Letting Go

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Letting go. Leaving baggage behind. Moving on. Getting over it.

We all have moments where we just can't let something go. Be it bad feelings from an old relationship, dropping the topic when you're in a fight, losing someone you love, or even saying goodbye to an old life.

What are some things you are having problems letting go?
You, Diana.

I will always love you, no matter what you say about my naked pictures.
I see what you are doing! *angry scoul*

Letting go of feelings in relationships (be it love or friendship), even the worst ones have their amazing moments and memories. I can lose a fight, even drop an old life for a new start. But dropping people and the feelings for them is the hardest thing for me to do! Gots to much love in me!
When I lose at a game.

I will punch someone if they beat me at a game. I'm a very, very sore (and violent) loser. >>;
Oh, leaving behind memories of a friendship... I've got some emails saved from years ago, and I still have teardrop worthy nostalgia moments... Sigh.
Self doubt.

I have good instincts, and I trust them (most of the time), but I also have a very analytical mind. I can't help but begin to question my decisions, and start second-guessing myself. Then I start to doubt myself.

It's infuriating.