Let's talk about shipping. ._.

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  1. Shipping. You either love it or hate it. I'm makin this thread to be Iwaku's shipping thread, where you can talk about how much you love/hate it, pairings you love/hate, fanfics, art, blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    I'm going to share my favorite pairing... (I'm blushing as I say this)


    Laugh all you want now. :2
  2. .... Flutter.... and.... and Rarity
  3. Nanofate, aka Nanoha Takamachi and Fate T. Harlaown.
  4. Dave and Jade.


    Oh Yeah.
  5. ...I ship waaaay too many pairings ._.

    Though, I suppose my favourite at the moment would be... Tomias Ainsel (Balzac) and Luca Valentino, from the webcomic Sfeer Theory.

    Or maybe Lyth and Loric. :P

    ...Liro would kill me I made that happen X3
  6. I thought this topic was about boats.... ._____.;;

    I don't normally ship. Most of the time I am fine with canon couples.


  7. I thought this was about delivery of items bought online, so I'm as off as Diana, then when I started reading I was thinking shipping Iwakians, hence IlliXTK

    What, you thought I was going to ship Rory and Jinx? Bah!
  8. I thought it was about hauling cargo by boat. ._. Y'know, shipping.
  9. I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you people are talking about.

  10. Forever Alone Guy X Himself
    What, you were expecting anything else from me?
    Heavy X Medic.
    I don't like it, but we all know it's there.
  11. Okay- a message to everyone in this thread thingy.
    Umm... First... If you want to ship iwakunians, I suppose you can, just beware oof drama.

    Final rule- keep it pg-13. No rule 34 or lemonfics, alright?
  12. **SNERK**
    We ship Iwakuians all the time for kicks.
    Ahem. CloudxTifa.
  13. IndiaxPakistan

    Hate sex is hawt
  14. Asmodeus x Tegan
  15. Currently it's Steve/Tony from Marvel.

    Otherwise, I have a...not even sure of the number let's just say lots of favorite pairings. The majority are OC based but there's several based on fandoms.
  16. i must admit i was going to say that i have something being shipped to me but then i noticed that i have no idea what your talking about...so im just going to sit down and have some tea.
  17. Shipping is internet slang term for a favorite pairing. I'm not sure how it got started but it's common.
  18. oh ok...i must admit i have not been doing things online like this in such a long time that i feel rather new again.
    can the pairings be from books because i really love only one pairing
    zoark which would be zoey redbird and stark from the House of Night novels.
  19. The pairing can be from anywhere; it just means you like them.