Lets Take a Ride to Wiener Town.

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  1. Today for lunch is hot dogs. Nothing fancy, just stuff left over in the fridge. I usually like mine with chili and cheese, or chili and slaw, or sauerkraut and stone ground mustard!

    The most important thing, though, is that we never ever ever ever ever ever ever buy cheap hot dogs, no matter how broke we are. D:< Only the best of wieners gets stuffed in to these mouths.

  2. Aww-- Aw... Oh..



    Only buy all beef. Local butcher shop hand makes them. Failing that. My dad makes sausages from practically everything he kills and gives me ten pounds of it.

    Mm. Wieners.
  3. I was going to be pissed because this had nothing to do with penises and all my jokes would just seem out of place now, but I'm stoked to get to talk about chili dogs.

    I love chili dogs.

    That's it.
  4. Do not like hot dogs.

    I do, however, love a good bratwurst. With some shredded cheese on it, and a strip of bacon tucked into the bun.
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  5. In true American fashion, I love a hot dog with chili sauce, onion, and cheese. :) Or relish and ketchup. Just the classics.
  6. For a regular hot dog I'm a very simple girl; ketchup and mustard and a white bread bun.

    For smokies/sausages I like to put kale and onions on, too!
  7. [​IMG]
    This weiner (dog) though.
  8. The kind cut up and mixed with extra cheesy KD.
  9. I generally like to go to Weenie Hut Jr. for all my weenie needs
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  10. I've never eaten an expensive hot dog.
  11. All beef dog with mozzarella and pepperoni. I'll put either katchup or pizza sauce on it. I can only have 1 hot dog during a meal though. Otherwise I get sick to my stomach.
  12. ...I like wieners with no pants on.

    Also, hot dogs are fucking disgusting. U gross, D. So. GROSS.
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  13. Tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, relish, mustard, and an entire dill pickle spear.
  14. Oh man, I haven't had a chili dog in SO LONG. I love them! For particular style, I like all-beef footers. Over here in the UK, they sell them either in the usual plastic packaging, or suspiciously in jars or cans. I don't trust them. But in Winter, or even as early as Autumn, lots of open air markets sell German-style sausages. THOSE are damn tasty!
  15. This is not an attempt to make some weird euphemism, and I cringe every time I have to say it, but I only like fire roasted (nearly charbroiled) hotdogs with a little bit of ketchup absolutely drowning in cream cheese.
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  16. Real, proper bratwurst is king.

    oh and this beast:


    Falu korv is the true food of gods
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  17. @govangogh

    Holy shit. That actually sounds amazing.
  18. Even better if it's a cheddar cheese smokey. I love camping. :')
  19. I don't really care for hot dogs most of the time, but when I eat them I go for simplicity. I put shredded cheese on the buns and broil them in the oven for a minute or so, long enough to melt the cheese and toast them up, then I slap the hot dogs on there and add a light drizzle of ketchup. Alternatively, if the option is available, I'll instead do chili dogs which are the same except the small bit of ketchup is replaced by far too much chili. Chili dogs are best dogs.
  20. A straight up all-beef hot dog. I'm not a condiment person. I don't mind cooking the dog itself in onions though. This lady parks at the subway every day and that's how she makes em.

    As a kid, though I was obsessed with the ones with the cheese in the center.
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