Let's try this again

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  1. So this is now the third time I am trying this idea.....the last two partners quit on me.......anyways it would be a post apocalypse RP not a zombie one just an apocalypse there are a few guys just trying to survive in the city, there are other groups who fight for resources and they would be side characters.

    • Can't ditch me, I've been ditched twice so please understand my frustration
    • No sex scenes, but nudity is ok
    • You must be able to post AT LEAST once a day, I understand things happen though just PM me
    PM me if interested :) please and thank you :)
  2. hey andrew, this would be a good RP to do if we have 4-6 people in it, i have less work these days now and i would love to do this
  3. Know anyone who would be interested?
  4. not really
  5. Is this going to be like an RP where these "guys" eventually fall in love with each other, because I would really like to play the macho-man who has trouble accepting the fact that he is gay.
  6. No I wasn't planning on them falling in lovemhaha