain?"
  15. Kieara nodded. She sighed. She was used to being a good kitty. An obedient one. "Watch. Tell me to go get that glass." She said motioning to the glass on the counter where he'd left it after she'd gotten her drink. She enjoyed his nuzzles, but she had to show him this.
  16. He sighed and looked her in the eye. If he was to be her master from now on, he;d sure as hell be a better one than anything she had previously "..lease retrieve the glass Kieara..."
  17. When he gave the command she pointed to the bell on her tail. It glowed lavender like her eyes and her body robotically moved on its own getting up and moving towards the cabinet until she moved to do it freely and she lifted the glass. "Watch when I try to disobey." She forced herself to stop. Her body trembled from the fight against her self not to do it and finally a bright blue electric charge emitted from the bell and ran up her tail into her body causing her to yelp before she brought him the glass and snuggled back under the blanket rewrapping his waist with her tail and resting the bell in his lap still warm from the charge. "The longer I disobey, the more intense the shocks become."
  18. He runs his fingers around her, claws scratching her gently as he pulls her close, sighing as he still felt the charge emit around her from her tail. How horrid is must be to live such a forced life, a life of servitude no matter what. She could never truly be free. But if she was now his slave, he;'d do his best to make sure she was happy in it. He didn't want to command her, but it coudn't be too simple to get her out of this curse. Instead, he decided not to dwell on it, kissing her cheek gently in sympathy "..I promise I will not use this..."
  19. Kieara was so used to hearing kind things and them not being true. "Nonsense....you are my master." She said quietly with a sort of broken spirit that was hard to fix. She came from a place where slavery was much much harsher. They had ways to break even the strongest of wills.
  20. His fingers ran down her arms, holding her hands, his much larger fingers laced between hers, looking her in the eye as he pressed his forehead to hers. She could smell him, his breath soft and fresh and warm against her chest as he breathed gently, just staying there with her. She could feel his tenderness. "..Kieara..I promise on my life..."
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