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  1. It was a dark, yet still night out in the ocean. The underwater people
    were dormant and sleeping in the deep reefs that none of the humans
    knew of. Their civilization was hidden away from the human eye to
    protect those who dwell there. One of these mermaids was Kieara.

    She was a beautiful mermaid. She had long navy hair with a pearly
    colored seashell comb in it to hold her hair out of her eyes. It was
    straight looking in the water, but when she sat on the rocks it was
    curly after it dried. She had bright aquamarine colored eyes. She had fair
    skin and a birthmark of a crescent moon on her right palm. Seashells
    covered her breasts and some of her upper stomach in a type of tube
    top like wrap, and a necklace that had a shark tooth on it hung from
    her neck. Around either wrist were golden bracelets and on her arm a gold band.

    Her tail fin was a bright baby blue. It stood out vibrantly in the
    water. It was beautiful, and at the tip of her fin the tail was tipped
    silver. This was an unusual color for a mermaid, and was dangerous. It
    made her stand out easily, and easily hunted.

    She wasnt as happy go lucky as her peers were usually in their utopia
    though. She had been swimming about that day, and stray too far from
    her safe haven underwater. She now found herself on a secluded area of
    beach with a deep gash in her side. She was bleeding and weak. She was
    still partially in the water. She was barely concious, and couldn't
    even move.

    She was laying on an old abandoned dock. Her side bleeding. The planks
    had collapsed and were partially in the water but led up onto the
    land. There was also a cove to the left of this. Above that were the
    rocky cliffs above the sea.

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  2. Alena laughed as she ran in the open field with her dog, Gracie. She was a small dachshund but ran like a fearless cat. Alena tried to keep up with her long legs but couldn't. She soon stopped and knelt over to catch her breath. Her long blond hair hung over the sides of her face as she took deep breaths.
    "Man. I'll never keep up with her." she told herself after standing up straight again. She soon realized that she was close to the rock cliff and remembered that this was the time and season for dolphins to swim near the shore.
    She hurried to the side of the cliff with a smile on her face but it soon turned into a horrified frown. She saw a woman figure laying on her side with blood over her. "OMG." She gasped and started making her way done to the individual in a panic.
  3. Kieara was out completely cold and was laying there in the current. The salt water washed blood over the collapsed docks and tainted the water as she lay there. She wasn't even aware anyone stood above her.
  4. "Hey!" Alena ran down the cliff trail towards the figure, hoping it was still alive. "Hey! R u alive?" She ran towards the figure.
  5. Kieara didn't stir. She was still alive, but heavily injured. She was far beyond the point of consciousness. She was consumed in a world of black, but through that, she heard something. Something faint. What was that? She couldn't tell, but she could hear Alena's voice.
  6. Alena gasped when she saw the wound. She couldn't see the tail because of the water hiding it. "oh man." She gasped and quickly took off her her jacket to press it hard on the wound. She took a CPR class so she knew she had to stop the bleeding first. "please be alive."
  7. Kieara felt a jolt of pain wake her. She screamed and jerked. Her tail rose from the water acting as a scoop and flinging water back soaking the two.
  8. Alena screamed and fell back with a thud. When she looked back, she stared in unbelief and horror.
  9. Kieara squirmed and tried to get into the water to swim away.
  10. After a minute of shock, she snapped back to reality. "No wait! You're hurt!" She called to her, trying to get her to stop squirming and calm down.
  11. "Get away from me!" She screamed. She'd been taught the horrors of humans.
  12. "I won't hurt you! I promise!" She said loud over Kiearas screaming. She tried to get closer to her without getting soaked.
  13. Kieara was in no position to move. She stopped breathing heavily.
  14. "It's ok. Just me tend to your wound." She asked, wanting to help her. She was only a couple of feet from her now.
  15. She let her do so but she was cautious.
  16. Alena looked at her wound with a bit of disgust and worry. "Whatever happened to you, it pierced you deep." she said. She then took her jacket and started to place pressure on her wound. She didnt want to hurt her but this was the only way to stop the bleeding.
  17. She'd drug Kieara out of the water and the jacket was drying her off.
  18. "Now just hold that there. Im gonna call for help." She said and she stood up, pulled out a cell, and called someone.
  19. "No! No you cant!" It was at that time her scales turned into legs and she was left naked.
  20. "Woah! How did you?! What did you?!" Alena was speechless as she held the phone in her hands and stares at Kieara in shock.
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