Lev is lookin for RPs!

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  1. OMG hai guise. TTLY WNA GO RP LIEK NAO. =D

    (TL;DR: Looking for groups, preferably mature roleplays)

    No, I really don't talk like that all the time. But yeah, I'm kinda in the itch to go RP. Like bad. There are some things you do need to know before you call me to join an RP.

    1. I'm a full time student. I'm a full time employee. I have limited time on the computer. I can promise to devote about 2 to 3 days on average, but I can't guarantee that I'll be on everyday.
    2. I'm up for just about anything, but I try to avoid the promotion of illegal activities.
    3. Just like in Iwaku rules, if you plan to call me up for mature roleplaying, PLEASE be 18 or over. It's not there to protect you only, but also me.
    And that's about it.
    Need someone to RP a ___? Here's what I can and am REALLY wanting to do right now.
    • EVIL. I want to be evil. It's a need not a desire.
    • MATURE DOES NOT EQUAL SEXUAL. I dun really want to do constant pages of people doin the nasty. I want there to be plot, politics, suspense, fear, emotion.
    • Horror/Apocalyptic/Survival
    • Really some scarreh bloodeh goreh stuffs. Go ahead and bring on the violence, though I prefer you to be 18 or older if we're to have graphic violence
    • Plot first, romance second. Unless you come at me for smut. Then, maybe. Again, 18 or over.
    • This can be kinda difficult, but if you have some politics in your RP, I would worship the ground you walk on.
    But honestly, I really am up for anything. I'd prefer you to be in a group, but I can do 1x1 just fine.
  2. I want to roleplay with you. Unfortunately, my new RP is sort of full and bursting with extras, so I can't invite you to join (I mean, I could, it could take more people, but... like, I've got 12 members and only 5 or so of us have actually posted, so....).

    Um. But I do not want to do a 1x1 either. I kind of have this idea for a mature group RP, mostly gore/violence and almost no smut, but it is a very vague idea and I'm already running one RP as is.

    ....Actually...hm. I have idea. Wait here.
  3. Uhh, alright. Um, I'm also up to collaborative creation as well.
  4. Collaborative creation is so much fun. But I saw you were interested in a horror RP, and since I am interested in joining an RP run by someone else, I also expressed an interest, and we shall see what Closer and RangerKay come up with and then... If its not interesting, perhaps we shall default to other methods of creating an RP together, yes?
  5. Mm, indeed. I hope the words I said seemed too blunt or anything. Word tonality isn't something well expressed in written words alone. =/
    But yes, I'll be carefully watching that one as well as others.
  6. They didn't seem that way at all.

    And looks like that one isn't going to work out, so perhaps we should consider alternatives.

    Would you be more interested in a 1x1, or in making a group RP (with sufficient imput/ideas from me, since I cannot run it but have no problem with helping to create it)?
  7. I'll be more than happy to run it, however, I've only ever participated in RPs as a player only, never as the creator--barring 1x1 roleplays. In 1x1 roleplays, since the creation is usually on a much smaller scale concerning characters and worlds and issues, it's much more manageable with me.

    While I've had ideas, I don't think I know how to organize them well--at least not from a Group RP Creator's standpoint.
  8. Oh, I see! Well, would you like to try being a GM? I have some experience, and could offer feedback and suggestions! Of course, if you don't wanna to be a GM, that's fine too, not all roleplayers like the idea of being a GM, whatever works best for you.
  9. I wouldn't mind giving it a go. However, I kinda need like GM Training Crash Course 101, ahaha.

    I really just don't know where to begin. =P
  10. Okay, here goes. Setting is important, and a detailed setting is great, but without a basic plot, the RP is...sort of not going to live long. At least, none of my setting only Rps lasted more than a few posts.

    So the first thing you need is an intro, a hook. Here are two openings (and full set-up posts) for some RPs I created on Iwaku. By Magic Bound || Ritual of Reconciliation || And one from a 1x1 that...didn't last long cause the other player was new and vanished from iwaku. War with Paradox.

    The introduction should both introduce the world (hint at the genre, level of tech and/or presence of magic) and foreshadow the basic plot. After reading the intro, the player should be able to tell exactly what they are getting into.

    Then you build on the introduction. Give the players just enough information to make sure everyone is on the same page, but not so much information that you limit their ability to create unique, original characters. For fantasy, you need to clearly explain what races (if any) exist, if there is magic and how common it is, and whether or not characters can have it or use it. For sci-fi, it might be best to do the same.

    I like to add some history to my set-ups, because I think history adds depth to the world, and properly sets the stage for the current plot. It also helps to explain certain cultural behaviors, as well as makes a great way to introduce present politics and what not. It is not entirely necessary, but it helps.

    Basically, in a group RP, you have to produce a well rounded world in the first post (or first few posts, you don't have to cram it all into a single post if you don't want), rather than take the time to build it, like you would in a 1x1. I've created wonderfully complex worlds in 1x1s, but it normally takes me about 3 months and 20+ pages. You don't get that luxury in a group setting, especially if you are GM.

    For setting up character slots/profiles, you want to ask questions that are relevant to the plot, the world, and the characters. Sometimes knowing the characters sexual orientation is pointless, but its almost always important to know their gender. Some times you need to know a character's education; other times you just want to know their abilities.

    Any questions? Feel free to check out my two Rps and overly detailed templates.
  11. Very, very informative. A lot more information that I haven't even considered.

    But I have another question: conflict. Of course inter-character conflict is to be expected and is even fun. However, what about the characters' objective? What should be important opposition for the characters in a group RP?

    I feel like the answer seems obvious, but I've seen some RPs with a non-existent opposition, some RPs with an opposition for the defeat or completion of a single community goal (not really played by any person) such as a supernatural/magical force or void, and some RPs with a defined antagonist.
  12. That is actually a very good question. Conflict, and opposition, are an integral aspect of plot. Many of the Rps I have seen fail do so because there is no single, or identifiable, goal or purpose, no object, goal or obstacle to overcome. Without this sense of conflict, the RP flunders and dies. Which is one reason I don't like school RPs, because...well, yeah, nvm.

    So, figuring out the conflict is part of figuring out the world and the characters. I'd say there is no single good conflict. Some Rps are Group One versus Group Two, and manage to be quite fun, while others are Group of Heroes faces Single/Group Badguy(s). Others involve say, a single goal all the characters are racing toward (like say everyone wants to be king but there can only be one, sort of thing). It really depends on how many players you want, what kind of feel you want to your RP, whether or not you want to let someone else play a bad guy or the bad guy (I met my fave 1x1 partner because she needed a badguy for her RP, and I, naturally, obliged. fun times).

    Do you know what genre/basic setting you want? Otherworld fantasy, fantasy adventure, modern sci-fi, modern realistic, space station sci-fi, alien sci-fi, post apocalyptic, whatever? Because some of those suggest their own special conflict, while others limit the possible types of conflict or suggest some cliche conflicts.
  13. Hmm, I understand.

    The genre/setting I'm going for is modern supernatural/paranormal horror.

    Generally, a ghost story with malevolent ghosts which run rampantly in the form of poltergeists, apparitions, possessed objects, and locution. They all have a reason to be here in the physical world--because their soul cannot rest properly until their mission, their focus is completed. For some it is to kill another, and for others to learn the true reason of their passing, and others to correct the life of another human being.

    I'm thinking that there are different human beings too, ones who want to put these souls to rest. Some are priests and priestesses, ones learned in the holy skills of exorcism to banish the soul to the afterlife, and others are psychics and mediums who wish to communicate with the dead, and yet others are ghost hunters with cameras and equipment who know that by photographing a ghost, they can capture its soul.

    Generally, the ordained exorcise the soul to the afterlife, which may force the ghost to perpetual despair, though they may see it as protection of a human or the freeing of a possessed human. Psychics and mediums wish to communicate or allow the ghost to use their bodies as vessels to allow them to freely move things in the physical world--regardless, they recognize and continue with the risk that not all spirits are good. Some are malevolent. And ghost hunters are varied skeptics to believers of paranormal activities and use their equipment to justify...or disprove...the existence of a paranormal realm within our own.
  14. While, that introduces your conflict right there.

    You have a group of ghosts (you should limit the total number of characters allowed in each group), who are trying to pass on. In their character profiles, they should explain what they need to accomplish in order to pass on. You could, say, add a requirement in the rules/game play section where you say they have to collaborate with at least one other player to complete their goal.

    Then you have a group of priests who are trying to exorcise all the ghosts. They would serve, I suppose, as tentative bad guys. And a group of mediums/psychics, who are just trying to be helpful. A ghost has to avoid the priests, but needs to befriend a medium in order to succeed (and you could say they have to pair up with a specific medium, or just any medium, up to you). This creates a shared obstacle, which would require the players to at least work on completing their task. The task of the priests could be to exorcise all the ghosts, or just the malevolent ones. The mediums could be required to pair up with a ghost and help them pass on, regardless of the ghost's intentions. Up to you if you pair up the medium/ghost or if the players do it.

    Of course, you could add the paranormal group on as ...hm, either secondary bad guys, or unwitting helpers, and/or unknowing obstacles. Their goal could be to 1) prove ghosts exist or 2) prove ghosts do not exist, and safely lock up all the crazy priests/mediums who are trying to exorcise people or claiming they are possessed by ghosts. Or, alternatively, you could say that the investigators are required to investigate a haunted...whatever...and have to survive the experience!

    So many possible conflicts/clear goals you can spell out.

    Unfortunately, while the roleplay does sound fun, it does not seem like something I would be interested in. But, still fun, so you should still make it.
  15. Ah, I see. But then there also arises another question.

    1. Would this require a map or something? And would it also require a movement restriction or something? Because of course some people are just gonna make their character teleport one way to another without logical explanation, ghost or not.

    2. Would this lend well to random number generators/dice/etc.?

    I feel like I'm pestering you. D:
  16. I like this. I'm going to show off my nerd here and say that in terms of mechanics, if you want some, I'd pull from Wraith:The Oblivion. There's a similar sort of feel, I think, so that and what you seem to be going for...
  17. Both very good questions! And don't worry, you aren't bothering me at all, I love to talk about RPs and talk through RP set ups and...yeah. Ahem, lets see.

    1. Map, maybe, that is up to you. A general idea of the floor plan (what rooms exist, how many, how many floors, size of each floor, ect) would also work. A movement restriction would make sense with ghosts. You can choose to limit teleportation in distance/direction/frequency (like they can only teleport 10 feet at a time, or can only teleport across, not up or down, or they can only teleport twice in a 24hr period) or you could decide to create pre-defined ghost powers, which do not include the ability to teleport (tell people its not an options, and remove the possibility of it being abused).

    2. I have no idea. I've never been involved in an RP that used random number generators or dice rolls, and so have no idea how they work within the context of play-by-post roleplays.

    Edit:: Casual, I am not familiar with that ...whatever it is. However, I strongly suggest against borrowing any content or ideas from a specific source. Of course, I don't understand fandom RPs or fanbased whatevers, and believe strongly in original ideas and characters, but that is my preference and this is Lev's RP, so it is up to him.
  18. Mura: It's a RP system. It's like using a battle system from D&D instead of characters randomly beating on each other and damage being arbitrarily dealt. You mentioned you never played a game involving dice or stats, well this is a means of helping should that be the route Lev takes. Not many want to make an entire system, and any game I've played where logistics are broken down to numbers are generally based off a pre-set system. Normally D&D or Pathfinder. This particular game deals with a very similar outline to what I've seen thus far of Lev's idea, so it's possible that the logistics in this can help him figure out how things such as movement, interaction, etc., have run in this game, so he can figure out his own style. It's no different than you posting links to your GMed games - a template to see what is out there in regards to organization. :)
  19. Oooh. I was editing my post, so I couldn't actually click the link. In that case, yeah, a battle system with points and stuff would help Lev, maybe, right rules that could be enforced in play-by-post roleplaying, with or without the use of random number generators or dice rolls. I think. Again, I've never used anything like that nor been in an RP where it was used, so I don't now how it would work. But yeah, explore it, check it out.