Let's talk about Drama.

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  1. I have a rant all right.
    MacBreOfWriting at create a forum.
    It's a roleplaying website I was on a year ago, after MyMag closed on Myyearbook, everyone transfered there or to other RP sites like this one.
    Theres a man I love (we are sub/dom now) that flirted with me while dating another girl. (I'll call my love Adam and I'll call the girl Eve.)
    He told me he'd give me a chance as soon as their relationship was over and I had the text's to prove it.
    So I figured whatever, it obviously wasn't a good thing but I didn't care. I told a male friend of mine who I'd known a little while. (I'll call my friend Cane.)
    Didn't realize Cane loved Eve. So he told her.
    Both Adam and Eve as well as Cane threw a tantrum, but Adam and Eve stayed together.
    I was left confused but I didn't care.
    Next day, my account was hacked. By Eve's friend. Who is an admin or moderator of the website (we know this because they made my karma -666 or something like that, which you can't do on your own, only an admin/moderator can do that)
    I fix everything, inform Adam, Adam is pissed, but it's whatever. I don't care.
    They start having a search looking for who did it.
    Next day I wake up, and I have been banned.
    I am very disappointed and upset, how in the world was I gonna roleplay and stuff? Why did this happen? I thought it was a joke at first. I broke down in anger. And I'm just as angry now.

    So they found out who it was, the Admin of the site, a girl. They found out, dropped her for a week and then she came right back. She was the one who not only hacked my account but blocked me. And I stayed blocked. The reason why they let her come back? She paid for the ads not to be on their site. Wow. How disgusting. And I am still blocked to this day.

    So I decided I should fight this, I liked the site because it hadn't too many people, a simple layout, whatever. I don't like change and I had been Rping in that same community for three years or so even though we changed locations.

    So Adam who is now an admin decided to ask for me to come back. And this is what she said to him. "Tch. -Adam-, you really need to stop being a guy who's all too nice. Because as an Admin, you're going to have to boot her _____ ass if I do let her come back and she fucks up again. Because if, IF, I let her come back; she's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY." Are you kidding me? You worthless, self-centered bitch? Did you just speak to me as if you are above me? Am I blind or is this not fair. You get to walk right back in, and decide if I get to come back or not? The same stupid chick who deleted me? And Adam, he is the most annoying because he still wants to stay an Admin of the site who did this to me, and acts like he's doing chairity for me. He's begging for me to come back and acts like it's a huge deal to put his 'Admin' status on the line for what is right. It is ridiculous. Ugh. Drama.

  2. Forum drama is the worst! Especially when Admins and Staff are involved. Unfortunately when Admins and Staffers allow drama to affect their actions, they can be really unprofessional and stupid stuff happens.

    That said, it's all in the past now, and you're able to make a fresh start on a new community... which is a lot better than hanging around a site where you have tension with people and where you feel that the people in charge didn't handle your case fairly. Losing your roleplays is unfortunate, but partners can always be contacted and roleplays can be revived. The social tensions are much harder to revoke, and probably not worth the bullshit!

    However, if you ARE adamant about getting the ban reversed, my recommendation is to bear the snarky comments. She's an Admin, and even if it isn't fair, it IS up to her whether you can come back. You're not going to get anywhere by stirring the viper pit. Let the snark roll over you, because ultimately it's all just WORDS and if you get your account back and don't "fuck up" (which there is no reason to think you will, right?), none of it matters in the long run.

    As for Adam, one of the biggest parts of an Admin's job sometimes is keeping the peace. People don't normally become Admin without putting a lot of time and care into the site, and obviously it matters a lot to him. He probably IS taking a lot of heat for sticking his neck out for you, and he's putting YOUR wishes over the wish of his co-Admin and possibly the wishes of other people on the forum. I'd say cut him a little slack! (I am a little confused though about the nature of your relationship right now; are you guys together or is he still with Eve? If you're an item, you might want to talk openly about the site and your relationship and what is important to you both. If the site is important to him, it would be good to support him; he also needs to support YOU if you're his partner, and it does seem like he is trying to compromise here. Are you willing to compromise, too?)
  3. He is no longer dating Eve. Me and Adam are in a sub/dom relationship, yes, so similar to most relationships.
    Yes, I've decided I no longer want to go on the site, but I am having the hardest time getting used to this one. There is too many people and so much complications and I can't get around and I don't know anyone and it's annoying.
    As for the girl who hacked my account and wrote whore and stuff all over my wall and changed my photo to a disgusting, slutty looking woman then blocked me, the reason why she did those things is because she's friends with Eve and was mad at me and Adams relationship.
    As for cutting Adam some slack, he knows I love him, but he needs to understand that what they did was wrong. And he's not acting like it's wrong, he's acting like he's doing this as a favor for me or something. Even though I should be unblocked.

    By not fucking up, she wants me not to have any kind of relationship with him. That's the reason she blocked me.
  4. Alright, I wasn't sure if you were together now because you'd mentioned that he and Eve decided to keep dating at the time. That clears that up!

    Changing sites can take some adjusting. I don't know what the site you're used to is like, but layouts and preferences can vary a lot. (I have been on a TON of different sites over the years, so I can vouch for that!) You might give it some time and see if you can get acclimated. If you need help finding things or figuring things out, you can always ask me or any other Staff Member for help. Most of us don't bite! We have a lot of people, but the core member base are active and friendly and we like meeting new people. :]

    If you've made up your mind not to go on the site anymore, it might be better to let the matter of your account ban rest. I know it's the principle of the thing, but it sounds like it's putting stress on you and on your relationship. Is getting unbanned more important to you than Adam or having fun with your roleplays? It's got to be frustrating that he isn't "taking your side", but sometimes people just don't realize how much something hurts us. Even our partners! All you can do is try to be open with him about it, and if he still doesn't get it, it might be time to think about whether it is worth arguing about. (If it IS that important to you, you obviously SHOULD push it or else there will be lingering tension! If it isn't, let it go.)

    As to that Admin, it's not her business to dictate your relationship and it sucks that she's doing it. I'd honestly just recommend you say "fuck that noise" and forget about the site. o___o She doesn't sound likely to change her mind about that, and if you two hide your relationship status to get you unbanned, that's just asking for trouble.
  5. Ah, yes, it must be true.
    I was very angry when I wrote this post. They treat me like I am too young to understand, like I'm something that needs to be watched. To have the nerve she does it just... Ugh. It's worthless. It angers me very much. That she treats people like this and can get away with it.
    But it's whatever.
    I decided I don't care anymore. After I got so mad, I demanded justice, but whats the point in asking for that if your asking a corrupt system? She's also probably angry with me that she got figured out and had to take a week off.
    I just hope she gets what's coming to her.

    I'm slowly learning on my own and "Adam" will help me adjust to it tonight hopefully. But otherwise, I'm gonna hopefully continue to rp and whatever. ^^"
    I'm pretty good at figuring things out on my own, but I've never seen a set up where the character sheet isnt posted and then you go to an "area" (it's just a setting without storylines so you can meet people and make your own adventures.) I have no idea how to find if someones made an area, or how to make one myself. So Yeah. I just gotta keep looking for info on the help pages I suppose.
  6. You have a right to be angry! I think anyone would be angry about being banned like that. But you're right, there's no sense running into a wall trying to make someone see that they're being unfair when it seems like they don't find anything wrong with their actions. Sometimes people are flawed, and we can't change them no matter how much we try. :[

    I'm familiar with that type of setup! But yeah, that's not exactly how we do it here. A large part of that is because we aren't a single-universe forum, but a multiverse. Each RP thread is its own setting, and most of the time people make a different character for each roleplay. So most "In Character" threads have an "Out of Character" thread in the Sign-Ups section, where your character has to be approved by the person running a storyline. We also have a JumpIn section where approval and character sheets aren't required at all!

    If you have any more questions about the site setup, you can send me a Private Message.