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  1. Kieara was new in town. She'd only just moved here. The mover's van had left her home a few moments prior. She lived on the third story of an apartment building in the slummy end of town and had to walk wherever she went. She didn't own a car. She'd came from the next city over where the crime was worse and her worst nightmare lived. She needed away. A change of scenery. Only problem was she couldn't afford to live anywhere else.

    She was in the grocery store over by the produce looking around. She needed some food to put in her new home. But she could only get a few things. Only what she could carry home because of her lack of a vehicle. She had in her basket some apples, a package of pacifiers. Neutral colored for she didn't know what she was having yet, and a loaf of bread and some cheese. A few more things and she'd have to call it good and come back tomarrow.

    She was a pretty woman. She was petite, and one could tell she was all baby weight. Her arms and legs were skinny, but her stomach was round and very prominent. She was around 5 months along. She had shiny auburn hair, and bright sky blue, aquamarine eyes. Her skin was porcelin smooth, and she had a small line of freckles over the bridge of her nose and her cheeks that would crinkle when she laughed. She stood at only 5'3, and seemed to glow like most pregnant women did.

    She hadn't yet been to the doctor for her baby. She had no insurance, nor the money to pay for the visit. She was in a bit of a mess right now needing to get lined out first. Having to pay rent and her movers. Then having to unpack and prepare a nursery and get everything ready for when the baby was to come, it was a lot to handle at the time. She stayed lost though in her own little world over in the produce wondering what else she wanted to get today.
  2. Reid had lived in that same city his whole life, nothing ever changed for him and he never really planned on changing anything. He kept to himself. Mostly because a lot of people annoyed him, and he was never afraid to say anything either. Basically, he stayed away for their good more than his own. He worked in a warehouse, where much interaction with people wasn't required. He lived on his own in an appartment on the outskitrts of town. The neighbors didn't even bother talking to him. He just had that kind of stay-away-from-me aura.

    His appearance didn't necessarily attract people in a friendly way either. He'd be very attractive if it wasn't for his serious face all of the time. His eyes were beautiful, but scary. Dark brown and somehow lost. He had messy brown hair, just enough out of the way to see his eyes. He was six feet tall and spent his fair share of days at the gym. Though a handsome man, he wasn't very approachable.

    Public places weren't his favorite. Though, he did love going out at night. Bars, night clubs, whatever he needed to settle his needs. Alcohol really changed him sometimes.

    He hadn't been out for groceries in a while, which meant a full cart to make up for the last three weeks. He was waiting in line as the elderly lady in front of him emptied her baskets. He was tall enough to look over the magazine and candy racks, so he wasted time looking around at the rest of the customers.
  3. Kieara hadn't noticed the boy. She was trying to get some things to take to her own apartment. Though what she didn't know was that she was his next door neighbor. She sighed seeing her few things and wobbled over towards the register. She stood in line patiently behind him. Her feet hurt and all she wanted was out of here to sit down. But she'd have to get right back up and go to work where she'd be on her feet again anyways. She was a friendly young woman and didn't trouble others with her problems. Therefore she just thought to herself.
  4. Reid glanced over as a young woman lined up behind him. What first caught his attention was her face, it was pretty. He didn't realize until later she was obviously pregnant. That's when a thought flashed through his mind. I've seen her before. He didn't offer a friendly smile, though, he just casually looked away again. It took the line a whole two minutes to move forward about an inch. The old lady was now looking through her purse--most likely for money. But Reid was sure they'd be there a while longer.

    He noticed as people came up behind the girl and quickly changed their mind to move to another line. Probably noticing his full cart as well. He turned to the girl again and considered suggesting she move to another line. But then he noticed how little stuff she had.

    He moved to the side and pulled his cart along, "You can go ahead," He said simply, finally adding a tiny smile.
  5. Kieara was in her own little world. She didn't mind waiting. she was patient. she was going over her to do list in her mind and someone spoke to her. She blinked and looked up. She hadn't been paying attention. She offered a charming smile and spoke. "Pardon me but I didn't hear you. I was lost in thought." She said to him.
  6. Reid opened his mouth to repeat himself, but hesitated instead. It was bugging him deep down that he didn't know where he'd seen her before. He couldn't be 100% positive, but he doubted she was at one of his usual night clubs, judging by her huge belly and all. "I asked if you'd like to go first..." He gestured with his hand for her to move forward. Then, before she could respond, he gave in, "I've seen you before."
  7. Kieara smiled charmingly at him. "why thank you, that's very sweet of you." she said and moved up quickly placing her items on the belt so that she wouldn't cause him too much of a delay. She spoke to him as she waited for the cashier to ring it up. "You look rather familiar too." she said trying to figure out where she knew him. "I just moved here though into the apartmet building down on 2nd street" she said to him wondering if that was somehow how they'd crossed paths.
  8. And suddenly, it clicked. "Ahh," Reid nodded his head, finally remembering. Just recently, he'd noticed her walking around outside the complex. How could he forget that? A pregnant woman running around outside, moving in and all. "I live there." He said to clarify his strange response.
  9. Kieara smiled at his words. "Yeah! That's right, you're my next door neighbor." she said remembering seeing him. "I knew you looked rather familiar to me." She said to him and paid for her groceries as the man rung them up. She lifted the bags and smiled. "Thank you for letting me go first. I'll see you around." She said with a charming smile. She had no ring on her hand. That signified she wasn't married at least.
  10. "Yeah," Reid raised a hand to wave at her as she turned. She was just another neighbor who he'd never talk to again, not much to think about there. He turned to finish loading his groceries onto the cart then scooted forward to pay. He glanced back again as the cashier ringed up his items. He wondered about her. Not sure what it was, but something. He wished the cashier would hurry up so maybe he'd be out in time to catch up with her.
  11. Kieara wasn't exactly moving fast with a belly like that. She'd made it outside and to a bench long enough to readjust what was in her hands. She shifted it then lifted it again. After that she kept wobbling towards home.
  12. Once everything was paid for, Reid hurried outside to see if he could spot her getting into a car, but he didnt. Too late. He went to his own car and started putting away the groceries in the trunk, and soon, he was on the road. About two minutes after leaving the, parking lot, he saw her walking along the sidewalk. The aplartment wasn't too far from here, but it was far enough to make a walk tireing. And this was a pregnant woman. Reid was only giving himself reasons to stop. But he stopped along the road anyways. "Hey!" He called to het as he rolled down the window. "Would you like a ride?"
  13. Kieara was walking back to the complex and her arms were getting tired. She looked when someone called out to her. It was her new aquantience from the store. She smiled. "Hello again." When he offered a ride her smile grew. "It's not too much trouble is it? You don't mind?" she asked.
  14. He wouldn't have done this in any other case, but something about this girl grabbed his attention. Appart from the pregnancy. "I don't mind at all," He said. He leaned over the arm rest to open the door for her. "We're going in the same direction, come on." He gave her another one of his tiny rare friendly smile.
  15. She smiled and wobbled over. She got in the car and placed her groceries at her feet. She closed the door and spoke. "I appreciate this." She then grabbed the seatbelt and buckled it. She situated the belt around her large stomach so that it didn't apply pressure.
  16. Reid gave ger a nod in response then pulled back into the road. He didnt have much to say, he just focused on driving. He had noticed she wasn't wearing a ring. And he hadn't seen anyone but the movers with her when she was moving in. But he wasn't nosy, even though he wondered, it was just that he'd noticed.
  17. Kieara was single. However, she didn't expect any man to take interest in her. What guy in his right mind would date a girl with a kid by another man? none that's who. She had taken an interest in Reid, but she didn't act on it. He wouldn't like her anyway. At least not like that.
  18. The ride home seemed longer than usual, probably concidering how awkward and quiet it was in the car. Reid hadn't even turned on his music. He wouldn't want to bother her with his strange taste in music. Soon, he pulled into his usual parking stop and glanced at her, "I'll help you take your groceries up," He offered.
  19. Kieara hadn't minded the ride. It wasn't that awkward for her. She just watched out the window. "thats very sweet of you." She smiled at his offer. "I'd like that." she said as she opened her door when he stopped.
  20. Reid stepped out of the car and walked around to help her with the majority of her bags. She wasn't carrying much, though he'd figured you would need a lot more if you had just moved into a new place. As they walked up to her door, Reid decided to offer himself up for her, especially since as far as he knew, she was all alone. "If you ever need anything... Like a ride, don't hesitate to ask, alright?" He said. A bit awkwardly, but he said it. "Whats your name?"