lets try this again... [castle RP]

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Basically I made an RP that is like a video game. I play myself, going up a castle. each room has a different enemy or set of enemies in it that need to be dealt with to get the key to move on [they can be defeated, or talked into giving it up. when enemies are defeated they "poof" like enemies in videogames do, and can leave behind coins, or, of course, the key] and the "enemies" are generally taken from various movies or games. they're picked before each room. Generally, I prefer to pick the enemies for my partner to play, since I know a lot of fun things to make poof and I know my tastes in enemies, but I'm also open to 50/50, or allowing my partner to choose if they really want. It's not a battle RP, but a comedy one [if it was an actual battle one I'd be in so much trouble for godmodding since I carry a bag with whatever I want at any given time inside XD] and basically the fun of the RP is just finding funny ways to beat up the enemies, and picking the enemies cuz sometimes it's like, "YEAH I WANNA SEE THAT CHAR GO DOWN I NEVER LIKED THEM" or something. it's very cartoony and lighthearted though, so the deaths aren't intended to be gory or anything. so yeah.... an evilly fun cartoony lighthearted violent RP XD... with occasional snuggliness because sometimes I adopt the enemies if I'm feeling kind.... anyone interested? :D :D

this RP was really made with two people in mind, so every person who joins will have a separate RP... not sure the best way to go about that on a forum, it's not like a chatroom where you can just invite people to a private chat.... Could do it through private messages, or just have all the RPs in this one forum topic *shrug*