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  1. I'm back!

    After some time from being away from the forum, I've returned.. sort of? I haven't actually had a roleplay on here for about 2-3 months, so it's time to get back on track and blow up my inbox once again! I'm ready to make more stories with those who will have me. c:

    Before I get started, I will give some information about myself so you can decide whether or not I am a suitable partner for you.


    My activity on the site really depends. I have a very, very busy social life, and none of our outings are planned. Which means I can be online one minute and offline the next. School doesn't affect it much, as I assume my social life will dwindle once the year starts up again. Most of my work is on my computer, so I can get online a whole lot once I get home from school--I may even be able to post DURING school, depending on which class I'm in.

    tl;dr -- I will never leave you without a post longer than 2 days.


    First of all, I'm not really the one to give the starting post in an RP, but that all depends on our plot.
    Second of all, my post length varies and changes with what's going on in the plot. If there's simple dialogue and not much else, I can give one solid paragraph, maybe a little more depending on what I'm saying or somethin'. I do NOT do one-liners and prefer you think the same way.

    Maximum amount of paragraphs I will do is around 3-5. 5 is hard to get to, unless I'm really feelin' the RP, but my minimum is 2 paragraphs. I think that should be enough for the average noodle. c:

    I prefer RPing via PM/Conversation (in a separate convo from the OOC, of course).
    I CAN be convinced to RP in a thread, but it takes time. ^^'

    Lastly, I can either post right away or 10 hours later. Again, this really depends on how exciting the RP is at the given moment.


    As far as characters go, I'm gonna keep this short and simple: I play BOTH GENDERS EQUALLY.
    I expect you to be the same as well. Because I run into people who only play strictly females, and it kinda grinds my gears. Especially when I already have a specific female character for a specific RP, then that person gets all bitchy cause they can't play a female and wants MxF romance. Lmao.

    But if I don't already have a character for a roleplay, I usually let my partner decide which gender they wanna play first. c:

    Things I CAN Do

    MxF pairings. [10/10]
    FxF pairings. [6/10]
    OOC chitchat. [11/10]
    Graphic violence. [9/10]
    Excessive swearing. [10/10]
    Some gore. [4/10]
    Sexual themes. (preferably fade-to-black, can write out if you're a teen as well) [7/10]
    Lovey-dovey romance. [7/10]
    Animal RPs. [6/10]
    Basic character sheets. [10/10]
    Anime physics. [10/10]
    Realistic physics. [8/10]
    Satire/comedy. [10/10]
    Lots of drama. [7/10]
    Japanese settings. (usually coincides with anime physics) [9/10]
    Fandoms. (listing some at the bottom; mostly anime and games) [5/10]
    Crazy psycho love. (yandere/obsessions) [8/10]
    General neighborhood psychos. [8/10]
    Mental illnesses. [8/10]

    This isn't everything, just ask. I may update this later, however.

    Fandoms I Can TRY (OC's only)

    Naruto Season 1. (may or may not have a character for this) [8/10]
    Black Butler. [6/10]
    Death Note. (I have a character for this) [10/10]
    Tokyo Ghoul. [4/10]
    Dragon Age: Origins. [7/10]
    Dragon Age II. [5/10]
    Skyrim. [10/10]


    Demon x Human. (might have a plot) [9/10]
    Mage x Regular Human. [8/10]
    Shapeshifter x Bounty Hunter. [9/10]
    Shapeshifter x Human. [8/10]
    Shapeshifter x Shapeshifter. [5/10]
    Demon x Demon. [7/10]
    Best Friend x Best Friend. (friendzone?) [8/10]
    Sociopath x "I wanna help you" type of person [10/10]

    This is a very tedious task to write, so I'd prefer if you just name a pairing and I'll see what I can do.


    Please try again later.

    That's pretty much it, for now.
    This is only my first mass interest thread, so it will be receiving an overhaul whenever I have new ideas or changed perspective on certain things. c:

    If you're interested, please comment here, or PM me!
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  2. This deserves a nice little bump.
    Still looking!

  3. Hey if your still searching I am very interested! Not sure which one I would wanna do though. :p so if your interested just send me a pm?
  4. Another little bump.

    Currently craving some drama in a Slice of Life type of RP.

  5. Still looking, still interested!
    Anything goes!

  6. Hi, if you're still interested the Demon x Human or Sociopath pairings look interesting. Send me a PM if you are?
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