Lets talk time travel and paradoxes!

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  1. Isabellas just came up with this just now..

    If you suddenly got the power to travel through time and space from a wizard or something...

    Would you instantly exist in every time and place at all times? Because you kinda exist for ever.. So you would in that instant have traveled to every place and time EVER. This is how Anna, The Vandoosan goddess if time and space exists EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME FOREVER!
    The way time is now you can only exist in one place at one time.. but with that power you exist INFINITY! Isabellas mind is blown man... We should talk about cool shit like that.. Diana just LOVES talking about time!
  2. A different timeline means different things have the potential of happening, or could have happened. In this timeline, I am a broke computer service guy. In another timeline, however, I could have won the lottery and would be living a nice lifestyle. In yet another, I could have pissed all that lottery money away, and be a bum on the corner of 5th and Spring.

    Becoming something in one timeline doesn't mean you become that in every timeline. Every timeline is different. Thus, if you somehow acquired the ability to time travel, you could end up altering the future by doing something -- no matter how big or how small -- in the past.

    TL;DR: Don't bogart that shit. It's "puff puff pass" for a reason. :P
  3. What if you travel to different time lines too? From like.. 10 different time lines at once..

    What shape would time be Isabellas wonder...
  4. You fool. Are you trying to make everything even worse shit than it already is? Although... I would like to change how I acted in highschool. And punch a certain president in the face at his inauguration... There are so many things we could do to fuck shit up!

    Imagine if ten of me go back in time and do the same thing at the same time. Same point of time, ect. There's no 'Oh, I've already done that' Just again again again again until I can't do it no more.
  5. Man. This math is bananas.

    Go back in time to kill a kid. Success.

    Go back in time to STOP someone from going back in time to kill a kid. Success?

    Go back in time to knock a chick up. Your dad hasn't been born yet. D: Will your dad be born if no one goes back in time? What if you being born is the reason why your dad was born in the first place?

  6. FuturamAaAa....
  7. Time isn't linear. It's all "wibbly-wobbly". And if you go back in time and make contact with yourself, it would result in a paradox, which could very well destroy a part of the universe. It's why the universe has laws for this kind of stuff. And Time Lords.

  8. But that's not really how things work. When you "change" something in one timeline you, simply put, travel to a different timeline.

    And that, little Isabella, explains how your mother gave birth to your father.