Let's Talk Hair!

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  1. Harmony got up irritably with Melody in her arms.

    Melody fuss as she got seperated from the cereal.
  2. morning :3
  3. Astaroth sat next to Harmony.
  4. "I could afford both."
  5. Melody crawl at Harmony, trying to get away from the grass.

    Harmony laugh, "Relax baby, it won't hurt you silly Mel-Mel."
  6. Good Night~ ^^
  7. "It belongs to her, her mother has a new one. Alexander thought she was more sentimental and want to keep these."
  8. "Alexander always was prepared for anything."
  9. I think she will be sceptical and maybe even distrustful of him for some time after all he had put her through. Seth just needs her to see that he has finally made up his mind and that it wasn't done in the throngs of passion. Only when she sees that would she release him from prison and send tatia and Garret packing. Could even use that cause according to our timeline, they don't leave just yet, so tatia will continue to try and sow discord between the lovers and Garret will try and frame Seth for something horrid. That will be the turning point for our lovers. Leanna's will have decide if she can trust Seth enough again to believe his words or will she not see through Garret's lies. Seth will have to rebuild the rest as they begin to plan their marriage. That can be a plot point we play with for the next chapter of their story.
  10. Lucius walked back to Anya's room. "Anya?"