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  1. Great, thanks. I can't start working on a character when I'm out of work. May take me a few days.
  2. This is a scifi roleplay, the goal is to rescue the crew of the Leviathan and uncover why she was on this remote rout in the first place. I will not give you a set way to get the job done but I have given you the tools for several methods. If you come up with something I didn't I'll judge the results.

    Players are on a small private transport on a routine run when they encounter the Leviathan, they are the only ship coming for weeks and its up to you to save the lives of the crewmen.

    All chracters should be human, though I will allow some alien species, Player are The crew Of the snall private transport PTV Sprint

    Character Name:

    General Appearance:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    GMs: G.H.O.S.T/Vay and Neko Archy
  3. ~Resurved~
  4. Way to change your name, loser! >:[

    What do you mean by a private transport? Are we just civilian tourists, or corporation workers or medical personnel... what? Does the Sprint have a crew, or do we need to take positions?
  5. Wait, is this that same Dead Space kinda shit?
  6. No, it's like a proper engineering problem. No supernatural shit involved.
  7. I left the role of the Sprint open to discussion. But if you need I set role, think Serenity from Firefly. Small, unarmed, possibly carrying contraband, only without the two shuttles. The crew are now poor small time traders.

    Positions needed to be filled:

    Captain/owner (also can fly the ship)
    Some muscle for handling cargo/”negotiations”
  8. consider a pilot/muscle character incoming.
  9. *Sneaks around edgily*

    How's the progress on this one?
  10. Nones posted anything.... I have it in archives for re-posting later..... you may push that button.... *sigh*
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