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  1. "Of course not, she is practically a normal angel with that bracelet on." *alex said in a hurry *

    John teleported to the scene of fight and began to slaughter the demons
  2. When one of the demons grab her from behind, Diane screamed as her flames finally burst free, breaking her bracelet. Her red and white flames instantly lash out like a bomb exploding and purged everything it touched.

    Anya look out the window when she felt the ripple of red flames, "Found her.."
  3. Alexander looked out the window with fright as he vanished *

    John let the explosion go to kill the demons before he chanted . He moved his hands as the explosion started to shrink
  4. Diane was completely in tears, overwhelmed by her flames as her flames take the form of a Phoenix and fought through his spell, thinking he was a threat to her.

    "Alex.." Alena tried to follow but Anya grabbed onto her.

    "She could kill you mom.." Anya pull Alena towards her, "Papa will be fine."
  5. Ditto for me
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    Oh wow.
  7. Good morning and happy new years, all!
  8. Let me know if you'd like me to assist on anything. ~
  9. Michale CS shall return...

    Tuesday January 3rd, 2017

    What I'll be doing -

    1) Launching the Tales of ARMOR - Christmas in Saint Canard thread.
    2) Getting Backstory Alley moved out of the Graveyard and bumping all the city IC threads
    3) Doing updates in ALL of the city threads and putting out signups for the new thread - Schrodinger's Universe, a Global or Cosmic level thread, that will tell us what the big blue boy scout has been up to all this time.

    4) A lot of other stuff not related to Epic that will get me caught up.

    I have a party today the 1st and I am working on the second, but likely the 2nd in the evening I'll be churning out the beginnings of 1-4 above.