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  1. Hey everyone! So yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to see Babymetal live at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, and good god what a show it was! It was so much fun and just so energetic, it was unlike anything else. Both the singers and their band performed perfectly - I just wished I had a standing ticket instead of a seat one so I could have been closer to the action! If there was one flaw... it's that it was their only showing in the UK this year! D8

    (Bassist dancing at 1:40 is the best I swear)

    So I was just interested in seeing what kinds of concerts you guys have been to see and how they were, and what some of your most favourite memorable ones been? :D
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  2. I've been to a few concerts. Not recently, because at every concert I've ever been to I was sat on by somebody weighing at least 500 lbs.
    I have been to:

    Slipknot (opening acts: Lamb of God and Darkness Falls)
    Marilyn Manson (So much disappoint)
    Kittie and Otep (Otep's stage show was amazing)

    I feel like I'm missing a few, but I don't remember... :/
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  3. Ok I'm a bit jealous... o_o

    Though honestly I don't tend to go that many concerts.
    I would say because of the price... But some of them can be pretty damn cheap.

    It's more the crowds and loud obnoxious folk that flood concerts that drive me away.
    But, it's as if I have no experience with concerts either. When I was younger my family was big in Hedley (and at the time I liked them too) so I got dragged to one of them.
    It was ok, sadly though I found it hard to hear them over the general crowd or my own family arguing about... I don't know, something stupid.

    I have a feeling one of those musical performances done at Oprah Houses I'd like a lot more... Because the crowd and/or people you're with aren't drowning out the point of being there (plus I imagine the ambience and echo's from the stage would be really cool), but sadly those are usually the expensive ones.
  4. My first concert was Escape the Fate. That was in 2009/2010 I believe. They were completely awesome, but I was mad that my dad did not let me stay to get an autograph.
    The last three I went to were at the state fair where I live.
    The first of those was Motley Crue. I am glad I got to see them before they decided to be done.
    Then when KISS played I went and saw them.
    Last year the fair had Three Days Grace, and I would love to go and see them again.

    The fair is having KISS again this year, and I am still debating if I want to go or not. What I really want to go to is this years Vans Warped Tour since the band I want to see most is Sum 41 and they are playing along with Falling in Reverse, New Found Glory, We the Kings, Yellowcard, and a bunch of others I don't know.
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  5. The only concert was this thing called Winter Jam which was a Christian concert my grandma forced me to go to with the youth from my local church. It was being held at the FedEx Forum. Needless to say, I was bored and fell asleep through most of it. Yes I'm a heavy sleeper. But there was one great thing that happened.


    They performed at the very end of the concert and I loved every minute of it. Even when the lead singer spoke. If only I were sitting close enough to hold the lead singer's hand :(

    I wanted to see Taylor Swift perform live at the FedEx Forum when I was in high school but I had no money at the time :( Damn it
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  6. I've been to a few different metal festivals, so it'd be a bit difficult to list all of the concerts. Some of the more memorable were Iron Maiden with Sabaton opening, since it was the first time I saw Iron Maiden and Sabaton finally played their songs from Carolus Rex in swedish. I had seen Sabaton once before, and they played the whole album in english. >.< It was amazing to see Iron Maiden play their old stuff, and seventh son album. I've seen Flogging Molly live three times so far. They have an incredible energy which makes them one of my favourite live bands. The Killers was great too, wish I could see them again soon. I cried a few times at that concert. I saw Kent, a swedish rock band, live outside in a park a warm summer night with a girlfriend, now ex. I still remember how the lights from the stage moved across the trees. One of the songs they played is still difficult for me to listen to. Gogol Bordello, Raubtier and Mustasch were great too. I've tickets for Kent and The Cat Empire later this year in November. I'm considering buying a ticket to Fear Factory this summer as well, because their last album is probably my favourite album from last year.
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  7. The only concert I have ever been to was to see Steve Perry (lead singer of Journey). O__O It was awesome.
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  8. Muse (Twice)
    Papa Roach
    Another famous Rock band I can’t think of
    Taylor Swift (Twice)
    Steve Aoki
    John Mayer
    Cash Cash
    Zed’s Dead
    Doctor P
    Yellow Claw
    Big Gigantic
    Pegboard Nerds

    Quite a few others that I can’t remember
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  9. I'm not a big concert goer

    but there were two that I nerdgasmed at attending:


    Kalafina, performing at Anime Central in 2013



    and Nobuo Uematsu, conducting with Arnie Roth at Anime Central in 2014
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  10. I've not been to a show in quite some time, but have been to a few in my time. Some of those include:

    Family Values Tour 1998
    Marilyn Manson/Godhead
    Godhead at DragonCon 2003
    Tool (Lateralus tour)

    Just to name a few.

    I would have loved to see Nine Inch Nails on tour, though. Those tickets were always a bit too far out of my price range.
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  11. I've seen:

    Bastille( at The Killers)
    The Killers
    Imagine Dragons
    Bad Meets Evil (at Eminem)
    Yellow Wolf( at Eminem)

    And I'm going to see Muse this month :D

    @IamtheecchiKing anything to expect from Muse? :D
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  12. Rammstein: Balls to the walls stage show. 10/German

    Iron Maiden: 11/10 will watch live another three times if possible.
  13. @Dullahan

    Absolute fucking amazingness. An amazing and unique light and laser show. They sound just as good, if not better than the records. I saw their Resistance Tour, and their 2nd law tour. 2 of my all time favorite shows. If you are a Muse fan, you will not be dissapointed
  14. I'm seeing the Drones tour in the SSE and I'm super excited 8D Resistance is such a good album :D
  15. It's been so long since I've been to any concerts, a couple of years at least and most were all metal concerts

    Best one was a Symphony X concert in... some craphole city in Massachusetts. I can't remember. Guards were patting us down for knives, guns and drugs. It was a pretty wild time. We got a lot of bands before Symphony X came on and most of them were great. Blackguard was fucking insane. Screamo death metal and their fans were hardcore and hit really fucking hard in the mosh pit. Fun as Fuck, I walked away limping with a fucked up ankle and bawked when they did the infamous Tornado. Then Powerglove came on and we moshed to a metal version of Tetris. By this time I had been drinking other peoples booze (was under 21 at the time) that i'm certain was spiked with something because I was acting a little...wild to say the least. Made out with girls in front of their boyfriends, played grabass, got into a fist fight or two. When Symphony X came on I was already covered in bruises and really fucked up on something. We started to crowd surf people and Chuck them at the bouncers.... They were pretty pissed lol.
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