Letters to the Server

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Dearest Server,

    Why are you being such an asshole this week? We have given you your own little box, your own little name, and even pet you and praised you for all of the nice things you have provided for us?

    So why are you being a huge dick? Do you enjoy lagging and crashing JUST as I wake up in the evenings and before I even have a glass of wake-up tea? Do you sit in your corner giggling wickedly as I spend an hour trying to figure out why nothing is coming online? Is it funny to watch me rocking back and forth on the sofa pulling out my hair cause I'm delirious with roleplay withdrawals and having to answer 200 different queries about why the site is down?

    Server, you're a busta. >:[ Cut this shit out.

    Your Inexperienced Server Admin
  2. No, it waited till you went to bed then started lagging, but then went "Just kidding", then waited for just before you woke up.
  3. I feel so awful. I'm going to corral the newbies and have them play clapping games with me so they don't make more disparaging remarks about my darling baby Iwaku. x_x
  4. Why is the server lagging, Diana? Why?





  5. So far the working theory is...Ducadi did it.
  6. Dear Server,

    Thanks for always working when I am around. <3

  7. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for taking the time to compose your letter to me. Your complaints have been filed away <s>in /dev/null</s> for future considerations.

    Kind Regards,