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  1. Update Note: I have been contacted by many lovely people wanting to role-play and as much as I would love to keep this open, I think it would be wise for me to close it down for a little while and plot with the people who have contacted me. If you want to role-play with me, please keep an eye on this thread because I'll probably reopen it if some of my rps die. Thanks for understanding and sorry for not being able to role-play with everyone. ;=;

    Hello there~

    I'm not the best at these kind of things but I enjoy role-playing. Since this is a great way to attract partners and find role-plays, I figure it's worth doing this. Even if I am bad at wording things. =P

    I'm a huge lover of fantasy and romance. I admit, the real world pales in comparison to the make believe worlds of games, books, and movies. I've always had my head in the clouds and it reflects in my role-plays, for the most part. However, I do often do modern role-plays but it depends upon my mood if I want them to have fantasy elements or not.

    I'm a sucker for the opposites attract kind of pairing, I admit. There's nothing more than two completely opposite people finding balance by being together.

    As much of a dreamer as I am, I don't believe in the instant love. My character take a bit to develop feelings, especially the stronger kind of love. I have a bad habit of making my characters have a tragic past that often affects how they live in present life, but not always.

    Um, I guess I'll list some pairings or something. Forgive me, my brain isn't functioning entirely at 100% at this current moment.

    Oh, but before I do I just want to mention that I am comfortable playing both male and female roles. I prefer heterosexual relationships as I just can't do f/f and m/m often kills my muse.

    Young King x Princess *
    Prince x Princess
    Elf x Dark Elf
    Vampire x Angel
    Royal x Thief
    Royal x Assassin
    Knight x Princess
    Charge x Guardian **

    These are only a few pairings and I'm completely open to trying new ones. I like a lot more than just these but they were all that I could think of at the moment.

    * - The King would be unmarried and similar in age to the princess, perhaps a few years older.. maybe ten at most. The princess would be from a neighboring kingdom, of course.

    ** - I'm not talking about any kind of kidxadult scenario. When I say charge and guardian, for instance the daughter of a lord and her assigned guardian. They would be similar in age unless one or both was immortal. Just ask me for further details, if you wish.

    So, yeah.. Just post here or pm me.
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  2. Is there any you really want to do?
  3. I'm interested in doing a romantic fantasy rp with the young king & Princess pairing, if you want to :3
    Would prefer to be the girl (since I mainly have had male parts for a lot of my latest rps), and just like you, I prefer if their feelings develop over time and doesn't start with instant love ^^
  4. Silver; I really kind of want to do the dark elf x elf one. xD

    Red; That sounds perfect to me. :3
  5. Want to discuss a plot, or should we start the rp and introduce our characters to each other and then see where the plot is going? :)
  6. Red; I would feel comfortable with at least a basic plot. I'm no good at winging things and I like to have a basic plot to at least know what I'm doing in the slightest. Further development is always open for later along the way.
  7. Ok, lets brainstorm ideas then :3 I'll send you a pm in a short while ^^
  8. Cool, any ideas on what to do for it? And would you rather pm me?
  9. Elf x Dark Elf

    do you have a plot in mind for this one?
  10. Sorry, I forgot to check back in here! I've been distracted by the chat lol. Silver, I'll send you a pm.

    Yami; Nothing just yet but I could think of some things. Do you have a plot in mind? I'm sure we could brain storm
  11. no I haven't thought of anything yet XD but I'm sure we can come up with something
  12. Why don't you go ahead and send me a pm and we can brain storm? C:
  13. If you're still looking the Elf and Dark elf would do lovely.

    I play both a male and a female dark elf (Rather Drow)


    The only thing more terrifying than the monsters of the Underdark are the ignorance both sides carry. Those of the Heartless stony skies view the surface world as weak traitors who did cast them to die in the darkness of the earth. While those of the world of sky and light stare into the abyss and tell tales of the Drow, surmising them as devils and agents of demonic powers.

    Being sent on a Mission (Palithio my male, Drucilla my female) to the surface world to destroy a village. Common raids centered around the notion of revenge of their surface kin. In the process they are wounded, left for dead by their traitorous sister or brother who seeks to rise up the chain through my characters death. Despite much protest your character convinces those that find my character to keep the Drow alive for questioning.

    Though in your characters eyes it was the only way to ensure the Drow's survival.

    In short the plot is centered around the notion of two individuals understanding each other and finding a way past the centuries of hate and bigotry that has enslaved both sides.
  14. I really, really like that idea. O:
  15. Well I could start up a thread if you desire?

    Unless you'd rather do it?

    Also we can further discuss the plot via the pm feature of this forum, go over some details or specifics. Things like would you rather have I play Palithio or Drucilla, the events, your characters and his or her station ect....ect....
  16. Let's go ahead and brain storm a little more before starting the thread, just to work out the final details. :3
  17. Hey this looks fun i would love to rp with you one on one
  18. Any ideas for what you might wanna rp? I may need to edit this, getting a lot of bites and I don't wanna take on too many at once. XD;
  19. lol, i can see that. Maybe royal/assassin?
  20. That sounds good to me. Care to pm me so we can plot further?
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