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  1. Despite not being that much of a "girly girl", I can't help but stop when I see a piece of clothing, outfit, or an accessory I like. Most of the small talk I make with my customers at work starts with "I adore your necklace by the way" or something of the like. Just as often though, I cringe at how many people don't seem to know how to dress themselves, so Iwaku, let's have some fun with fashion

    What are your personal Fashion Do's and Don'ts? Mine are:

    • DO Coordinate your underwear with your clothes! If your shirt makes an X in the back, your bra should, too! If your shirt is thin/semi transparent, wear a "nude"/neutral coloured bra instead of a matching colour.

    • DO remember, gentlemen, that when it comes to leaving stickers on your hat, wearing your pants down low, and wearing big, gaudy "bling", that Boys have "swag", but Men have class
    • DON'T wear white socks with black pants. The reason is that it makes the bottom of your pants more noticeable, and so your pants can look too short even if they're the right length any time your sock shows.

    • DON'T Wear clothing that was not made for your body type; this goes for short people and tall people, wide people and thin people. Clothes are meant to compliment a certain shape, when you wear clothes made for a shape you don't have, you look silly and misshapen.

    • DO Learn to recognize the difference between a simple/comfy piece of clothing, and a grandma/grandpa type piece of clothing.

    • DON'T wear clothes that have words or pictures on your boobs/butt unless you are also prepared for people to stare at those areas.

    • DON'T wear pants that are too big without a belt; underwear showing is not classy in any situation. See DO #2

    • DO Iron your wrinkly clothes

    • DO wash/iron dress shirts and pants before you wear them, to get rid of store-creases.
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  2. I wear black a lot. I now have 5 black button down shirts and two pair black slacks. So I get to be Johnny cash every day at work!
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  4. Shorts and t-shirt, full bear mode body type, sandals optional.

    If I wanna dress up I play an MMO.
  5. Do I wanna know what bear mode is ?
  6. Big, burly, and I've got enough body hair to survive a new ice age.

    It sucks shopping for myself too. Cause all I want is loose clothes and everything is too damn small.

    Just like the world.
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  7. Most of my wardrobe is consisting from Plenty jeans. A few dresses-knee length-.. A few tshirts and leggings.

    Most of the colours that I have are black/white, purple, deep green, white, deep grapefruit colour, red etc

    And for my Private stuff which is totally covered -coughs when necessary- the colours are .. Pink with black, fluorescent green/orange/blue etc. - La Senza Rocks for the underwear ! It's just awesome.. No problem in finding something I like.

    As in general I find clothes for me pretty easy because I am a small size -8 upstairs- and my waist with my bottom around 10( UK size) ^^

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  8. I know your pain. It's like the whole fashion industry is out to ridicule anyone taller then 177 cm. Then again I usually shop army surplus and buy paramilitary clothes. Because at least they seem to get there are tall people out there.

    And as a side note anyone who wears a suit or formal wear as daily wear has never done a real days work.
  9. Unless they used to do real work and got promoted up to wearing suits. Careful with generalizations.
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  10. I wore a suit for a while at one job. Then I took it off after work to now the grass and tend the garden.
  11. Did Somebody said Suits?!
    * goes crazy around the room*

    I love Men wearing suits and ties and stuff.. And nice watches xD. *drools over the thread !*

    Ahem..!~ except this..
    I don't actually fallow the fashion whatsoever.. I buy what I like and whatever is cute or Badass.!

    Bonus. I love my heels!!~.~
    I wear flats obviously, but! I have a few pairs of nice heels which I can't live without. ^^ [ is talking about 8-10inches.]

  12. This turned into a 'what do you wear most days' thread 0.o
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  13. In that case, I DONT wear pastels. I DO wear nice things now ghost I can afford them. I DONT buy expensive workout clothes because that seems silly.
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  14. Apologies ._.

    Although.. I know all the advices which you stated in your first post >:)

    Fashion is fashion in many ways. What people wear, don't like to wear and such.. Right ?
  15. Oh it's definitely all subjective; that's why I asked Iwaku to tell me their personal preferences insofar as what should/shouldn't be done!
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  16. I have worked with fashion models anddesigners. They always ask why I always wear black during shoots(black does not reflect light) and call me a hipster when I change to something plaid after. D:
  17. Oh shit, right, the actual topic. The only fashion code I live by is this shit right here:

    Fashions fade. Style is forever.
    Yves St. Laurent ​

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  18. That's deep.

    My mind....it is blown.
  19. Parachute pants.

    'Nuff said.
  20. "Simplicity is the Keynote of All true Elegance." - Coco Chanel.

    And a classy one:

    " Dress like you are about to Meet your Worst Enemy Today." - Coco Chanel.
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