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  1. Hi guys! I'm looking for some role play partners now that I have some time on my hands. I strongly believe in quality over quantity in my posts. I love to keep the plot moving long, and generating new ideas as we go along. Also, I'd love to have a cast of characters involved(not necessarily right away) this is not a requirement though. I'm most comfortable playing male characters, ether in homosexual or heterosexual relationships. I also enjoy playing genderqueer characters, so there is lots of options. I'm not really into fluff or overly happy stuff(it can be fun but I don't find constant happy fun) so if you're into fluff that's not for me.

    So here are my expectations of you:
    • Open communication and plot building
    • Two to four paragraph responses(more for intro posts)
    • Decent Grammar
    • Interesting characters
    • Must be over 18
    • Don't just leave me hanging, serriously this is getting ridiculous. Only PM me if you actually want to role play.
    Here are some starting points(ideas can be combined). All starting points are marked with 1-5 * the more * the more I want to roleplay that idea.

    • Fandoms(All OC only)
      • Pokemon Trainers*****
      • Avatar/Korra****
        • Probenders
    • Slice of life
      • Roommates**
      • College*
      • Struggling 20-somethings***
      • Closeted characters**
      • Gender struggles*****
        • Trans, gender fluid, androgynous and so on
      • Life of the rich and famous***
      • Forbidden romances***
        • Employer/Employee
        • Large age difference(still legal though)
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  2. A school for the gifted one could be fun~ PM me if interested? ^^
  3. Asexual relationships yessss
  4. I would love to do one of the forbidden romance plot lines, let's pm and talk about it >w<
  5. BUMP! Also, please PM me if you commented, I don't check the comments often
  6. i'd love to rp with you. PM me and we can talk.
  7. Still looking for a few more partners
  8. ~still accepting~
  9. ~still looking~
  10. always accepting!
  11. Still looking
  12. Looking for a few more partners again!
  13. Looking for partners currently!