Let's talk A-B-C!

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  1. Here's a little board game I thought I'd add in here (:

    [How it works:]

    [01] Since I'm the one starting this thread, I will write any sentence that starts with "A".
    The next person will start his/her sentence with "B", and so on...

    [02] You may opt to write anything as long as it is only one sentence.
    You may also opt to talk to anyone, as long as you observe the letter you should start your sentence with.
    Avoid using harsh words.


    (Here I go)

    Anyone up for this?
  2. Be careful when you write the next sentence.
  3. Coming from such an innocent background, I don't understand the need to be careful with this letter.
  4. Don't you think that carefulness is important in whatever you do?
  5. Even though being too careful can mean losing out in some things
  6. Fate decides if you will get hurt or not so carefulness doesn't matter.
  7. Goodness...thats a scary thought oAo
  8. Hard to think that something like that could actually happen
  9. I don't know what's going on here.
  10. Juku, why are so confused about something so simple?
  11. Koalas even wonder the same thing about me.
  12. Lions don't though. They just eat you.
  13. Man, I'm sure glad I fed them this morning.
  14. No you didn't, and now you're dead.
  15. Of course I did.
  16. Pfft, yeah, trust the pirate.
  17. Quite the truth, if you don't want be cast overboard.
  18. Redness is beautiful.
  19. So very beautiful.
  20. Teeth can make you bleed from your mouth.