Lets talk about MAFIA movies!


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I like to watch certain movies to get me all in the mood or in the right frame of mind for roleplay stuff. Me and Asmo are planning a Mafia roleplay, sooooo...!

Do you have any cool recommendations for MAFIA movies or TV series?

The movie needs to feature the Mob in some shape or form! It be an action movie, comedy, or drama as long as it has mobsters or organized crime!

I'll also take recommendations for good cop movies too if they have that feel to it! :D

I already have:
- Public Enemies
- Reservoir Dogs
- The Departed
- Goodfellas
- Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
- The Bank Job
- Burn After Reading
- The Godfather
- Scarface
See Casino and Donni Brasco!!!!

Also have you watched The Sopranos? If not you should It's awesome.

Also HEAT, its a Cop vs Criminal type movie. It shows both sides of the spectrum. Staring Deniro, Pachino and Val Kilmer.
Hmmmmm, Weeds isn't about THE mafia, but it has A mafia.

Plus lots of MILF action.