Let's write a story together :D

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  1. Searching some partners after giving up on Nanowrimo :3 ("Bad writer" *Hits myself*)

    Here's a lot of things to read:

    Things you should know (open)

    -I like writing and reading more than one paragraph, between 2-5 paragraph's are normal for me. Can write more but rather not less.
    -If you write too little then I won't have anything to work with and in the end I maybe will get bored and drop the rp
    -You don't need to have the best grammar or spelling as long as I can read what you're writing. (I myself am Swedish and don't have the best grammar, feel free to point out my mistakes if you notice that I make the same mistakes more than once)
    -I can't work with one liners so avoid that please.
    -Prefer to read and write in third person past form. (Ex. He saw a rose lying on the ground)
    -I don't do sex scenes. Our characters can have sex, but we must fade out the scene. (I have nothing against gore and torture though. Nothing against it... Actually I like it.... Is that weird?)
    -I can play MxM, MxF, FxF. I prefer MxM or MxF. If playing MxF I prefer playing a girl if we don't have multiple characters.

    Fandoms I can and would love to roleplay (open)

    Rise of the Guardians - Canon/Canon, Canon/OC (Prefer to play Jack or OC, I won't make a lovestory between Jack and Bunny)
    X-men - OC/Canon, OC/OC (I mainly know X-men from X-men evolution, Wolverine and the x-men, plus all the x-men movies. Never read the comics nor seen the original animated series.)
    Heart no kuni no Alice - OC/Canon, OC/OC/Canon(s) (Either one of us, or both of us plays a person that gets stuck in 'wonderland'. I would really prefer if Alice was replaced by one or two original characters.)
    Being human - OC/OC (Use same setting but new characters. I have only seen 4 episodes of the American version, so I'm no expert on this series.)

    Roleplay ideas (open)

    -Secret mission
    My character is tired of her grandfather constantly forcing her to have bodyguards every where she goes. Eventually she is able to convince him to let her go out without them. But without her knowledge he has sent out a secret agent to look after her when she's out. The agent transfers into her class and pretends to be a normal student. (FxF, FxM, can have or be without romance.)

    Two teenagers wakes up in the middle of a forest without any memories of whom they are or what they're doing there. All they have with them are the clothes on their bodies, and as they try to get out of the forest they slowly starts to get back their memories. They have to fight poisonous and dangerous animals while also escaping those weird people that are chasing after them. Who are they and what do they want? (Gender doesn't matter, romance isn't the main focus but can happen in the background of the story.)

    Things I want to roleplay but don't have ideas for at the moment (open)

    Rp revolving worlds things or genres:
    -The black death, middle ages.
    -Forced marriage (Really want to do something with this :3)
    -School for supernatural beings
    - Two people (friends or couple) moves into a haunted house

    Pairings (Romantic or not): (*=Person I prefer to be in these pairings. If no * then I can do any of them)
    -Vampire x Human
    -Vampire (Younger) x Vampire (older/ancient)
    -Demon x Human*
    -Ghost x Human
    -The devil x Human*
    -Witch x Human/Witch/Something else?
    (Human and human is totally ok too. That's what I mostly do xD)

    I hope something was to your liking or that something was inspiring. If nothing felt right with you then you can always post your own ideas and I might say yes. Remember, the worst that can happen is that you get a no. ;)
    Ps. Any ideas I propose can be modified and changed, so if there's something that doesn't sit right with an idea it's just to say so.
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  2. I'm interested in the Secret Mission idea, send me a PM, I'll be on tomorrow and we can start something up if you want :)
  3. I am interested, in the ghost x human ^^
  4. I would be interested in the young vampire x older vampire idea, and willing to play either part. Also the Abandoned idea sounds fun too.
  5. YAY :D

    Riordan: I'll write to you in a moment ^^

    Pendulum ghost: Ok :) Do you want it to be something light hearted like, a person can see a ghost and tries to help it over to the other side. Or something a bit darker, like a person moves into a new house where someone has died and now the ghost is haunting it and tries to scare the person out of the house. And maybe later on the human tries to talk to the ghost and it decides to reply and so they somehow gets closer (or not). Or have some other ideas? :9

    Btw, have we roleplayed together before in something? Penumbra maybe? I usually remember what I have roleplayed with whom, but now I only have a feeling that I have and I don't know when or in what. xD hahhah Maybe we haven't at all and my brain is just trolling me.

    Desi: Haha ok, I don't have much ideas for young x old vampires. I'm thinking something in style of Darren Shan and an interview with a vampire if you have read (or seen) any of them. Or if you have something different in mind for the plot? :)
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  6. We have roleplayed before but I don't remember where either, I was thinking of something pretty dark. I already have a plotline but it could be tweaked to suit your liking.
  7. I like dark, tell me :3
  8. The plotline is about a ghost who haunts the abandoned private highschool, but she isn't like most ghost stories. Most of the time in ghost stories they cab appear whenever they wish. but with her she can only appear in the presense of sound. Without it the building is harmless. I say harmless cause the ghost isn't friendly even in the slightest. But music has impact on her emotions and her abilities as well as allows her to manifest. The louder in volume and the has an effect on how far she can project herself naturally if there is music playing somewhere and it is to quiet she will only be able to manifest where the music.

    With that said music can is able to pacify her making her unable to attack sort of like soothing the beast. Anyways she is twisted with rage and hate for some reason and the mystery of her death has gone unsolved or ignored as by the town that has kept her a close secret for so long.
  9. Hmm, sounds interesting. So it would be a bit of a mystery horror rp where some people tries to figure out what happened to her and how to put the spirit to rest so she won't be able to hurt others again?
  10. A mystery horror, definitely as far as plot goes we will have to see what happens ^_^
  11. So should we have a bigger group of people going in (Usually a good idea if you feel like killing people.) Or just two people?
  12. Two people? Like two humans? I'm alittle confused, sorry I will be home soon so we can plot. ^_^
  13. Yeah, two humans. Or one if you thought it should be just one human and the ghost. Though it seems like a hard plot to do since it is an angry ghost that isn't trying to be friendly or tries to interact with people for any other purpose than to hurt them. Not impossible to do, but definitely harder than if there is a group of people or at least two of them, so there are people to talk to and interact with before they are able to understand how to calm the ghost down. Plus, there are people you can kill just because it's fun. *I'm a saint*
  14. hmmm, the intended idea was for only one person to venture in, because the town knows/ fears what is inside you see. But there is just the town there is another group of people that are interested in the ghost. They are researchers, I also had an idea of having the school actually still being used and that the school becomes the target of terrorists taking the whole school hostage that would give the ghost plenty of people to um.....eviscerate.
  15. but we can still plot and brainstorm I want you to have fun ^^
  16. ok, well I don't think we should make them use the school since sounds 'activates' the ghost, and no one would want to be in school with a vengeful spirit trying to harm everyone as fast as it becomes noisy. Though that idea could work if there is one part of the school that is closed off and the rest of the school is being used. The ghost is only in the closed off part and when the terrorists attack they take everyone to the closed off parts because... convenient coincidence
  17. yeah my thoughts as well, because naturally if they knew of the ghost they would want to stay as far from it. Which is why there is an abandoned building. It would make since to have built the next campus far away from the original. They would have isolated them from the ghost, and left her to her haunt. So depending on if a group decides to enter maybe they are ghost hunters, or kids from a different town looking for some good old fun. Either way what they would encounter will be something out of a nightmare if they manage to play any music.
  18. Ghost hunters would probably be the better choice, since they would know how to make the ghost appear based on rumors. At least they have some hum of it even though they don't know details. While for students it would be weird if they started playing music in an abandoned building, if they aren't a big group that couldn't have a big party at anyones house and decided to do it there where no one will disturb them xD
  19. both ideas could work actually what better place to throw a massive party than in an abandoned high school no where near your home town. As for the rumor they would have gotten some really good info from somewhere good, because only the researchers would be aware of to make the ghost manifest. Not even the town would know, in their eyes she doesn't exist and never did.
  20. True
    The party idea seems like it is better for a killing spree. The researchers knows that the ghost can manifest by sound so if they are in danger they can turn it off. The teenagers wouldn't know that fact and even after they realize what is trying to kill them, their first thought wouldn't be "turn the music off."