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    It is the Age of the Serpents.

    On August 4th, 2019 there was an accident at the Hadron Collider facility in Switzerland. The experiment to study particles, by means of acceleration and bombardment, took a tragic turn when a seismic event interrupted the test cycle.

    An explosion occurred. Twelve technicians died. And satellites around the globe detected a spike in heat patterns.

    It were as if the world had shuddered...

    Fourteen years later, the Leviathan Mutation came.

    It began with medical cases in a dozen nations. Children were being diagnosed with a skin condition, first thought to be a form of hyper-eczema, in which their dermal layers died and flaked at an accelerated rate.

    Then more startling cases. Children capable of shedding whole segments of their skin. The comparison with snake physiology was undeniable.

    And finally, ten years ago... a child who could control the skin cells he had shed... and shape them into new forms.

    The mutation was named Leviathan.

    When the implications were realised, the Leviathan Children were exploited on every continent.

    In government facilities and military bases men endeavoured to harness their power, to make them grow and manipulate the pieces of themselves into ever-greater fabrications.

    But every creation perished. Every artifact imploded. The things the children made could not be sustained and lives were lost in the misery of those days.

    And into this darkness stepped the N.A.G.A. Project.


    Formed from the original taskforce that investigated the Collider explosion, the NAGA project had one core principle: give the children paradise. Providing lavish mansions, tropical getaways and corporate havens, NAGA allowed the most gifted of the Leviathan Children to pursue their skin-craft free from misery and distraction.

    The initiative flourished. Under the protection of NAGA, the Leviathan Children crafted ever more sophisticated extensions of their bodies and souls.


    14 years have passed. The children are on the cusp of adulthood. And they have been tasked with the most challenging fabrication they have ever attempted.

    They have been told to build Serpents - giants of flesh and metal which they can pilot.

    For what purpose... they will discover this very day.


    Welcome to Leviathan Fugue.​

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  2. Inspired by Evangelion, obviously...

    You may play up to two characters. If you choose to play two, one must be a pilot and one must be a NAGA agent.

    Naga agents will be primarily NPC material and useable by all players throughout the story.

    [B]AGE:[/B]  (14-25 only)
    [B]APPEARANCE:[/B]  (Anime pics preferred)
    [B]HAVEN:[/B]  (You have been brought up in a place of luxury and beauty.  Think mansions, beaches, penthouses - somewhere fancy)
    [b]PRIMARY SERPENT:[/b]  (This should be a Mecha that you pilot - the biggest thing you can create)
    [b]SECONDARY SERPENT:[/b]  (This can be something about the size of yourself, for personal defence or interaction)
    [b]TERTIARY SERPENT:[/b]  (This can be something small, like a pet, and one of the first things you made)
    [B]AGE:[/B]  (25-75 only)
    [B]APPEARANCE:[/B]  (Anime pics preferred)
    [b]ROLE:[/b]  Your job at the NAGA facility
    [b]UNUSUAL SKILLS:[/b]

  3. NAME: Bolan Aames (Calls himself Boa)

    AGE: 17

    HAVEN: A mansion in the English countryside, where
    he primarily drinks, smokes and has loud rock parties.

    PRIMARY SERPENT: Erebus (300ft tall)

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    SECONDARY SERPENT: Lusion (tiger-size)
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    NAME: Robert Elsinger

    AGE: 35

    ROLE: Director of NAGA

    UNUSUAL SKILLS: Knowledge of astro and particle physics.

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  4. NAME: Jack "Diamondback" Gieger
    AGE: 20

    HAVEN: An open estate in Villingen, Germany, beside the black forest. Time spent is often divided between drinks by the pool, reading novels, or fine-tuning an assortment of custom cars owned on the estate, his favorite being a Lexus LFA-Nurburgring Varient/

    PRIMARY SERPENT: [Mech] Eirheart (260 ft.)
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    SECONDARY SERPENT: [Armor] Grievsplate (6 ft)
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    TERTIARY SERPENT: [Pet] Vinzent (1/2 ft)
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  5. Pilot

    NAME: Mamoru Nakamura
    AGE: 19
    HAVEN: Inner city penthouse that over looked New York City, most of his time is spent in solitude listening to music or watching T.V.
    galaxy_saga__applibot__the_demon_killer_advanced_by_djahal-d5zbh3m.jpg (250 ft)
    mech_guy_by_akiratang-d5z758l.jpg (6 ft)
    ardhamma___creature_concept_by_cloister-d3r72fp.jpg (3-3 1/2 ft)
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  6. From below the dragon | dark comes forth,
    Nithhogg flying | from Nithafjoll;
    The bodies of men on | his wings he bears,
    The serpent bright: | but now must I sink.

    - VOLUSPO, 66 (translation by Henry Adams Bellows)

    NAME: Helen Frigg
    AGE: 18
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    A seaside mansion just outside of Los Angeles, a retreat where Helen can ply her various trades and host the occasional party or two.

    PRIMARY SERPENT: Jörmungandr (230ft.)
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    SECONDARY SERPENT: Níðhöggr (7ft.)
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    TERTIARY SERPENT: Ouroboros (Python-sized)
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    NAME: Hector Landsend
    AGE: 43
    ROLE: Field Operations Head at NAGA
    • Extensive military background
    • Advanced Training in Tactics, Warfare and other forms of Combat
    • Capable of swearing in seven languages

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  7. ((Reserved for dangerously meta popculture nerd and friend Bat.))


    NAME: Eva Kriz
    AGE: 15
    HAVEN: A haunted house in Prague with her family and cats. Her rooms are filled with non-digital books, antique films and comics.
    "I made Cizek and Skala to be worn like suits in order to experience flight. When we are so linked, I can control their every movement. They are quite dumb without me, though. Vlcek is the smartest, he is my friend."

    Cizek (open)

    Skala (open)

    Vlcek (open)

    NAME:Takahashi Setsuko
    AGE: 25
    ROLE: Chief of Internal Affairs, it's her job to make sure everyone is playing nice. Her primary role, now that the Leviathan Children have assembled, is to ensure they are adjusting to life in the NAGA facility.
    UNUSUAL SKILLS: Finding out the truth, deadeye marksman, convincing a bunch of spoiled teenagers to explore alien worlds
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  8. Uwah! I need to get my chara up! >.< How times flies!

    NAME: Tsuna Ugetsu
    AGE: 17
    APPEARANCE: I’ll draw her asap!
    HAVEN: A mansion in Kyoto, Japan that is connected to an ancient shrine. (I haz pics, will provide later. XD )
    PRIMARY SERPENT: (Soooo drawing this soon!)
    SECONDARY SERPENT: (And this >__< please be patient!)

    TERTIARY SERPENT: (Man… I better get to my drawing table…)

    And very eager to see Grumpy's gal in action! XD
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  9. Mythological references? I've been at it.

    Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe image-hunting?


    NAME: Chloe Zavala

    AGE: 20

    HAVEN:As befits her mercurial temperament, Chloe has a few private luxury flats in Seattle, Rio de Janeiro, Ibiza, and Gothenberg(Sweden) where she hoards her most recent works of art and objects of fascination, including the odd, colorful temporary house guest for her entertainment. She sometimes guests as both a D.J. and dancer at her favorite clubs.

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Asmo, don't let her personality fool you. You mentioned Evangelion, so I expect these kids will have issues.
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  10. Okay, that's the intro.

    We'll use Grumpy's staff guy as the one who gathers us all up.

    So, make your own intros wherever you are in your fancy-schmancy homes, and finish with Hector arriving to put you in a plane/limousine/teleporter/boat/helicopter. You may or may not have met this guy before. But N.A.G.A. are the ones who have been funding your playboy lifestyle for the last decade and you have grown accustomed to their yearly visits.

    But this is the first time they've ever put you on a plane to Japan.

    (p.s. Hector will also be arranging to have your Serpents flown or shipped with you, so it will be clear from the outset that this visit is a big deal.)

    Grumpy, if you have any Dos or Don'ts about how we should be NPCing Hector, speak now or forever hold your snark.
  11. NAME: Kuro Orochi
    HAVEN: He mainly lives in a nice large beach side house, but when he leaves he goes to New Zealand he stays on a mountain edge house.
    PRIMARY SERPENT: AkaHebi (289 ft)
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    SECONDARY SERPENT: Musei Boa ( 6 ft )
    Show Spoiler


    TERTIARY SERPENT: Arumajirorizādo ( 2ft )
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  12. Hahaha, sounds awesome! >w< Annnd, once Denver Comic Con has passed I can work on Tsuna's designs... Until then, I'm stuck drawing fanart. >.< Oh Deadpool, how I love you! <33
  13. Okay, quick rundown on Hector for you crazy kids, then.

    He's been a holder of a Certified Badass Card for several decades, thanks to a career spanning the British special forces, independant contractor (ie. cheeky bit of mercenary work) operations and finally his work with NAGA. Up until the time he started encountering Leviathan Children Hector was of the opinion that he'd seen basically all there was to see, and that there wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

    Thus, though he'll never, ever admit it, the Leviathan Children freak him out just a tad.

    He's not great with teenagers, since he's a lifelong military man and tends to expect those he's in charge of to do exactly what he says right the fuck away.

    And yeah, he can curse in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Afrikaans, Japanese and French. He's also capable of holding a conversation in all of these languages, too. Amazing what you pick up on a long career in the special forces.
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