Let's try this again!! [a search for casual, low-key rp]

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  1. Hi! So I feel like I'm constantly getting out of the habit of logging in, and attempting to get back into it. This is yet another search of mine in an attempt to find something that will hold my interest. If I've snubbed you or dropped you in the past, I'm sorry, and please let me know if you want to pick something back up!

    I think my main problem is getting too stressed/overwhelmed with my RPs, not due to quantity of them, but the amount of effort I was expecting from myself. So, while I'm capable of writing long, advanced posts, I'd like to stick with quick, relatively short replies at the moment. I am seeking partners who are talented and dedicated writers, but like a simple, fast-paced roleplay.

    I have a strong preference for 18+ partners, but it's not a hard rule. Please feel free to reach out if you see something that interests you and you are younger - I just have a tendency towards writing more mature themes, but that can be avoided.

    I do like to include sexual themes, if and when they fit naturally into the plot. I don't really do smut for the sake of it, unless it happens to a plot that calls for lots of sexy times.

    I like my plots to lead to romance most of the time. It's just a personal preference - it's what I'm interested in and what I think I'm good at writing.

    Like I said previously, I like a good mature theme. I don't have a lot of hard limits. I only ask that any instances of abuse or rape not be romanticized or normalized, and are written tastefully. As far as sex scenes go, I like to avoid anything too out of the ordinary - if it's something that tends to squick most people out, I'm probably not into it either.

    I can write any gender or combination of genders, but my comfort zone is male/male relationships.

    On to the fun stuff!

    high fantasy


    Dragon Age (played all 3 games, multiple times each)
    • Fenris/Hawke
    • Anders/Hawke
    • Fenris/Anders
    • Fenris/Isabela
    • Isabela/Merrill
    • Dorian/Inquisitor
    • Cullen/Inquisitor
    • Dorian/Cullen
    • Iron Bull/Dorian
    • Sera/Inquisitor
    • Alistair/Warden
    • Zevran/Warden
    • I'll give most pairings a shot, just hit me up.
    Elder Scrolls (have 200+ hours clocked on Skyrim, but I don't know the other games too well)
    • OC x OC
    • anything involving the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood
    • Ulfric x Dragonborn/OC
    • Brynjolf x Dragonborn/OC
    The Witcher (only played the third game + the Hearts of Stone expansion)
    • Geralt x Yennefer
    • Ciri x OC
    Avatar: The Last Airbender (watched all 3 seasons countless times, haven't watched TLOK)
    • Zuko x Katara
    • Zuko x Sokka
    • Zuko x Mai
    • Zuko x OC
    • Mai x Ty Lee
    • Azula x Ty Lee
    Game of Thrones (caught up on the show, but still working on the books)
    • Dany x literally anyone
    • Jon x literally anyone
    • I'm relatively new to this fandom so feel free to suggest your own fave pairings.
    The Hunger Games
    Uglies (PLEASE. I feel like no one has read this series.)
    Black Butler
    Attack on Titan
    No. 6


    • Monarch x Servant
    • Bandit x Noble
    • Knight x transgender prince (I have a really specific plot in mind for this, let me know if you're interested)
    • anything in a medieval setting, I will pretty much be in love with.
    I'd prefer a PM if you're interested, but feel free to reply here if you want. Thanks for reading! hmu ;D :D ;D
  2. Hello. I am a ghost.
    I understand your preference for pm, however I'm still a bit new and can't figure out how to do that on my own yet. Though I have read through all of what the staff requested I did I may have read over it?
    Anyway. I am very much interested in Skyrim OcxOc (I have you beat with 1000+ hours because before I had a job that was my life), as well as both Banditx Noble and (would like to hear your idea for) Knightx Transgendered prince. My preference is MxM if that is alright with you
  3. No worries! The site can take time to figure out. Sorry for the late reply, I tend to forget to check my threads. I am definitely interested, so I will shoot you a PM so we can discuss further. Replying to an existing PM convo should be a little easier for you :)
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