Let's talk characters!


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No, not your characters. I want to know what characters- from books, movies, TV, comics, games, whatever- you are most drawn to and inspired by, and why. Try to keep it to your absolute favorite or favorites.

I've always been drawn to the more ambiguous characters in fiction. Hamlet, or Severus Snape. I like these characters because they are real, because they defy our preconceptions and make us wonder and yet we can relate to them.
I love characters like Chrona from Soul Eater. There is just something about the messed up characters that draws me in.
I always get drawned to the bad stalker guy xD (for example reino from the band vie ghoul in the manga skip beat) they spice everything up a bit xD
For female characters, my favorites always seem to be socially awkward but independent women. Like Brennen from Bones. >> I kinda related to it in weird ways.

As for male characters, I like those ever so slightly asshole broody guys. XD They're so awesome in fantasy stories, but I can't start them in real life. They just add a lot of fun drama to things.
Female characters I'd have to say the bad @$$es like Yoruichi from bleach.

Male characters I'd have to say the funny love sick guys like Brock from Pokemon.
Ever since I watched Serenity I've been drawn to characters like The Operative. People who have such belief in an ideal that they've placed themselves seconds. Calm, calculating, planning. People who disregard themselves and are willing to do horrific things if they must be done, but whose faith isn't shaken by the things they do.
I like Caim from Drakengard because he's a belligerent child-murdering sociopath, and I can really empathize with that.


And because I make that face all the time, too!
I like psychotic characters.
Who enjoy romance,
and some cyanide in their lover's coffee.
Give me a book with characters so in depth that you are constantly nt only wondering what will happen next, how the character him/herself thinks. In depth story lines with twists and turns and confusing shit is my thing. Like Nick from Basic instinct. He is caught up in a huge mind game plot, and thinks he can play the game.. and win it, and slowly thigs turn against him as the plot get more and more twisted until even I had no clue what was going on anymore, then finally at the very end of the movie its all revealed.. and its all exactly how I thought it was at the beginning... SO ANNOYING yet oddly pleasing as well...