Letters To Your Partners!

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    We all know that you love rping. That's why you're on this site! :D

    Iwaku has made us bond, brought us together, and even been that home away from home we've always wanted it! Our role plays are quite like that as well! We dive into that world with our partners, plotting the nights away!

    Don't you wanna show your partner some love? Don't you wanna tell them how awesomesauce they are and how much you like the rps you are in with them?

    Well, here's the place to do it!

    This is a thread that you can use to blurt out all of your feelings about the role play you and your partner are in! Think of it as writing a thank you letter to them!

    Just simply put "Dear Whoever Your Partner(s) is/are" then write away! This is a no-holds-bar thread of awesome positiveness! Feel free to get as gushy as you want to! Add whatever you wish! Pictures, songs, quotes, videos, the works! Just make sure you're being POSITIVE PENNY and not a NEGATIVE NANCY! >:[ Creative Criticism is for the Academy only! Here, we only ask you to pour your role playing heart out! Post as many times as you need to for each partner, or try to squeeze them together in one source! Choice is yours! :D

    Want to make your letter even better? Use the MENTION CODE to tag your partner in your post!

    HOW TO MENTION CODE:['mention']username of your partner[/'mention'] (All of that without the little appostraophy around the word mention, of course!)


    Just put an @Username!

    That way, the person can get a notification of your post, go straight to it, and nose bleed at the cuteness!

    Now Go! Spread The Loves! SPREAD IT. >:D

  2. Dear Sparkly Pixie,


    This has to be my favorite rp as of right now, as a guy, at least. I am having so much fun having a penis and being in the government! You're playing Ace the same way I would have played her, and even more so! The character comes to life so much, that she even haunts me, especially in the Cbox. 0__0

    I hate having my manly feelings toyed by you, but in a way, I love it too. Our role play is so paradox, and it isn't just talk, kiss, talk some more, the end! It actually has a good, thriving PLOT behind it! A plot in which you helped formulate more with the whole 47 girls thing and stuff! Oo! And did I tell you she's sexy as fuck? Well yeah. >> She's sexy as fuck.

    Thank you for this experience, Layne! I couldn't have asked for a better Reflection! :D
  3. [MENTION=2203]Tiger[/MENTION]

    I really really really like the RP 'The egg' we are working on right now. I am satisfied to know also that you are a irl friend of mine that RP's with me! It is really nice knowing that someone shares the same powerful interest as me on some level. THANK YOU for being supportive, a critic, and a very good plot developer. I'm glad we can help each other with making character's we are not use to- or RP ideas. I am super stoked to be a mod with you and Mirror Mirror on that Sci-Fi RP we have been world building on for some time.

    THANK YOU for being my number one choice partner in RPing.
  4. Dear [MENTION=731]Iliana[/MENTION],

    Avatar: Forsaken. Something I'm sure no one here at Iwaku knows: The first RP board I was a part of was based on the Avatar universe. I haven't been in a roleplay centered on Avatar since then and it's been years. Five or six, at least. It's a throw back to me and I love it!

    It's sooo much fun being able to write in a comical, cartoon like style! The humor in Avatar is one of the best aspects of the series and I get a kick out of all the different ways you put that into Zara's character.

    It's still a relatively new RP but I'm looking forward to all of the wacky shenanigans we come up with for Gen and Zara to get into!
  6. Dear Mister [MENTION=69]Vay[/MENTION] ,

    Thank you for being the partner I can share ANY plot bunny with. 8D Be they sickeningly adorably cute filled with sweetness and light... or the grim dark fucked up and twisted bunnies that most people cringe and cry about. You have been the first partner I can use my ENTIRE range with fearlessly and successfully - and it be fun as hell!

    If you leave me, I will kill you.

    :heart: Diana
  7. Dear Juku,

    We have already begun and I am loving this rp. It keeps me on my toes about how many times Kari may have to save your ass with her bad ass arrows. Yeah, Damien has a spear and all, but come on now. He tried to steal her horse. That was tied up. What kind of train of thought does that guy have going on? I don't really know but it interests me.

    Not only that, but I'm anxious to see the world you're going to take her on! Mazes, dangers, trials, enemies, demons! Agh! It's a Fantasy explosion to the FACE, it is. Don't worry. I got your back though. I have some pretty decent plot bunnies I think you might like.

    And if you don't, I'll just burn you. Simple as that. ^^
  8. ‚ÄčDear Nighten Dove,

    I really love our Rp. You really get into character and Miyako is so adorable! The way she gets when others are around Kehario makes her personality so realistic. I also love how the two of them are connected by destiny. Your replies are always interesting and I am excited about getting ready to fight the beast with you!

    I also think that the battle will be awesome as well as epic. You are a great partner and a great writer. I enjoy reading your replies and can't wait to see what other replies you have in store! ^_^

  9. Dear Harpy,

    Dark Love is a very good role play. Even though it has just begun. I love how Rolento gets Ronia under his given circumstances.

    I can't wait to see if Rolento will change his evil ways, or whether he continues his bloody history as a tyrant.

    I look forward to seeing what you throw at me next with Ronia. She is very beautiful, smart, and strong-willed.

    No matter how cold the king is, she is determined to stay by his side!

    I look forward to seeing what she does next.

    P.S. Its fun playing the bad guy.
  10. Dear [MENTION=1280]A Nighten Dove[/MENTION]

    We have been doing simply never simple for quite some time now and I must say that it is the most interesting roleplay I have been in since I started roleplaying last October, or maybe it was August. None of my roleplays have lasted as long as ours has and I am glad that you have stuck to me even though I have disappeared so much lately. I really love all the plot twist we have been doing and it has been wonderful to see Alecanders death. I am looking forward to see Lucas and Alice's romance blossom and also Daniel and Jillians love of course :3 I hope that our roleplay survives much longer and that we are able to finish it someday.

    I know that you will come with thousands of more plot twists to our story and I will try myself to come with a few ^^ Lets keep torturing our character together in the future :)
  11. Dear [MENTION=1065]Her Little Angel[/MENTION]

    Even though 'I need you' is a new rp and we haven't really gotten far into it I still have gotten really attached to it already. :) I don't usually get into my characters as fast as I have in this one and it usually takes me much longer before I am able to really like the plot. But you have made such an awesome plot for us and you made me make such an awesome character so I can barely wait for your next post ^^

    I hope for a lot of lovely plot twist for the future and have already thought about some of my own ^^ Hopefully I will be able to use them ;) Lets surprise each other and make a wonderful story :D <3
  12. Dear [MENTION=884]Varius Giovanni[/MENTION]

    I love the roleplay we're in together, love how all of your characters act realistically. It is my longest-running RP I have participated in, and thoroughly enjoy how well my characters are developing and seeming like real people. As the story goes on, it is never monotonous, and even though my posting lengths vary incredibly, you are always pleasant, and never fail to make me want to get posting straight away. You're awesome in that you put up with all my varying emotion-caused PLs, my sometimes inability to post for days on end, my strange grammar and greater london projects mannerisms and slang (that only appears occasionally), and my arbitrary plot additions. My character is quite probably the one I've most become attached to, a feat in itself. Never before have I created a character as arbitrarily as her and beclme attached to it. Not only do you help with anything RP related, but you're also someone I tend to message about things besides roleplaying. In shorter words, you rock!

    Sincerely and with my best regards,
  13. Dear Hirohashi, Effort, Tetsuri Tokai, LaharlSama, Kaine, The Russian Burrito, and The Mumbling Cremator,


    I don't think I've been in a Group rp with so much personality before! You know how usually everyone is all 'bleh' when it first starts and stuff like that, afraid to mingle with other people and players? Well, we kicked that shit to the curb, didn't we! Our first 5 minutes was a cafeteria fight! Come on now! 8D

    Especially in SAD! You guys have some sexy ass fighting! I can't wait until all of the other classes are done so we can find out more about background stories and shit! SO EXCITED.

    You guys are the greatest. Literately. You're all guys. o___o
  14. Dear [MENTION=1557]Layne[/MENTION]

    You. Are. Awesome. Basically. I love our roleplay. I love that it's all action packed, even if our characters aren't always directly interacting. I love that you are a quick replier (even though sometimes I can be a bit pokey) I love that our RP is only a week old and we already have... 12 pages? Haha. And I only casually check my phone obsessively while I'm at work hoping there's a reply. Just casually.

    Anyway I love youuu and sorry for falling asleep on you last night~

    "Sleep is for the weak"

    Shut up no one asked you.
  15. Dear Iliana

    I must say, I'm really enjoying our RP! Especially when we first started, just seeing what sort of personality Darion was going to be interacting with, I knew it was going to be interesting. Yeah, Darion is not the sharpest sword in the shed, but he makes up for it with his knowledge of getting around and beasts. Sure, Kari will be saving him with her arrows, but Darion also saved her, and will probably do so more into the story!

    The Dark-hounds are only the beginning...Just you wait until you see what's in store ahead!
    Rokku Hizori

    We've been RPing together for many years, and I love how much work you've put in Agasaria. From the maps, religion, trade goods, and even the military! I always love joining in stories that relate to it. I feel honored to play your villian, Hrothulf, because simply it is so much fun and the opposite of me in almost every way. And, I remember that damn villian you used to play..Seto Kai..Or whatever he was..That damn lord of time who pissed me off so much.. -grumbles.- But, I cannot wait for what you have in store for Musari, and such..I definitely want to continue on.
  16. My dearest Iliana,

    Oh my god. Marce. Oh my god.

    If there was ever a sexy government man that I wanted to secretly lock up in my pleasure closet and take out just to watch him scowl and grumble about silken undergarments - IT WOULD BE HIM.

    Our RP is seriously my favorite right now. To all other people I'm roleplaying with - I'm sorry, but if you go read Track Ops, I'm pretty sure you'd understand. Ili, your posts make me happyface even when Marce is being a total jackass and clearly just needs a little lovin'. I can't wait to watch his eyes bulge out when he sees what's coming next.


    <3 Layne!
  17. Dear Melia,

    This has got to be one of the strangest roleplays I've ever been in. In a good way! I've never been in an one-on-one before where the majority of the posts are made where the characters aren't together. It's bizarre but it's so much fun! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out!

    Not gonna lie, I'm really rooting for Alyne and Matt to hurry up and get friendlier. XD
  18. Juku

    You're awesome. Any time I need a major role filled in an rp, you're there. In short, there are NO other people who could play Horthulf. He's just not Hrothulf when he's played by anyone else, including myself. My favorite line of his of all time was "For the love of me" and "In the name of myself". His arrogance is matched only by your creativity in playing him. Seriously, Agasaria would not be what it is without your help, input, and the influence of the characters you've created. {Also, We should bring Kah back sometime.}
  19. [MENTION=1147]The Returner[/MENTION]

    I love the rp we are doing and I am so glad you are back to iwaku again so we could revive our rp :D The way you play the villain in our story is amazing and you really get into the role so well, sometimes I think that you actually are that psychopathic person ^^ Lets keep making a lot of plot twists, and throw in more plot bunnies and psychopathic plot bunnies into the story, and twist Anna's mind some more ;) I hope you stay with me until we finish this rp, don't you dare leave for the so called "real life" x3
    I love you <3
  20. Dear Kronas17,

    Sindy makes me happy. To be honest, I have never played such a ditz as her before! I'm usually hard, cold, stone-faced, and serious all the time! But Sindy....boy, boy! XD She's so adorable with her cute little future talk! Aiden has the cutest little personality! He gets freaked out and suspicious about every little thing Sindy says! That's so believable to the plot!

    Keep up the good work, you! :D