Let's talk about J-Rock....

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  1. I have only gotten into J-Rock recently. Because of my BFF. But I wanna know who else is interested out there. What are some of your favorite J-Rock Bands and Songs. Mine are X-Japan, Royz, and Gackt. My favorite songs right now are Rusty Nail by X-Japan, Redemption and Vanilla by Gackt and Noah by Royz.
  2. What about J-Metal? :D

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  3. I've been into Jrock and Visual Kei since I was 11, I've been out of it for awhile because I got irritated by weaboos and stuff, recently gotten back into it.

    the GazettE (This is my favourite song) They're quite popular and have many fans around the world. The singer's English is bad

    I don't know if DIR EN GREY is considered a Jrock band but they're my favourite. The singer's (Kyo) vocal range is quite wide.

    ONE OK ROCK is an AWESOME band!!!!!

    There's a few more but I'm lazy to list out, and/or some bands have disbanded.
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  4. X-Japan is my soul <3 ;w;
  5. X-Japan was the shit. Hides shortlived band was amazing.

    I suggest RIZE though. So SO good.

  6. Love threads like this. Thanks for the music suggestions, guys! :D

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  8. GACKT is life :D
    My favourite song by him is Lost Angels or Blue Lagoon ^~^
  9. The only J-Rock worth acknowledging
  10. Yes I need to agree with The Gazette

    BabyMetal is another good one though not my cup of tea if you like cute girls

    There's also D'espairsray
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  11. UVERworld and Babymetal.

    'nuff said.
  12. J-Rock? Pttf

    Step aside J-Rap is where it's at.
  13. OOh god somebody then me listens to Jrap? Hello new favourite person!

  14. We need some more J-metal.

    The lack of good quality vids on yt makes me cry ;-;

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  15. Should I... Should I make a list? It'll take me a while >_>;
  16. You absolutely should!
  17. The new Aldious record from this year was probably my favorite from the assortment of female fronted power metal that's come out recently (Cyntia, etc.).

  18. There is a female band I forgot the name off. Their thing is visual kei asd fuck, but instead of being pretty boys looking like girls, they are girls looking like pretty boys. Their sound was really great though, and I really wish I could remember their damn name.

    Aldious has a great sound by the way! Never heard them before, but the classical japanese harmonics work very well with the bassline and shred guittar of traditional metal.
  19. I feel like Aldious has the right sense of sincerity and talent going into it, like they almost aren’t a corporate gimmick but so is the nature of Japan’s music labels even moreso than the west. I do like a lot more stuff, and if you like Aldious they might be up your alley as well but I don’t know:

    Some folk metal tendencies in the second one, some operatic power metal and progressive metal in the first and third.
  20. Oh. I could SEE the corperate nature of their videos. :P But her vocals were nice so that was ok.

    On the subject of female Vocalists.

    I like these guys. They try way to hard to be hardcore but that is ok. She feels sincere, she is just hampered by 30+ years of corperate pop indoctrination.

    Now these ones though, have got to be my favorite female fronted band in all the world;