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  1. Kieara found his slipping over words utterly adorable. She giggled softly and let him help her up. She spoke. "It's ok, I know what you meant." She reassured him so that he wouldn't feel awkward. "I could sleep on the couch if you'd like, i'd hate to take you from the comfort of your bed." She said and followed him.
  2. Felix looked at her slightly shocked that she was ready to refuse a comfy bed but shook it from his mind, he wasn't going to make her sleep on the couch what sort of person would do that? Not him that was for sure so with a smile on his face he answered "No that's fine I wouldn't be able to sleep right knowing that I made my guest sleep on the couch."

    And that was the truth I wanted her stay to be as comfy as possible even if it course a little inconvenience to me, I just hoped I had enough dinner for the both of us I knew it was near the day I go shopping so I wasn't sure how much food was left in the house.

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  3. ((it's ok))

    Kieara smiled as she heard him. "If you are really deadset...." she said to him. She blushed as a thought crossed her mind. "Um I um....' she seemed a bit shy about it. "Can I ask a personal favor of you?" she asked her face burning.
  4. Felix looked down at her happy to help her as best he could, he always was happy to help someone and if she thought he would be able to help he would try his hardest to. "Sure you can ask me anything I'm sure there not much I will say no to."

    He saw her blush but wasn't too sure what it was about, so he tried to keep his tone of voice as friendly and inviting as possible to try and make whatever she was going to ask less embarrassing for her.</SPAN></SPAN>
  5. "Could you help me get a shower when we get there?" She asked sheepishly. She walked alongside him awaiting an answer. It was a bit of shy question but it was asked anyway.