Levels of X.

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  1. XIncorrect.
    XX — Female.
    XXXSexually explicit pornography.
    XXXX — Kissing.
    XXXXX — ???.

  3. XXXX is my pin number. How did you get it? D: D: D:
  4. XXXXX -
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  5. Also, XXXXX = @Grif's tentacles
    just saying
  6. Really, it's simple math.

    XXXXX = X+XXXX (Incorrect Kissing) or XXX+XX (Female Explicit Pornography)

    For you smart-asses:

    X+XXX - If your kissing in explicit porography, you're doing it wrong.

    XX+XX - If Ellen DeGeneres taught me anything, women kiss.

    X+X - Two wrongs a women makes.

    And so on so forth...
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  7. XXXXX - Feminism

    Now, my reasoning for this is simple. I decided upon examination of the provided list that it seemed like a list of bad things from the perspective of a young man sporting a neckbeard who wears fedoras (and also probably dragon-themed t-shirts and cargo shorts) and talks a lot about being a nice guy in the friendzone and also about how feminism is destroying the country and/or world.

    X - Incorrect; short for "people being incorrect," which roughly translates to "people disagreeing with me."
    XX - Females; more specifically, females who won't date nice guys with neckbeards, which in practice means basically all females.
    XXX - Sexually Explicit Porn; this doesn't have any special meaning, it just makes fedora aficionados feel even more inadequate than a brief conversation with an average female, which is a lot of inadequacy.
    XXXX - Kissing; this harkens to mind physical intimacy with females, which comes with a lot of deep-seated resentment from the poor friendzoned nice guys that makes them feel even worse than watching more or less attractive people do the horizontal monster mash.
    XXXXX - Feminism; rather than just being a personal attack, thinking of feminism makes the average neckbeard feel a sense of defensive rage for his entire species, for feminism is the arch nemesis of his kind, at least in his own mind.

    See? Simple.
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  8. The dude with the book looks like he's checking out some really freaky porn....o.o He looks completely fascinated and disgusted at the same time. lol
  9. @Jorick

    That's some top notch detective work, but I think you'll find the real reason to be far simpler and possibly more sad:

    I'm a dick who saw an easy joke opportunity at the expense of women.

    Misguided and possibly offensive? Yes. Malicious? No.