Let's Talk Hair!

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  1. Have any stories about hair coloring gone wrong, an interest in talking about hair styles and cuts, or an interest in discussing hairstyles? Well, then talk about it here! Feel free to share your views on what makes good hair.
    I personally find myself attached to my long hair. I remember when I was nine years old I got my hair cut just above shoulder length and I ended up tearing up afterwards (even though in retrospect the cut wasn't all that bad). What about you people?
  2. I shaved my head once. Mom got mad.
  3. I got ahold of a scissors, leaned over the edge of the bed and started chopping at my hair and bangs "in secret". I guess I was so mesmerized by it that I chopped off quite a bit...and that bit ended up being really hard to try and 'mask'...So for a while during kindergarden I had an epic forehead.
  4. My best friend dyed her hair red but didnt like it so the next day she went to bleach it. I tryed to talk her out of it, but i failed. After she bleached it it looked like her head was on fire the top was orange and the colored lightened all the way to the white tips...i found it hillarious, she didnt!

  5. Ive done that before, so bad i had to get it cut to 3 inches long to all be the same length. It does get mesmerizing
  6. I've shaved my head several times. I have a well shaped head.
  7. Thirty Sixty High and Tight, standard issue cut of the US Armed Forces.

    Easy to maintain and quite comfortable in the summer. If the fade is done right it looks very professional.
  8. Taken from the poll:

    I've done a LOT of things to my hair. I've:

    -Bleached it
    -Shaved it into a mohawk
    -Dyed said mohawk blue
    -Had blue hair, period
    -Dyed my hair red (the scarlet kind)
    -Had it down the length of my back
  9. I am just here to say this is the hottest hair style you can get...

  10. Dyed it in many different colors. Black, blue, green, red, white, and even purple.

    Mohawked it, shaved it, and grew it out to the middle of ma back. Had it short, and spiked lately, but I'm going to grow it out again.
  11. ._. Yeah, the heavy fringe isn't for everyone in my opinion. I personally have a side-sweeping fringe because it looks better on me than just blunt bangs.