Let's Write Cheesy Holiday Rom-Coms! (ㆁワㆁ✿)

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It's literally the best time of the year, but my roommate won't let me do anything Holiday related until after Thanksgiving, so here I am for my cutesy Christmas shit o.o

About Me:
I'm a Northwestern college student studying Political Science and Writing. I've been roleplaying online for about seven years now and I've been writing for even longer - it's probably my favorite hobby. I like to consider my writing style pretty adaptable, especially when it comes to the formality and the length of roleplay replies. It's important for me to strike a solid balance between simplicity and detail, usually trying to capture at least the feel and emotion of a scene, and leaving some of the details more abstract. I think, I mean - I'm not actually the best at describing my own writing, I just hope I'm making it sound cool o.o I can usually reply once to a few times a day, depending on the length and detail of the writing. But, of course, everything's negotiable! I love talking OOC with RP partners and I'd love to work together to write the best story possible! (ㆁワㆁ✿)

What I'm looking for:
Like the title says, I'm looking for just about any romance plot that takes place in a sweet, winter setting. I don't have a specific plot in mind yet, but I always feel like they turn out a lot better when I come up with them with RP partners anyways. I'm a really talkative person, and I enjoy chatting about the plots I'm writing and adding more to them as it's going along. I do prefer to play female characters, but feel free to ask me about doubling! I'll have some settings and pairings listed below, so if anything catches your eye, please let me know! Anything in bold is what I'm especially craving c: Or if you have a completely different idea I might like, I'm open to hearing anything!

Current Cravings:
Urban Fantasy / Cyberpunk / Victorian Era / 1940's-50's / Modern Era ✧
Rich x Poor / Bad boy x Good girl / Gangster x Civilian / Experienced Witch x New Witch / Human x Shapeshifter / Princess x Pirate / Prosecutor x Criminal / Prosecutor x Detective ✧
✧ M x F / F x F ✧

Send me a message if you're interested! (ㆁワㆁ✿)
I'd be interested in a modern era Rich x Poor MxF romcom kind of thing! Although I'd prefer to not have sex in it or if it comes up just fade to black or something before it comes up. Holiday RomCom sounds like fun! ^_^